Top 10 Most Hated Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is a very involving game for players. Playing such a game regularly will inevitably lead to the player developing some points of view regarding the game. 

Therefore, It is inescapable for players to develop negative views and feelings toward certain champions. However, certain types of champions have a higher chance of being disliked than others.

Overpowered and irritating champions generally get the most hate from the community. Moreover, some champions are just easier to hate than others because they are miserable to play against. These are the champions that often have next to no counterplay for enemies.

The list of the top most hated champions can be a tricky thing to assemble, mainly because there are so many champions that are hated. Every player has certain champions that they feel are more hateworthy than others.

As such, we have included those champions who are hated by the majority of League players. Given below are the unfortunate champions as well as the reasons why they are on the receiving end of the negativity.

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10. Teemo

Teemo is unarguably the single most hated champion in the game. He is the most irritating opponent one can have to play against. As Teemo is a top laner, he has a range advantage against most of the other champions of top lane. He can bully and poke them in the lane to his heart’s content.

Although, the major reason Teemo is such a pain to deal with is his ultimate. He is able to put down bombs or “mushrooms” in any place he wishes. The bombs do damage as well as slow the enemies. Once he has access to his ultimate it is almost impossible to gank him or even move through the lane without taking damage.

Another reason why Teemo is hated is because of how easy he is to play. All you have to do is continuously place bombs on the map. The enemy team will be taking damage for no reason when you have littered the map with mushrooms. They can even die if they walk through several bombs.

9. Darius

The reason why Darius is hated is significantly more direct. He is just an overwhelming presence to deal with. He is known for being the biggest bully in the top lane. The champion has tons of damage and wins nearly all kinds of all-in fights in the top lane.

Darius can destroy almost all lane matchups but it does not end there. Darius can single-handedly win any teamfight for his team. Once he has maximum stacks of “Hemorrhage” he can kill the entire enemy team on his own. 

It is extremely difficult to stop him from getting to the maximum stacks. Darius builds a lot of defense items so he does not die easily. This is virtually a tank that is able to deal obscenely high amounts of true damage to everyone on the enemy team.

8. Yasuo

Yasuo’s reason for being on this list is quite unique. People hate the champion because he has a tendency to die non-stop. Yasuo is considered synonymous with feeding in League of Legends. The champion also has a reputation for quitting the game. 

Apart from feeding and quitting in games, Yasuo is also known to be a menace to deal with. If you manage to get your core items without falling behind in the game, the champion is absurdly strong. Along with having insanely high DPS, he is able to make range champions useless thanks to the “Windwall”. 

Yasuo is always a problem to deal with, whether he is in your team or in the enemy team. Both for drastically different reasons.

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7. Irelia

Irelia is also a champion that is known to accumulate a lot of deaths in the course of a game. The champion has a tendency to tilt the player playing it. It is a common sight to see an Irelia die once and then keep on dying non-stop for the rest of the game. She is similar to Yasuo in this regard.

However, the bigger reason for Irelia getting all the hate is due to how strong the champion is. She is incredibly hard to play against due to the high mobility and kill threat that it possesses. To make it even more insane is the fact that Irelia scales extremely well. This is one of the champions that you just do not want to face.

6. Master Yi

Master Yi is not preferred by the League community for simple reasons. He is extremely easy to play and he is extremely hard to stop. Yi only needs a couple of items and he becomes the highest damage dealer in the game.

The point to be noted, however, is how easy he is to play. Master Yi offers a bucketload of damage, all the while being extremely low skill requiring and easy to execute. Anyone can play the champion and carry games.

5. Seraphine

This is easily the biggest menace released by Riot in recent times. The champion is being played in three different roles with excellent win rates across all of them. Moreover, the champions kit is just obnoxious to deal with.

The hate for Seraphine was instantaneous from the moment she got released. The champion has annoying voice lines and for lack of a better word, stupid lore. She constantly receives buffs as well which only gives her more hate. 

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4. Malzahar

Playing against Malzahar is just a negative experience. You will get suffocated and constantly pushed under your tower by his high wave clear. If that does not happen then he will suppress you for more than 2 seconds and set you up for his team or just kill you himself.

Malzahar offers very little in the way of counterplay to his enemies. You cannot punish his mistakes as he has a spell shield on him at all times. He does not take crowd control effects or damage till that is broken. If you get close to him he just clicks his ultimate on you to incapacitate you. 

3. Vayne

Although Vayne has a weak early game and often struggles in the lane at bot lane, she scales like no other. The champion is able to win you games on its own. All she needs is some time to get her items. 

She has the ability to constantly go invisible during fights, kite out the enemy, and in turn kill them extremely quickly. You can also play Vayne at the top lane if you want to ruin the game for the opposing top laner. 

2. Riven

Riven is a champion that is notorious for the player base that plays her. You will often hear of the term “Riven main” in your League of Legends journey. This is because, over the course of the game, Riven mains have proven to be the most toxic set of people you can come across. 

It is quite unexplainable but the majority of people that play Riven do not make for friendly teammates or opponents. They are flaming all the time and ruining the game experience for everyone. The champion itself is not so much of an issue, but the player base is intolerable.

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1. Shaco

Shaco has made it on this list simply because he is too irritating to play against. The champion puts his boxes all over the map. You can be walking to lane or in your jungle, and suddenly you are feared and taking damage. There’s no real threat of dying to it, but it’s extremely annoying.

Moreover, Shaco players always take ignite and invade the enemy jungle from early on in the game. The enemy jungler can not play as he wishes as he is always getting invaded or walking into a Shaco box.

Final Thoughts

It is always a fascinating thing to see which aspects of a game or which characters people have negative reactions to. You can be viewing these to satisfy your own curiosity or to find ways how to deal with some of these problems. Either way, it is always an interesting thing to notice.

The same is true for League of Legends as the game has so many different characters and interactions. Out of all these different areas of the game, what irritates the players the most. As far as champions are concerned, the above-mentioned champions receive a healthy portion of the hate from players.

You may be surprised to note that the champion you wish wasn’t a part of the game is not in this list. Keep in mind these are simply the ten most hated champions by the majority of League players. These are not the only hated champions in the game.

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