Top 7 Most Broken Supports in League of Legends

The Support role is undoubtedly the most difficult in League of Legends. Rivaled only by the Jungle, it takes much effort and brainpower to pull off efficiently. However, the Champion pool is filled with various broken messes that drown the role in infamy. 

The following Champions are some of the most broken in the game. Though they are Supports, that doesn’t exclude them from being severely overpowered and having tremendous impacts on the game. Some of them even directly influence the current meta, but you’ll have to read through them all to find that out.

But, to avoid rambling too much, let’s dive right in! 

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7. Lulu

Lulu is regarded as one of the most potent Supports in League of Legends. She has so many tools to buff herself and her allies by obscene amounts. She can truly create an atmosphere of pure, unfiltered pressure where you might feel utterly helpless. 

Her annoyance begins from the very start of the game. She can use her spells to poke you from a safe distance and apply slows and other effects. Polymorph is one of the most brain-numbing abilities of a Champion, and Lulu never seems to have it on cooldown. 

Throughout the Lane, Lulu will seek ways of annoying you as much as she can. Fighting is not as easy as she can disable you, shield her ally, and even do a ton of unexpected damage. By level 6, her Ultimate is the best buff she could ever ask for, and be sure that she will use it aggressively. 

If paired with the right Champions, Lulu’s Ultimate becomes a truly menacing ability that you’ll want gone before the fight even begins. This makes Lulu a target of focus, which can give her vital allies such as the ADC some leverage and breathing space. However, if she dies before the fight, her team will be severely disadvantaged. 

Lulu goes best with Champions that love to fight. The best example is likely Master Yi, who can dominate with Lulu in lower and higher elo matches. I indeed dread seeing a Lulu and Yi combination, and you should too. 

6. Karma

Karma is, at least in terms of damage, one of the more potent Supports. This, in turn, makes her highly annoying. Well, apart from other things. Karma is an Enchanter, like the previous two, and she will do much of the same as them. However, she does differ in many ways. 

Firstly, Karma is focused a lot more on damage than they are. Her Q is a powerful nuke that can, even at level 1, greatly chunk the enemy’s HP. This gives her an aggressive playstyle that is rarely matched by any Champion in her class.

But why is she annoying? Well, apart from being able to spam her abilities left and right, Karma can help her fellow ADC become nigh unkillable. Karma can speed up and substantially protect her ally in combat with her super powerful shields. If she wishes, she can even use her empowered shield to apply it to every ally in an area, including herself. 

Combine this with the likes of Arden Censer, and you’ve got yourself something quite substantial. Karma even has CC, and her kit is rounded nicely. She isn’t difficult to play and can put a ton of pressure on her enemies by just being her usual self. She’s pretty versatile as well, which gives her a veil of unpredictability that spikes her annoyance level by a bit. 

5. Yuumi

Yuumi, like Lulu and others on this list, is an Enchanter. However, she is a little bit different. While your usual Champion in League goes around casting spells, putting themselves in life endangerment – Yuumi does something… else. She attaches herself to an ally, becomes invulnerable as long as she remains at their side, and then casts spells and does all the other usual stuff. 

This makes her playstyle super unique but also quite annoying. You see, to kill Yuumi, you first have to kill her ally. Either that or catch her off guard while she is wandering about alone for no apparent reason. While killing Yuumi’s allies, while she can still cast spells, is somewhat tedious. 

You see, she heals – a lot. The amounts that Yuumi can heal can sometimes be considered borderline insane. Apart from that, Yuumi can also do damage, slow and root enemies, etc. She has a ton in her kit that can be utilized in many different ways.

Laning against her, especially early on, isn’t that bad. However, as the game progresses, Yuumi can become unbearable, and her utility truly makes her one of the strongest Enchanters in the game. 

Yuumi goes well with just about anyone, but her buffs will prove most sufficient on Champions that love fighting. Like Lulu, Yuumi goes well with the likes of Master Yi, and everyone dreads to see Yi running towards them with Yuumi at their shoulder. 

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4. Janna

With how damage has become the most emphasized mechanic in League of Legends, it is no wonder that Janna would be considered broken. She can protect her allies effectively from any damage one throws at them. But, what’s more in line with the current meta, she can buff her allies’ attacks with additional damage, as if they didn’t have enough already. 

Janna also has one of the best disengaging abilities in League. Her Ultimate blows away all enemies that are too close while healing in the process. This plays incredibly well into the modern Assassin meta, as it can simply ward the enemies off with the press of a button. But while all this is powerful, how exactly is Janna broken?

