5 Most Fun Top Laners in Season 12

If you don’t want to throw wacky spells around the place, then melee champions, and top lane is what you prefer in League of Legends. Historically, top has been the one role that’s specifically there to produce solo carries that prefer to fight in melee range. And yes, there are many popular ranged top lane picks, but the bruisers are the type of champions people usually choose to play in the top. But who are the 5 most fun top laners in League?

Well, since this is a question of perspectives, there is no one true answer. However, LoL has many champions that people generally like and enjoy playing, no matter their main role. For example, Ezreal is one of the least hated characters in the game, despite the fact that only ADC mains play him. And that’s the case with our list too!

So let’s talk about our 5 most fun top laners!

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5 Most Fun Top Laners

1. Riven

League of Legends players have a funny way of describing Riven – Riven was the Yasuo before Yasuo was released!

If you don’t quite know what that means, then let me explain. Before season 4, Riven was one of the few champions in the game that was literally limitless (Lee Sin was also in the club). She had no mana resource, low cooldown and high damaging spells, insane mobility, and she wielded a huge sword! And that’s an idea that many LoL players gravitate towards. 

So because of her popularity, many people were trying to be the next Faker as Riven. They naturally fed like crazy, much like the Yasuo players do in the lower elos. Thus, Riven was the Yasuo before Yasuo was even released…

But the reason why I’m saying this is not to bash the champion. In fact, it’s the very opposite. You see, the logic goes that the more popular the champion is, the more fun he/she is to play. Of course, that’s not true in every case, but with Riven, it is.

All jokes aside, Riven is an absolute blast to play. There isn’t a single moment in a game of Riven where you feel bored. There is always something to do, even if it is spamming your Q aimlessly around the map.

Riven’s ability kit is an example of how Riot should construct their champions. Every spell synergizes with the others, and you have many combos to learn on your way to master Riven. And whether it’s flashing into the enemy team or hopping over terrains, it’s just exciting!

Thus, Riven is one of the most fun top laners in LoL!

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2. Irelia

Even before her rework, Irelia was one of the go-to champions for top laners. Back then, she was much simpler and easier to pilot. But she was also more limiting! However, Irelia is now one of the strongest picks in the game, no matter if chosen for mid or top lane!

As a top laner, Irelia can compete with nearly everyone. Her playstyle engages you from the very first minute when the best strategy is usually to quickly farm the first 3 minions with your Q resets. The same mechanic can be applied throughout the game, which honestly is tons of fun!

Besides her mobility, the very idea of the new Irelia is compelling. She’s a blade dancer – someone who makes art out of her fighting. And her ability kit definitely feels that way! 

The most exciting spell that Irelia has is her E – Flawless Duet. Maybe it’s because it is so difficult to hit it right, but I simply can’t wait to use this ability every time I play Irelia. There’s something about the way those magical blades spin and connect that people love, so they also love Irelia.

But the rest of Irelia’s playstyle is interesting too. She’s a tanky fighter that has a lot of self-healing. This allows you to constantly play aggressively and survive simply by hitting your opponents. This playstyle is only enhanced by Irelia’s ultimate, which is another super cool-looking spell!

So if you want to have fun in League playing a top lane champion that’s never anything but a top-tier pick, then we recommend Irelia!

3. Renekton

Since the beginning of League, Renekton has been one of the most popular top laners. In fact, he’s the very definition of a top laner! And his champion design is the philosophy that Riot Games must have had for the role when they were still defining things in their game!

You see, Renekton has everything that you might need in the top lane. Renekton doesn’t use mana as a resource, but rage, which most top laners prefer. He has good single-target and AoE damage, reliable stun through his auto-attacks, and two dashes to either get near or get away. Additionally, his ultimate is an instant heal, which is pretty handy in melee duels. But it also fuels him with rage, which in turn results in more damage and healing!

All in all, Rene is an easy-to-play, powerful champion that most people enjoy playing. A big plus that contributes to this is the fact that Renekton is an early game power drill. It means that he’s usually stronger than any other top lane champion until level 6. This gives you a reason to always be on the attacking side, trying to score a kill left and right. And that’s definitely fun!

Over the years, Renekton’s build has changed many times. But he always prefers items that grant both offensive and defensive stats. This allows every top laner to deal high amounts of damage and to be able to endure shots caused by the enemy carries. 

If you get ahead as Renekton, there is rarely someone that could stop you. The amount of DPS the champion has is enough to delete all except tanks. 

So Renekton is one of the most fun top laners too!

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4. Fiora

Gamers in general, but especially League of Legends players, like dueling. It’s the ultimate form of PvP where you get to compete against another player. Well, Fiora is all about dueling in League! She’s a fantastic champion that allows you to fight anyone in the game and have fair chances of winning!

Being a blademaster, Fiora is designed to excel in direct fighting situations. Her Q is a step forward that also deals damage. Her W is one of the most broken abilities in the game, being both a block and a stun. Her E applies slow, provides critical strike, and grants attack speed all in one. And Fiora’s ultimate lets her do true damage while giving her an insane amount of lifesteal. All in all, the perfect duelist in League!

So there is something very fun about playing Fiora in the top lane. It’s not only the fact that you can take anyone 1v1, but it’s the idea of the champion too. Fiora moves calmly as if every step is calculated. All of her moves are done with grace and precision, and all the animations are very clean too.

And no matter the season, Fiora’s build almost always serves the same goal – split pushing in the side lane! This is the game mode that Fiora is made for and where she’s the strongest. And although she can be valuable in a team fight, experienced Fiora players prefer to carry alone. 

So if you like the fantasy of the swordmaster, then you’ll love playing Fiora too!

5. Jayce

Now, Jayce isn’t technically a pure melee champion, but he is one of the most iconic picks in the top lane. He’s never been the absolute best pick in any meta, but players have loved him for as long as we can remember. At the time of his

Jayce is a mix between a fighter, assassin, mage, and marksman. He’s a fighter because he has a melee stance and an assassin because he can quickly burst a target down. But he’s also a mage because he has a long-range poke and a marksman because of his ranged stance. 

Jayce uses a two-in-one weapon, a hammer, and a cannon. His ultimate is the way he switches between these two weapons, and the ability is available from level 1. So depending on which weapon he’s currently using, he has a different set of abilities. This doubles the number of things he can do in the game, which is always fun!

But the thing that makes Jayce such a fun top laner is the same thing that makes Nidalee a fun champion too – you get to choose how you’re going to fight. You see, in one game, you might play against Darius, so you’ll mostly poke him. But in another game, you’ll be against Malphite, and you can torture him from melee range as well. 

So depending on the situation at hand, Jayce can choose how to approach it. That’s already more than most other top laners can say. Plus, his aesthetics and cosmetics are pretty cool, and people generally like them. 

And those are the top 5 most fun top laners in LoL!

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