5 Most Mobile Junglers in League of Legends

Champions in League of Legends have a variety of skills of their own. Strengths and weaknesses are a natural part of any kit, and are core to what makes a Champion good (or bad). 

Whenever one thinks of Champion stats and abilities, they almost always assume damage. In some cases, they might be associated to healing or sustain. 

However, there is one stat that we believe stands above the rest – mobility. Being mobile and fast in League of Legends can be, and often is, everything. It’s that last bit that you need to make a good engage, survive a fight, chase down an enemy, etc. 

The more mobility our Champion has, the better they are. This is not even an opinion, especially not in today’s League of Legends where everything revolves around a moment. 

The durability patch has slowed things down a bit, but in no way did it hinder the importance of mobility. 

In this article, we will go over the five most mobile Junglers in League of Legends. While other roles will undoubtedly benefit from having high mobility (as that’s pretty universal), Junglers can utilize this stat especially well. 

So, without further ado, let’s begin! 

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5. Bel’Veth

Of course, as is tradition with Riot Games recently, new Champions will always find their way into these lists. Why, I hear you ask? 

Well, it’s because they simply cannot help but make a Champion completely busted and overpowered in every sense of those two words. Bel’Veth, being their latest pride and joy is both of those things, and even more so when it comes to mobility. 

Bel’Veth can dash almost infinitely. Though she does have some limitations in way of direction and cooldown, with enough stacks, attack speed and items she becomes the mobility queen in League of Legends. Whether it is short dashes in one of the four directions offered, or longer ones going in for a bombastic Champion stack, Bel’Veth has all the mobility in the world. 

I won’t even go into how fast her attacks are, apart from her movement speed. Everything about this Champion revolves around getting faster and faster until you’re so fast that you can’t even see what the hell is going on anymore. 

We’ve all witnessed some obscene, and borderline insane Bel’Veth attack speed clips, and her movement follows closely. 

IT’s incredible how little Riot has learned in the past years and how they continuously make Champions inherently broken and busted without any quality control. They’ll claim that their Champions still don’t have overloaded kits overall, but that’s only half true. 

To see League of Legends restored to its former glory would be a sight for sore eyes. Unfortunately, Riot doesn’t seem to want the same. 

I recommend you give Bel a try since she is a new Champion and offers some fresh stuff. But other than that, just steer clear unless you want to be hated by every single person walking the Summoner’s Rift. 

4. Shaco

There wouldn’t be a list about Junglers without Shaco in it. This is what I usually say about Evelynn, but Shaco is just the League Jungler’s bread and butter. 

When it comes to mobility, he is a Champion that has left a permanent record on that side of things. Shaco is an immensely powerful Jungler whose mobility serves to add to his already amazing kit. 

Everything is tied to his Q, a low cooldown Flash that grants him invisibility for a time. And it’s not even the new invisibility that reveals him if he’d get too close to an enemy. 

No, it’s the old type, where Shaco can get as close as he wants and still remain invisible. Provided, of course, that he doesn’t run into a Control Ward or a Turret. 

This spell allows Shaco to roam freely around the Jungle, undetected. The invisibility doesn’t last for too long, but lasts enough to give Shaco all the time in the world to strike at his enemies’ backs. He can creep up to a nearby bush and pounce, with the opponents entirely oblivious to his presence. A couple of shivs to the neck later and you realize that Shaco just might be an amazing Champion. 

He’s a terror of the Jungle and everyone is afraid to play against him. You can never be too safe, especially if you’re a Mid Laner with multiple points of entry. 

Shaco brings out all the care from players, as they will be terrified of crossing to the enemy’s half of the Lane. With so much influence, mobility and strength, Shaco is a dominant mobile force that everyone should appreciate. 

Go and give him a try, trust me on this one. 

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3. Rengar

While Shaco loves to jump around hypothetically and does more of a blink, Rengar actually jumps on people’s heads. 

