Top 10 Most Broken Champions in League of Legends

I would say that all of us were in the position when you are screaming at the monitor that a champion is broken, or you are just smiling at the monitor because you are playing with a broken champion. So, it mostly depends on which team that broken champion is on how you will feel the whole day, frustrated or simply happy. One more thing that I think everyone can agree to is that everyone has that one champion (or multiple) that we roll our eyes at every time we see him on the enemy’s team champ select. But the question is, who are those most broken champions in the game now? I thought about it for some time, and here are the champions that I would say are the most broken ones.

10. Lulu

As cute and darling as she is, Lulu makes the game for her team so much easier, which is often annoying for the enemy team. She is the most broken support in the game because she gives excellent opportunities for her ADC to engage. While engaging, she also gives her ADC maximum support, shielding, movement speed, and healing with her ult. She is able to neutralize the enemy carry with her polymorph. Except being highly helpful in the early stages of the game, she also enables in the later game to deal a lot of damage and also keep them safe, especially from diving threats, with her abilities. 

9. Samira

Samira becomes scary in the mid and late games. It is frustrating to play against her because she is like Katarina, tank, and Yasuo’s shield combined. She does a lot of damage, and besides that, she heals a lot. Her shield has a big covering so nothing can come to her or her teammates standing behind her. She has an overloaded kit that can be very painful if used correctly and mindfully for the enemy team. 

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8. Blitzcrank 

One more support that can be highly frustrating is Blitz. His Q is something we all fear. He makes the game for the enemy team pretty hard sometimes. Squishy champions do not stand a chance if they get caught into his Q. His hook also has an extensive range and pumps pretty fast. He indeed has the best hook in the game, and his movement speed gives him great opportunities for engagement. So, just try and dodge the Q, and you should be fine.

7. Zoe

Zoe has a unique talent for making your life miserable. She is highly complicated, and without any doubt, most of the time, she is unpredictable. She always has a specific trick up her sleeve, and it is tough to know what she will do next. One word to describe Zoe would be a trickster. Zoe also has the ability to one-shot you from a great distance, and she pretty much uses your tools against you. She is not fun to play against, but she is pretty fun to play with. Even though that Riot tried to stabilize Zoe many times, she always found a way around it, and she is still on the list for one of the most broken champions in League of Legends. 

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6. Irelia

Irelia is a champion that requires a little skill, but even that little skill goes a long way with her. She is mainly played on mid or top. The combination of her skills and the whole gameplay allows her to attack or kill the enemy with full force, and it does not matter if they are tanks or assassins; to her, it is all the same. She dominates every early game because of her speed in cleaning the waves and almost winning almost every 1v1 fight. Irelia has high attack power and skill combination, making her movement very hard to follow or dodge. Most players would say that she is the most unbalanced champion in League of Legends; it is up to you to agree or disagree.

5. Viego

Viego is simply the champion that will bring you pain. The only person that would say that Viego is balanced is his creator, but maybe not even him. The most astounding Viegos ability is taking over the enemy player’s dead body. Even though that is his most remarkable ability, it is also his most broken one. He punishes the enemy for doing good. Besides that, he also has impressive ganks because of his camouflage and high mobility. He is untargetable for a long period. On kill/assist, he gets invulnerability, heals, dash to a dead body, ult reset, which gives him another dash and executes, and a new fresh set of abilities. Fair? I do not think so.

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4. Akali

Akali is League’s first assassin. She was problematic from the start. It seems like she does not have any weaknesses because she always finds a way to disappear or appear when you do not want her there. That is the main reason why she is so broken. Her W gets her a chance to start combat, reposition herself, not receive damage, and escape. Her damage also increases a lot during the game, making it harder to play against her. If she is not focused, she will do crazy damage in the team fight.

3. Darius

Darius is a champion that can lane against anyone. Darius always gives a hard time to the enemy team because he has everything, absolutely everything. High mobility and strength allow him to rise above every fight. He stacks the ability to deal damage to multiple enemies with Q and heal the longer he fights. Darius has the perfect combination of everything. Healing, defense, and resistance in one package and attack power and true damage in another are combined into Darius, making him strong and broken. His passive is also extremely powerful, and by accumulating the right stacks, his ultimate becomes unreal. 

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2. Aphelios

I would say that Aphelios is one of the most unique Leagues champions. His skill combinations and his skill, in general, have not been seen before. Without a doubt, he is the most broken ADC in the game. He has a fantastic skill kit which is rather complicated. There are five different guns, and every gun has a different attack which makes him really unpredictable and somewhat confusing. He can do intense damage to the enemy player, and range is also huge if the enemy player is marked, making escaping from him tricky. Aphelios is a Pentakill machine because of his crowd and point control, range, and damage output.

1. Yone

Yone can be highly annoying because he is said broken and very powerful. He is often put in the same pocket as Yasuo. Yone’s main and I would say only function is to assassinate his enemies with his blade. Yone is far from a balanced champion, and in most scenarios, he will get a solo kill without any trouble. There is no escape from him if he sees you because of the whole kit combo, especially his busted E. He gets four dashes with his kit, which primarily makes it impossible to play against him. Just with a good farm and few deaths, he becomes unstoppable.

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