Top 5 Most Fun ADCs In Season 12

ADC has historically been one of the most exciting roles in League of Legends. But over the last couple of years, marksmen champions haven’t been performing too well. And there are mainly two reasons for this. 

First of all, other roles, such as support, have gotten tremendous powers and can usually carry games themselves. And second, the assassin meta (primarily in the mid-lane and jungle roles) has been going on for a while now. Of course, assassins are the biggest counters to marksmen, so ADC players are currently praying for better days.

However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun as a bot lane main in League of Legends. On the contrary, the playstyle of many marksmen champions is unique and exciting. There are items that boost your survivability as well as damage, so you can fit right in. But if you want a few interesting champions that you won’t get bored of after two games, check out the 5 most fun ADCs on our list!

5 Most Fun ADCs

1. Ezreal

For many LoL players, Ezreal is the most fun champion in the game, regardless of their main role. And we can’t blame them because Ezreal is an absolute blast to play. He’s got such a specific playstyle that engages you since the first minute of the match. And people love him!

Ezreal’s ability kit is entirely composed of skill shots. This means that in order to properly deal damage, you must be able to aim the spells. As a result, Ezreal has a high skill cap, higher than many other ADC champions. And it might take you years and seasons before you truly master him!

But it’s not only the fact that Ezreal requires real skill. The way his abilities work is also genius. For example, his W applies a mark on the first target hit. Ezreal can then break this mark with any other ability and deal damage. And depending on which ability you use to do this, the deactivation mark deals more or less damage. This alone gives you multiple ways to play Ezreal and adjust to the situation at hand.

Another thing that makes Ezreal really fun is his range. All of his abilities, apart from his E, have a considerably long range, which is very good for poking. It’s also useful for staying alive during the laning phase. And of course, you can use this range to outplay your opponents in team fights too.

And finally, Ezreal can either go AD or AP. True, bot lane players almost never purchase AP items on Ezreal. But the fact is that Ez scales exceptionally well with ability power, as well as attack damage. And you can use that build to surprise your opponents, especially when your team composition is full AD.

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2. Vayne

For years now, Vayne has been one of the most difficult champions to master in League of Legends. On the surface, her ability kit is very simple and straightforward. But once you try your hand at her playstyle, you realize just how much she’s depended on your own mechanical skill.

But that also makes Vayne one of the most fun ADCs to play in LoL! She requires you to be calm, calculative, and to play the game very carefully. There is absolutely no room for mistakes because Vayne hits her power spikes in the mid-game. So every death is a large setback for her.

However, if you do manage to get a lead as Vayne on Summoner’s Rift, the game is pretty much yours. The amount of true damage she deals to her enemies is absolutely insane. And the way she can kite around tanks, fighters, and assassins is honestly unmatched.

In good hands, Vayne can easily 1v5 an entire team. And this is thanks to her ultimate, and her Q. Tumble allows Vayne to move away from danger, which is pretty convenient for dodging abilities. And when her Final Hour is activated, Vayne gains true invisibility when she tumbles. This is perhaps the best toolkit for kiting enemies among all ADC champions in League. And only Vayne has it!

Vayne is also one of the most respected ADCs in the game. Many pro players have built names for themselves by only playing Vayne or by succeeding with her in important matches (such as Uzi). This definitely influences the rest of the players, who aspire to play Vayne like the professionals. And that makes the whole thing a bit more fun!

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3. Samira

If you’ve never played Samira, then you’ve missed out on so much fun. Bot laners rarely get to 1v5 entire teams with ease, such as top laners do with almost any pick. So Samira is the closest thing you have to a raid boss in League of Legends as an ADC main!

Now, Samira is often a subject of the “200 years” League of Legends meme. And people joke all the time about the fact that Samira is seriously broken. But broken champions are also the most fun champions in League, right?

The fact that really makes Samira such an interesting pick to play is the sheer number of abilities and passive effects she has. For example, Samira’s passive – Daredevil Impulse allows her to dash to a crowd-controlled enemy champion simply by right-clicking on them. But if that crowd control is an airborne effect, then Samira will keep the enemy mid-air too. That’s a dash + knock-up combo without even using an active ability!

Additionally, Samira’s basic abilities change depending on whether she’s fighting in the melee range or not. And no, she doesn’t need to swap weapons to go from ranged to melee mode – she only needs to get near the champion!

And we didn’t even mention her 360 degrees wind wall and her Katarina-like ultimate that only has 8 seconds cooldown!

In other words, Samira has simply every possible tool for every possible situation in League of Legends. And it’s so much fun to play her over and over again, simply exploiting her strengths. So if you’re an ADC main, we recommend you trying Samira because she is one of the most fun ADCs in LoL!

4. Jhin

Jhin is often at the top of the marksman meta in League of Legends, no matter what the preferred playstyle is. And it’s weird because Jhin isn’t the most flexible champion, the way Ezreal is. But his tool kit is unique, and the way he deals damage is reliable, which is enough for most people.

But what makes Jhin a fun champion to pilot?

Well, many things! First of all, the League community agrees that Jhin is the best champion that Riot Games ever designed. But everything from his well-defined passive to his powerful ultimate simply sounds fun. His one-of-a-kind philosophy of using only 4 bullets and 4 grenades and only having 4 charges on his ultimate is just cool!

Lore-wise, Jhin is a murderous maniac, a genius that specializes in the art of killing. As a result, he says a lot of intriguing and fun quotes, such as this one: “Each bullet is a piece of my soul. Each shot is a piece of me.” On top of that, Jhin’s voice actor is simply amazing at saying these lines and creating an authentic ambiance, which most players love!

But Jhin’s murder art isn’t only in lore. The way you use his abilities has its own art to it too. For example, you can use his grenade on the 3 ranged minions to damage the opponent with the last tick (it bounces 4 times). This will mark them and allow you to use your W, the snare effect. And as the enemy is in CC, you can open up with Jhin’s ultimate and start firing! You see, it really is an art!

So without a doubt, Jhin is one of the most fun ADCs in LoL too!

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5. Ziggs

And lastly, we have Ziggs! Now we know that Ziggs isn’t an ADC champion and the only way to deal physical damage with him is through his auto-attacks. However, Ziggs has been one of the best picks in the bot lane role in the last couple of years. Why? Because he has everything that the ADC champions don’t.

First of all, Ziggs is an all-AoE type of mage, which basically means that he has no problem defeating multiple champions at once. And as a mage, he has way better burst than any other marksman, with the exception of Ezreal, perhaps. In the end, Ziggs doesn’t even need to get an auto-attack range in order to deal damage – his bombs can be thrown from far away!

If these things don’t sound like advantages to you, then consider this. Ziggs can safely farm with his Q, which on average has a 2-3 seconds cooldown. His W doesn’t only execute turrets, but it’s also an effective tool against junglers to push them away and disengage. The same thing can be said for his E, which slows all enemies in a targeted area. And his R is a massive bomb that large amounts of damage in a team fight.

Ziggs can be paired with other mage supports in the bot lane, but his best combo is Veigar. The best way to synergize these two champions is to have Viegar use his wall, then Ziggs to push their opponents into the wall with his Satchel Charge. This ensures Veigar’s stun and allows these two yordles to burst their enemy down. Pretty fun, right?

So these are the top 5 most fun ADCs in League of Legends! 

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