Well, she isn’t. Janna, and one other on this list that I’ll get into shortly, are broken because of what their allies do. Combined with some fast attacking Champion, Janna can effectively be a broken factor of damage on the Lane. She can buff her ally and let them do God’s work by wrecking the opposing Laners. 

Though she isn’t precisely broken on her own, she sure as hell comes close. The healing, shields, extra damage, and CC are all efficient and play into many wombo combos. With the likes of Yasuo or Yone, Janna is the perfect pick as she can protect them in fights but also set up combos. 

At any rate, Janna is undoubtedly bordering on the broken status, and thus I had to include her on this list. 

3. Brand

Unlike most others on this list, Brand is a Champion broken in terms of damage. While all the previous entries express their overpowered natures through buffing others, Brand doesn’t give a damn about all that. He strives to do as much damage as possible, racking up kills and likely flaming (pun intended) his allied ADC for not doing as well as he is. 

Brand is an unconventional Support that plays more like an AP Carry than a proper Support. Though he can, and does, focus on the supporting side of things, he will often cross the line of carrying. He will primarily concentrate on weakening the opposing side, catching them off guard, and setting up kills for his allied ADC. 

While most Supports will often look for ways of leaving the kill for the ADC, Brand will usually take them. Sometimes this is unintentional, as he deals a ton of over time damage. But other times, it just pays off to do it, as Brand can funnel the additional gold into becoming what he really is – a carry. 

The general damage he does can get insanely obscene. Like, I’ve seen Brand do things you people wouldn’t believe. On the Lane, and especially off, Brand does tremendous damage that can easily one-shot you if you’re not careful. A single Brand Ultimate can eviscerate an entire, incautious team in team fights. 

I would say give him a try, but this is a list of broken Champions, and I will avoid recommending anyone on here. It does sound a bit counterproductive now, doesn’t it? 

2. Nami

Nami is a case most similar to Janna. She is currently perhaps the most broken Support in League of Legends. This is due to a single combo she thrives in; I will explain it in detail. While she does have other things that make her fantastic overall, the fact that this combo exists overshadows anything else. It is no wonder that she’s garnered such an infamous reputation over just a few months. 

Nami and Lucian is perhaps the deadliest combo ever to appear on the Bot Lane. Nami can pick up Electrocute and make it proc just through her buffs. Everything revolves around Nami buffing Lucian’s basic attacks, him going in with his blazing attack speed, and absolutely owning the opposing Laners.

That’s just about it. So simple yet so incredibly effective that people have been losing their minds for months over it. 

Apart from being able to do insane damage with just a buff that doesn’t even apply to her, she has heals, CC, damage – you name it. She can continuously cast spells to keep her ally alive while the enemies pull their hair out. If she lands any CC on you, you’re dead. No matter the combo, Nami’s CC are some of the most potent in the game, and you should avoid them like the plague. 

As her broken status is part of a single combination, I’d say she’s not as bad as the rest on the list. However, with everything else she has going for her, I wouldn’t go as far as to say that she isn’t a tad overpowered. 

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1. Pyke

Pyke wouldn’t have been on this list were it not for his Ultimate changes. Despite being quite powerful before, I would never consider him broken. However, having a Champion with an Ultimate whose damage infinitely stacks is borderline insane. I can understand Nasus and his Q – but an execute so potent only grows as the game progresses? That’s just obscene. 

Pyke, during the Lane, is as strong as he ever was. He can establish total control over his enemies, acting as a genuine prowling beast. Getting hooked and subsequently stunned is a formula for trouble, and one should always be on the edge of their seat against Pyke. But everything goes to hell once he reaches level 6. 

Pyke’s Ultimate is an execute, meaning it will instantly kill you if you’re under a certain HP threshold. Not only does it do this, but it awards double the gold for each kill to Pyke and his assisting ally. This means that Pyke can effectively net 900 gold per kill for his team. While that is pretty strong, the recent addition to this spell makes it even more of a headache. 

The spell will do more damage for each kill Pyke gets with his Ultimate. This stacks infinitely, meaning that it can get pretty bad if a Pyke player starts getting fed. With how much gold the spell gets, Pyke has no reason not to prioritize getting as many kills as possible. 

With the proper team coordination, Pyke will have most if not all the kills. I mean, the last assisting ally will still get the full gold (which is usually the ADC, i.e., the essential Champion). 

At any rate, I already sense that I am to go down into a rant if I continue. Thus, I’ll cut off the entry here and leave with one remark – ban this Champion at all costs. 


As we can see, the Support role has its fair share of broken Champions that heavily change how the meta functions. Though they’re often considered a role that doesn’t do much, it’s pretty evident that Supports can tremendously impact the game. Climbing as a Support has never been easier, and I highly suggest you give that course of action a try while they’re still this good. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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