Top 5 Most Mobile ADCs in League of Legends

Champions in League of Legends have a variety of skills of their own. Strengths and weaknesses are a natural part of any kit, and are core to what makes a Champion good (or bad). 

Whenever one thinks of Champion stats and abilities, they almost always assume damage. In some cases, they might be associated to healing or sustain. 

However, there is one stat that we believe stands above the rest – mobility. Being mobile and fast in League of Legends can be, and often is, everything. It’s that last bit that you need to make a good engage, survive a fight, chase down an enemy, etc. 

The more mobility our Champion has, the better they are. This is not even an opinion, especially not in today’s League of Legends where everything revolves around a moment. The durability patch has slowed things down a bit, but in no way did it hinder the importance of mobility. 

In this article we will go over the most mobile ADCs in League of Legends. These five Champions reign supreme in the Bot Lane in terms of mobility, and we’ll see just what makes them tick. 

Let’s go! 

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5. Kai’Sa

From the day she released, Kai’Sa has been crowned the biggest hyper carry in League of Legends. She stands out in so many ways – damage, survivability, and most of all, mobility. Everything she does – she does well. But she also does it exceptionally fast, and this goes for literally every single part of her kit. 

Her Q dishes out insane amounts of damage in split seconds. Her W is on the slower side, but is a good damage bump for the rest of her blazing kit. Her E gives her movement speed and attack speed, which is self-explanatory. 

And, at the end, her Ultimate blitzes her toward a target enemy, getting her right up their face. This ability has such a tremendous range that Kai’Sa can be at the far end of a fight in one second, and directly participating in the next. 

Her mobility has caused a lot of controversy among the community, with many claiming that Kai’Sa is straight up broken and overpowered. To some degree, we agree. 

Kai’Sa is a true hyper carry that starts off slowly and gets insanely strong by the end of the match. With how her early and late games are balanced, we’d go as far to say that she isn’t broken, but rewarding. 

Having a Champion that gives you a ton of credit for the effort is amazing. Kai’Sa is certainly one of those, and if you power through her slow stage, her fast and mobile endgame will be rewarding, and deservedly so. 

I love this Champion way too much, and you will too, just go give her a try. 

4. Ezreal

Ezreal is more or less the king of mobile ADCs. While this is not a ranked list where I compare Champions to each other, I still have to make that remark. 

If any Champion on this list can be labeled as overpowered or broken, at least in the sense of mobility, then it’s Ezreal. Rarely will you get a Champion that has Flash on literally zero cooldown and can use it whenever he wants. 

Ezreal does a ton of damage and does it fast. Everything on his kit is a skill shot, which does make him very difficult, especially for newer players. He requires great knowledge of the game in general before he can be effectively played and mastered. 

Jumping right into him, however, does yield a lot of overall benefits that you will certainly find useful when you play some other skill shot dependent Champions. 

When it comes to mobility, Ezreal is certainly strong and everything is tied to his E. It is, as I’ve said above, a low cooldown Flash. Ezreal jumps in any target direction, with the ability to go over terrain. 

With how fast his damage output is, this ability is just sugar on top, allowing Ezreal to become entirely elusive. ADCs are usually squishy, and he is no exception, so this tool is his primary way of surviving any onslaught coming his way. 

He’s extremely challenging to learn and master, and I don’t recommend him to players just starting out. Get yourself used to the game first, and then give Ezreal a try. 

Those intermediates who are searching endlessly for a good ADC to climb with – Ezreal is the answer. Spend some time getting the hang of him in normals, and up you go on the Ranked ladder

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3. Lucian

Did I say Ezreal was the king of mobility among ADCs? Well, I must’ve been taking something while writing that. Ladies and gentlemen, the true undisputed sovereign of mobility among ADCs is none other than Lucian. However, this is not always the case. Let me briefly, yet in detail, explain. 

Lucian’s mobility comes from his E, a short dash. His other spells are all focused on damage, with his passive granting him an additional auto-attack after every spell cast. He attacks fast, that thing is certain, but he moves even faster. 

His E has a long cooldown that is reduced every time Lucian uses those passive auto-attacks. The right combination of spell casts and items can make the spell have almost no cooldown at all, allowing Lucian to endlessly dash through the Lane like he’s some kind of demon. 

Anyhow, depending on who is behind the keyboard, Lucian can be the fastest Champion in the game. Building a ton of cooldown reduction items has become a standard on Lucian, mostly for the purpose of having his E more readily available. 

The more spells you cast, the more damage you do, and lower the cooldown of Lucian’s E. It’s all tightly tied together in his kit, which also makes him one of the better designed Champions out there. 

I highly recommend Lucian to just about anyone. He’s an exceptional Champion that does a ton of damage, and has been a part of the meta for quite some time. 

You can also play him in other Lanes, primarily in Mid, which just highlights his great versatility. All around he’s an amazing Champion that I’m certain you’ll love. 

2. Kalista

Kalista is not a name you’ve likely heard often mentioned in the past few Seasons. She’s fallen out of the meta quite some time ago, with only a few people picking her up every now and again. 

This doesn’t mean she’s a bad Champion at all, just that the League of Legends meta moved to a direction different from hers. As a matter of fact, she is an outright amazing Champion, especially when it comes to mobility. 

With each auto-attack Kalista can dash in a chosen direction. With enough attack speed, Kalista will be jumping around the map like she’s Mario, even being able to cross terrain. 

This also applies to her Q, which allows for some really spicy (out)plays. Streamers have recently also given Kalista a ton of credit for her ability to, quite literally, one shot people with a single Q. 

This comes from how her kit works, and as that’s not the topic of the article, I’ll have to leave that off for another day. 

Anyhow, Kalista is undoubtedly an insanely mobile Champion, easily finding her way on a list like this one. Her overall mobility combined with her attack speed makes her a rapid-firing beast that can decimate opponents of any size, be they squishy or Tanks. 

I haven’t played Kalista in a while, but you should definitely give her a try. She’s an old Champion that holds her ground today among the new and broken messes. Go and play her, you won’t regret it. 

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1. Samira

Samira is a very potent, and very fast, ADC that loves doing a ton of damage in split seconds. It’s just what she does, and what most of the newly released Champions do. She’s the embodiment of Riot’s new Champion design philosophy where everything is fast, broken and overpowered. 

But Samira did grow on a lot of people, myself included, and I see her as a solid Champion now. I mean, among the cesspool of insanely, and purportedly broken Champions any one can be seen as solid. 

Samira’s mobility is incredible, as she has the ability to dash around with low cooldowns, followed with a ton of fast AOE damage. 

Everything about her kit is tied to quickness and mobility, and I have to praise her for it in a list such as this one. Outside of the list, I’ll be cursing and spamming the /all chat with obscenities pointed towards whoever picked her. 

Like Kai’Sa, Samira can go from one spot to another in a blink. What Samira has that Kai’Sa doesn’t is a follow-up to that blazing speed. 

She can open fire and straight up murder the entire enemy team as fast as she came in. It’s absolutely incredible how fast the damage output of this Champion is. 

All in all, Samira does damage quicker than she can move, but her movement and mobility are well in track. I recommend you give her a try, but do be wary that everyone will hate you for it. 


League of Legends Champions all have some stats that make them who they are. Mobility is certainly one of those, and the ones above are some of the fastest out there. 

Without proper mobility, it’s open season on your head and everyone will take advantage of that. But, with enough of it, no one will be able to cunningly end your life. In fact, you’ll be the predator and not the prey. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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