10 Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

Senna Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

Out of all the champions you can choose from in League of Legends, there are ones that you would see the least in battle…this is because they’re usually banned. There are 153 different champions to choose from and routine balance changes, making the competitive metagame of LoL hard to navigate.

Everything from the in-depth strategies to the simplicity of a champion can change who you may want to play or who you expect to be playing against. What’s just as affected is deciding on the champion to ban at the beginning of a ranked match. There’s an extensive list to choose from, making a choice even more complicated, so it’s a good idea that you go into a match knowing the top champions to ban.

For pros and noobs alike, there are some champions that are always going to be banned. There are 10 League of Legend champions that are the hottest on the ban list. Curious to know which champions get the banhammer often? Let’s find out!

10. Diana

Diana Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Depending on rank, Diana is banned in between 10% and 28.65% of LoL games. Diana lacks the unusual element, but she does have a library of crowd control abilities. What makes her get the banhammer, though, would be the amount of power damage she can do when she is close to you. Of course, there are other champions that are more complicated to deal with, but the raw damage that Diana has is something you will want to stay away from as much as you can. 

9. Ekko

Ekko Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Ekko is a champion that is banned in nearly 28% of games – obviously, with this high percentage, people fear Ekko. Ekko has some nasty crowd control in the form of slows and stuns (no one likes that), so players get nervous when he’s around, and this is why people try to avoid Ekko altogether. 

However, the main reason Ekko gets the banhammer is due to his safety net of an ultimate – this ultimate rewinds him to the place he was four seconds prior. Not only does it rewind him, but he regenerates health as well. This type of sustainability can make Ekko a hard champion to kill. 

8. Blitzcrank

Blitzcrank Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Blitzcrank is banned in around 30 percent of games – this champion has a unique type of crowd control …one that we really want to stay away from. He has a pull and uppercut combo capable of pulling enemies right into a team fight, and if he manages to hit the right target, the fight could be over right away.

While there are many strategies against Blitzcrank (he’s been in League of Legends since the beginning), he’s still one that people try to avoid. Remember, just because something has some age to it that doesn’t mean it doesn’t work- Blitzcrank is far from rusty, so he’s probably not going to be sent to the junkyard anytime soon.

7. Leona

Leona Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Leona is banned between 15 percent and 28 percent of the time – this is the type of champion that is all about her stuns. She may not be able to eliminate champions alone, but with her stunning ultimate (it has a long-range), she can complicate team fights for sure.

Due to her lack of damage, Leona can be a niche pick – she has the type of power that is welcome in many games. If you feel that you’re going to struggle against the constant interruptions she causes, then it would probably be a good idea to eliminate her from your opponents’ picks.

6. Master Yi

Master Yi Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Master Yi is banned from 34.22 percent of games. He’s a bit like Leona and Blitzcrank – he does good at the role he’s built for. Master Yi can do a large amount of damage output and speed than other assassins and junglers in League of Legends.

The way in which he kills is what makes him powerful. With his multi-target damage capabilities combined with his self-healing power, he moves so fast that it’s almost impossible to target him. When he is properly stacked with lifesteal items to heal himself even more, you will either need to stun him or…how about just ban him.

5. Senna

Senna Most Banned Champions in League of Legends

When Senna first came out, her performance wasn’t very inspiring at all. Now, Senna is being banned in between 10 percent to 30 percent of games. She is capable of being a support champion, or you can play her as an ADC champion. 

What really gives Senna the banhammer is the fact that her utility and damage comes with some long-range attacks. 

4. Yasuo

Yasuo Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Basically, if you’re familiar with Yasuo and Yi, you’ll understand that Yasuo has everything Yi has. However, Yasuo has a ban-rate that is slightly higher – 42.49 percent. He’s not as fast as Yi, so he can be targeted, but his win-barrier ability makes it almost impossible to put a ranged ultimate on him. He’s also pretty good in team fights as there are times when he can completely wipe out enemy ultimates.

He has a passive that gives off a lot of shielding…so much that the other mid-laners may struggle when it comes to taking this champion down. Also, Yasuo isn’t as limited as Yi – he has some pretty good crowd control that will work in various situations.

3. Aphelios

Aphelios Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Aphelios has a ban rate that is between 15 percent and 48 percent, depending on rank. This champion is usually locked in as a bottom-lane ranged assassin, but he can change weapons. This ability gives him everything from crowd control to range – he even has turret damage so that he can hold his lane position. You’ll find many pro players out there picking Aphelios as their champion.

Aphelioss has a complexity that is just as much a downfall as it is his strength. There are many more reasons to ban Aphelios than the fact that he’s a threat to his enemy. When you’re stuck with a teammate who doesn’t know how to handle their champion in League of Legend, it doesn’t feel nice. Have you ever had to share a lane with someone who doesn’t do well on Aphelios? It can be devastating…just as devastating as standing up against a good Aphelios. 

With all of that said, we believe keeping this champion out of the game would be a fair call.

2. Sett

Sett Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Sett is another League of Legend champion that the pros love to go for. This champion can be used anywhere from mid lane to top lane to the jungle. Due to his versatility, he is banned between 11 percent to 49 percent of games, depending on his tier. Sett also just so happens to be one of the newer champions on this list of the top LoL champions that are banned. 

Many League of Legends players choose to ban new champions so that their teammates don’t choose a champ they probably don’t fully know yet. His AOE damage, general swagger, and crowd control make him a champion that is worthy of the banhammer.

On a side note, Sett is able to shield himself for half his health. No big deal, just ban him.

1. Yone

Yone Most Banned Champion in League of Legends

Yone is the top champion who gets the banhammer. Across all tiers, Yone’s ban rate is around 50 percent. Yone first showed up during the Spirit Blossom event in 2020 – he’s Yasuo’s older brother. He’s an assassin/skirmisher with AOE damage, a gap close, and on-hit effects. Many choose to use Yone on the top lane, but he can go bot-lane as an ADC. Since it’s pretty hard to lane against Yone, here are the best Yone counters in Season 12! 

The lore of League of Legends has claimed that Yone was killed by Yasuo, but Riot glossed over those details. Either way you go, you’re probably going to want to ban Yone with every chance you get.

So there you have it, the top 10 most banned champions in League of Legends, with Yone coming in as the number one champion to be banned (he’s banned in nearly half the games). 

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