This apex predator of the Jungle lives off of his mobility, using it to prowl the map and bushes, seeking opportunities to jump on someone with his vicious, murderous paws. Rengar is a fast Assassin that will end your life in a second, and his mobility is what allows him to do so. 

His passive gives him the ability to pounce on wards/minions/Champions from bushes. This has a significant range and is an amazing engagement tool. 

Rengar can use his Q to empower his attack, which will proc at the end of his jump, making the jump itself even deadlier. If you add other on-hit effects to the mix, you have one very deadly, long-range attack. 

Rengar’s movement speed is also fantastic, especially when he’s in bushes. His Ultimate takes that to a new extreme, giving Rengar even more movement speed while allowing him to jump on anyone he likes while the spell is active. 

His Ultimate turns him into an ultimate predator, and whenever people see those two eyes above their heads – they will cower in fear. 

He’s such an amazing Jungler that’s gone through many changes over the years. However, Riot realized that the classic Rengar is his best version and actually reverted most of the changes back to what they were all those years ago. 

Recently he got some severe buffs, making him even better. I highly recommend Rengar to any Jungler out there as he is, genuinely, incredible. 

2. Rammus

This is one of those that I don’t even have to explain. Rammus is a Champion that just insists upon itself, and explains everything you need to know by himself. 

His mobility is unlike the rest on this list, and focuses solely on his ability to move fast. And move he does, with only a single spell able to propel him to over 1000 movement speed. It’s insane, it’s fun – it’s Rammus. 

He can use his Q to cross insane distances in mere seconds, giving him an incredible level of map presence. People are always disheartened when they see Rammus picked on the opposing side, as that signifies a total inability to get close to the enemies. 

If you wander too far from the safety of your Turret, Rammus will be at your back in the blink of an eye. Try as much as you want – you cannot escape the Ram. 

Even if you do manage to get away far enough, this undying Tank can use his Ultimate to jump an equally obscene distance and slam on top of your head for massive damage and CC

The distance he jumps is based on his movement speed, so he can get a head start from his base and jump right in your face at the end. IT’s incredible how impactful this little guy can be, with nothing more than his speed. 

He also is the prime example of how important and strong high mobility is, especially when combined with other important stats like resilience and damage. 

Anyhow, Rammus is the most fun entry on this list and I must recommend him wholeheartedly to everyone. Just be aware that everyone will dislike your picking this beast of a Champion. 

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1. Kha’Zix

I had to break Kha and Rengar apart by including a Champion between them so as to avoid my entries fighting each other. The two are always at odds, and the hunt never ends, even when only in an article. 

Kha’Zix is our second apex predator on the list, with my avoiding to claim that either of them is better. I don’t want my head to be on a spike in some secluded wood in Runterra. 

Kha’Zix is mobile, fast and has all the best attributes of an Assassin. Most of his mobility comes from his E, which is a long-ranged jump that can even cross terrain. 

Differing from Rengar’s pounce which can only be on enemy targets, Kha can jump wherever and whenever he wants. This makes his kit a bit more versatile than Rengar’s. 

With each level put in his Ultimate, Kha gains an evolution point which he can use to upgrade one of his abilities. If he upgrades his E, Kha now has a huge ranged jump that he can use for engagements and escapes alike. 

After each kill, Kha’s E is reset, allowing him to jump again. This makes Kha a late game mobility beast, as he can go in and out continuously. 

His insane damage also adds to the mix, as it takes no more than a few seconds for Kha to eliminate is desired target. 

If the target isolated, the time-to-kill is even smaller, and Kha can return to safety with his E even sooner. All in all, he is an amazing Assassin Jungler whose mobility outmatches most of the competition. 

I highly recommend you give him a try, especially when facing against Rengar, and vice versa. The two have a ton of unique mechanics, with one directly impacting the late game, and that is something you’d want to experience. 


League of Legends Junglers strive to be everywhere at the same time. Map presence is crucial to achieving maximum impact as a Jungler, and mobility only serves to help that goal. The Champions above stand among the rest in this regard, as they can cross insane distances, ignore terrain and achieve map dominance pretty easily. 

I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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