Top 5 Most Fun Mid Laners in Season 12

Mid lane is easily the most versatile role in League of Legends. You can essentially play any champion in the middle as long as the champion can do well independently. It doesn’t matter whether you go for assassins, mages, fighters, or marksmen. For example, the current meta in season 12 makes Orianna, Zed, Lucian, and Sett one of the best picks for this lane. But because we have so much choice, it’s often hard to determine which are the 5 most fun mid laners in LoL!

Typically, the most fun champions are often the most complicated ones. That’s because when you main a difficult-to-play character, such as Yasuo, it’s really hard to get bored. So if we were talking about the most fun jungle champions, we would all agree that one of them is Lee Sin, right? No matter how many games you have as Lee Sin already, you still learn new things about him!

Well, our list of the 5 most fun mid laners is similar in this way. We’ve put together 5 champions that all players find interesting and engaging, regardless of their personal rank or experience with League. So, let’s check them out!

1. Lux

If you’re looking for an entry-level mage that you won’t get tired of, then we definitely recommend Lux. Lux is an incredibly fun champion to pilot, especially if you like the long-range burst playstyle.

Not only is Lux viable in today’s meta, but she can also be an exceptional carry in the right hands. She has a massive damage potential and a one-shot combo on a relatively short cooldown. 

Because of her range, Lux doesn’t have too many tough matchups in the mid lane. She can be pretty defensive, especially if you’re playing with Barrier or Exhaust. So it’s difficult to get frustrated when laning as Lux!

Playing Lux is like being thrown in a crazy fun mode of League of Legends where you can snipe enemies all day long. Hiding in brushes just to catch enemies off guard and obliterating them in seconds is just joyful. There are many different tricks that you can do, but bursting an opponent down is simply the most pleasurable of all!

Lux has three long-range damaging abilities and one shield that applies to all targets in its direction. And because everything that this champion can do is a skill shot, you have a lot of room for improvement and mastery.

And lastly, Lux is just a joyful character to be around with. She’s always positive and speaks in a very high melodic voice that could lift up your mood. On the other hand, Lux has too many skins, and all of them are interesting, especially Elementalist Lux. So definitely try her out!

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2. Akali

Since her rework back in 2018, Akali has been one of the most fun mid laners in League of Legends. She is an incredibly strong champion with a unique tool kit and ways to carry her teammates.

The thing that most people like about Akali is the complexity of her abilities. Everybody knows what each of Akali’s spells does, but it takes much more than that to truly master the champion. It might take you months of practice to get on that decent Akali level, but it’s well worth it in the end because every game as Akali is amusing and engaging.

Akali has tons of combos. The way people execute her abilities often depends on her passive, just so they can maximize her damage. Because of this, you often see Akali players going in and out of melee range, trying to activate the Assassin’s Mark. This includes dashing with E either to a target or to her shadow ring, but also dashing away with the first charge of her ultimate and finishing the kill with the second charge.

Although Akali can approach team fights in many different ways, she’s also an interesting pick during the laning phase. Thanks to her W, she’s an extremely safe champion to main. Any time a jungler comes to gank you, you can simply hop into your shadow and then dash away with E. And staying alive is more fun than staring at a grey screen, right?

Another advantage that Akali has is the fact that she uses energy instead of mana. This also reduces the possibility of running out of mana to use in a team fight or in the lane. So you’re nearly unlimited to what you can do as Akali!

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3. Orianna

Orianna is the other mage on in the mid lane that everybody likes. She is one of the most unique champions in the entire game and the most difficult one to pilot. Playing Orianna isn’t always easy since many factors can sabotage her potential to carry. However, when Orianna takes the lead, she’s always the one controlling the rest of the match.

When we say Orianna is unique, we usually mean her ability kit. Unlike most champions, Orianna has a ball that acts as the source of all of her abilities. Orianna can move her ball around and damage, crowd control, or shield targets. 

New players always struggle to play Orianna because the shift to her playstyle requires more than just understanding. As Ori, you have to separate yourself (the champion) from the ball. You can bully your opponent with your ball’s position only by standing near your ranged minions. You can poke, trade, or shove waves extremely fast, which is really fun for everyone who’s into control mages.

But the best thing that players love about Orianna is her ultimate. Shockwave is one of the strongest cooldowns in LoL, and it takes skill to pull it off successfully. A well-placed ball in a team fight can give you an opportunity for a 3, 4, or 5 men Shockwave. In many cases, this is a “GG” since Orianna essentially wins the fight on her own.

It’s also true that there is no bad meta for Orianna. She’s good at controlling the mid lane versus assassins, mages, and fighters, so you always play her. Orianna is also rarely banned, so it’s a good champion to main in mid!

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4. Zed

Ever since his release, Zed has been one of the most popular and most fun mid laners in League of Legends. There are many reasons why we love this sarcastic dark ninja champion, but every game as Zed is as enjoyable as riding in an amusement park.

Despite his popularity and play rate, Zed can only be genuinely mastered after thousands and thousands of hours. He is a complicated champion with many different ways to combine his abilities. However, you don’t have to be an expert to play Zed. He’s fun for everyone!

Zed is a very well-designed champion. The shadows he leaves behind are the central point of his character, and you have to know how they work in order to carry. These shadows mimic Zed’s basic abilities, such as Razor Shuriken and Shadow Slash. Because of this, Zed can poke enemies from afar and remain safe during the laning phase. But he can also swap places with his shadow clones to surprise his enemies, dodge abilities, or create some wonderful plays!

By now, Riot Games has given Zed dozens of skins – everything from storm ninja to spectral death bringer! Every outfit Zed has is unique, but it also fits his general theme. People especially like the SKT T1 Zed skin because it’s Faker’s own skin for this champion!

Zed is also a very fun character to listen to while playing. He has fantastic quotes that give you his assassin’s point of view and put you in the right mood for carrying! And they go something like this:

“Brave the shadows, find the truth.”

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5. Yasuo

And the all-time most fun mid laner in LoL is Yasuo, the Unforgiven! Yasuo was released at the end of season 3 in 2013, a time that most old-school League players regard as the best period for the game. In our own experience, we can confirm that LoL was then in a sweet spot, with many interesting champions, runes, and items. And Yasuo was a perfect fit for that climate!

But even for today’s League standards, Yasuo is one of the most unique champions. With the introduction of Yone to the game, Yasuo’s design was a bit thwarted, but it never got too damaged. His popularity is simply amazing, having one of the highest pick rates across all servers and elos.

Playing Yasuo is always a blast. No matter if you’re hard-winning or losing your lane, simply dashing around the minions and stacking your tornado is exciting. 

As Yasuo, you have to be calculative about how you’re going to trade with your opponent, whether you should dash offensively or defensively. You also need to think about knocking people up in order to activate your ultimate, especially if you don’t have someone like Malphite on your team. 

All of these things add depth to Yasuo’s playstyle and make him an exciting champion to pilot. He has an extremely high skill cap, and most players fail to take advantage of all of his strengths. However, this also means that you can learn something new and improve every time you play Yasuo.

So if you’re looking to have fun in League of Legends with only one character, we totally recommend Yasuo! Who doesn’t like a brooding master swordsman on Summoner’s Rift?

And those are the top 5 most fun mid laners in League of Legends!

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