Top 5 Most Fun Junglers in Season 12

Jungle has always been a versatile role. Since the beginning of League of Legends, we’ve seen many different types of champions excel at it, everything from fighters, tanks, and assassins to mages and marksmen. And while melee champions are typically better picks in the jungle, ranged junglers can also be effective. But who are the most fun junglers in League of Legends?

Well, everyone has a different way of answering this question. And frankly speaking, everyone enjoys different playstyles in LoL. However, there are also some champions that everybody likes or at least agrees that they’re fun. And you’ll recognize them here!

So let’s take a look at the top 5 most fun junglers in League of Legends!

5 Most Fun-To-Play Junglers

1. Kha’Zix

For many people, Kha’Zix is a synonym for the jungle role. He’s been an iconic pick season after season and has rarely been considered a weak champion. Sure, the tank meta from a couple of years back didn’t quite suit his assassination playstyle, he’s found success even then. But now, Kha’Zix is one of the strongest champions in League, able to carry games by himself. And when we say Kha’Zix can carry, we mean even 1v9 games.

Kha’Zix has an interesting ability kit, the first of his kind, really. Upon reaching levels 6, 11, or 18, Kha’Zix can choose whether to evolve his Q, W, E, or R. Evolving an ability improves it and grants it an additional effect. 

For example, if Kha’Zix evolves his E, then the range of his E is increased and it resets every time he scores a kill or an assist. And if he evolves his ultimate, then he becomes red instead of blue and can enter invisibility 3 times instead of 2.

And since this system only allows 3 abilities to be evolved per game, the player has to make a choice which 3 abilities he will upgrade. One effect will always be left behind, which forces you to think about your choices. And in my opinion, this tool kit design should be a primary example of how Riot should create their champions. Customizing your champion in game is way more fun than simply choosing a champion that is overloaded with 10 passive effects every game!

All in all, Kha’Zix can be a helpful pick in any type of situation. He usually prefers to play alone and assassinate the enemy carries when they’re alone. So if you like assassins, then Kha is definitely for you!

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2. Nidalee

Nidalee is one of the most popular champions in League. And one of the most difficult ones too. She first started as a mid laner but was later reworked into a jungle champion. Nidalee is now a top-tier jungle pick that mostly focuses on getting advantages in the early game.

What makes Nidalee a very fun champion to play is the variety in her playstyle. As most of you know, Nidalee can change her form from humanoid to cougar and vice versa. By entering one of these forms, she gains a set of abilities. But switching to another form grants her access to new abilities.

For example, Nidalee can toss spears, place traps, and heal herself (or allies) in her humanoid form. But in the cougar form, Nida can bite a champion from melee range, swipe to deal AoE damage, and pounce around the map. Changing forms only has a couple of seconds cooldown, essentially giving you two champions into one.

So playing Nidalee is almost always engaging and exciting. You have to think about things like placing traps and poking enemies, but also about jumping into melee range and assassinating carries. It’s definitely a pick for players that enjoy complexity and are okay with doing extra things in order to achieve victory. 

Another thing that contributes to Nidalee being a fun pick is her recommended build. The items that players usually purchase on Nida are Luden’s Tempest, Void Staff, and Zhonya’s Hourglass. With a full AP build, Nidalee can almost one-shot an enemy ADC with one spear. So we suggest you try her out!

3. Viego

Viego is one of the newest additions to the jungle role. He has quite a unique playstyle, one that no other champion can mimic. He’s a powerful pick in the early game, but his strengths really get to shine after level 6. 

If there is one thing that truly distinguishes Viego from the rest of the characters in League of Legends is his passive – Sovereign’s Domination. This effect allows him to play as a recently slain enemy champion. And when we say play, we mean it literally!

Viego gets to use all of the basic abilities of his slain enemies, aside from their ultimates. This creates such diversity in his playstyle that not even Sylas can match. So this playstyle changes from game to game because, in every match, there are new sets of enemies that Viego can possess. So often, the success that Viego can achieve is measured by the player’s knowledge of all the other champions in the game.

Aside from this one-of-a-kind mechanic, Viego also has unique abilities on his own. His W sends a wave that can dash him forward and stun the target. And his E marks an area in which Viego can remain invisible. His R is often compared to that of Pyke, so only fun tools all around!

The way most people play Viego is by going for a hybrid build of fighter and assassin items. Yes, this makes him a bit squishier than most bruisers, but his lifesteal potential is bigger than any other champion. 

In the end, you have this very interesting playstyle where you constantly fight and heal without a limitation. So Viego is one of the most fun junglers in LoL! Oh, and if you come across Viego in the enemy team, here is the best Viego counter in Season 12!

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4. Shaco

Shaco is one of the most exciting characters in League of Legends. Although he is most popular in the jungle role, players like to take him in the bot and top lanes too. He is another hybrid champion that can either build AP or AD. And because of that, his playstyle changes from game to game.

In the lore, Shaco is an evil marionette that finds pleasure in tormenting other living souls. And his ability kit in game perfectly matches that description.

In other words, Shaco has all the necessary tools to make someone start inting! Not only does his Q grant him invisibility, but it also teleports him in a chosen direction. This allows him to pick up Ignite and Smite instead of being forced to play the game with Flash.

Additionally, Shaco can place boxes around the map. But unlike Nidalee’s traps, Shaco’s boxes cast fear on the enemy champion upon triggering. They scale with ability power, so that’s why AP Shaco support can be so dangerous nowadays.

And lastly, we have Shaco’s ultimate – Hallucinate. Upon using this ability, Shaco creates a clone of himself that he can control for a long period of time. This clone mimics Shaco’s auto-attacks, which can be quite confusing to many players. In all ways, Shaco’s clone acts the same as the champion, except that it doesn’t cast abilities. But the level of trickery you can do with this ability is really insane. Talking about finding pleasure in tormenting others, huh?

In all seriousness, Shaco is an amazing champion. Not everybody likes his wacky playstyle, but the fact remains that he is one of the most fun junglers in League of Legends.

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5. Lee Sin

And the most interesting jungler in League of Legends is Lee Sin. No one can quite explain why, but everybody loves Lee Sin. There are so many things about his champion design that are done right that we can’t point one or two particular things.

First of all, Lee Sin’s basic abilities have double effects. Once his Q hits an enemy champion, Lee can reactivate this ability to fly over to that champion. Double-tapping his W gives you lifesteal and spell vamp on top of the dash/shield. And his E can slow down all enemies affected by the AoE strike.

But that’s not the reason why most players find Lee Sin so compelling. It’s this: Lee Sin has the highest skill cap in League of Legends! 

Not sure what this means? Well, it simply means that you can never truly master playing Lee Sin. The champion has a number of tricks you can do, like the “InSec kick” or the “Flash kick.” And even though these moves aren’t easy to learn, it seems like every season, there is a new way for Lee Sin to kick someone. Just look for the “Chinese Lee Sin ghost kick,” and you’ll see what we mean.

And because of this, many players regard Lee as an unlimited champion. He can do anything and everything, and he’s always a top-tier pick in any meta! People constantly learn new things about him, despite the fact that his tool kit hasn’t changed in 10 years!

So, that’s why Lee Sin is one of the most fun junglers in League of Legends!

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