Top 5 Most Mobile Mid Laners in League of Legends

Champions in League of Legends have a variety of skills of their own. Strengths and weaknesses are a natural part of any kit, and are core to what makes a Champion good (or bad). Whenever one thinks of Champion stats and abilities, they almost always assume damage. In some cases, they might be associated to healing or sustain. 

However, there is one stat that we believe stands above the rest – mobility. Being mobile and fast in League of Legends can be, and often is, everything. It’s that last bit that you need to make a good engage, survive a fight, chase down an enemy, etc. 

The more mobility our Champion has, the better they are. This is not even an opinion, especially not in today’s League of Legends where everything revolves around a moment. The durability patch has slowed things down a bit, but in no way did it hinder the importance of mobility. 

In this article, we’ll go over the five most mobile Mid Laners in League of Legends. These Champions will use their power to dominate their opponents, as well as roam around the map, establishing total control for their team. 

Without further ado, let’s begin! 

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5. Kassadin

Kassadin is one of the better mobile Mid Laners, but he does have a bit of a bumpy road to go through before he gets there. 

He’s a melee Mage/Assassin that strives off of direct engages, utilizing his mobility to go in and out quickly. The kills he gets are always almost instantaneous, once again requiring his mobility to even pull off. 

As I’ve said, it’s a bumpy road. Before level 6, Kassadin is slow and has to be played methodically. Every wrong step he takes will be punished severely, and there won’t be many options for him to retaliate. 

After he gets level 6, things get a little better due to his Ultimate. It’s a low-cooldown, scaling blink that costs more and more mana after each use. As a tradeoff the spell also deals more and more damage. 

Early on the spell has a lengthy cooldown and Kassadin’s mana pool won’t be able to withstand more than a couple of casts at a time. 

By the time the late game rolls around, though, Kassadin becomes the ultimate apex Assassin as his Ultimate will have a <1s cooldown and deal insane damage. 

Due to his itemization, Kassadin will sport thousands of Mana by this time, and likely have the Presence of Mind Rune – giving him all the Mana in the world. 

He’ll be able to jump around the map, go in and out, traverse terrain, etc. There is nothing in this world that can stop him at that point, and if Kassadin gets to this level of scaling – you can call the game over. 

I highly recommend him to everyone that loves Mages. I’ve played him a whole ton and there is no other Champion in the game that can compare to what a good Kassadin can do. 

Go on, do it, you won’t regret it. 

4. Katarina

Katarina, like Kassadin, takes a moment to get to her prime in terms of mobility. However, instead of waiting for level 6, Katarina will be up and running by the time she’s level 3. 

All of her mobility revolves around the utilization of her E and her daggers. Into the mix also comes her passive, which resets cooldowns after each kill. 

Katarina’s E is a dash, with a solid range, that also does damage. She can use it on enemies, wards, allies – and daggers. 

Her daggers are the ultimate tool of doing damage, and jumping to them resets her E’s cooldown. And while it doesn’t knock it down to zero, the CDR is low enough to allow for near infinite jumping. 

With the proper utilization of her daggers and E, Katarina can effectively be dancing around the map, being near impossible to pin down. Her passive also resets all her cooldowns if she gets a kill, which is means even more daggers – even more jumping. 

She’s insanely fast, does a ton of damage and is highly difficult to catch. A good Katarina player can be everywhere and nowhere at the same time, making her one of the most elusive Champions in game. 

Katarina is a fantastic mobile Assassin that everyone should play. I highly recommend you give her a try, as I’ve been enjoying her for quite some time now. Nothing compares to her, and you’ll see what I mean the moment you lock her in. 

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3. Yasuo

Yasuo is the default Champion you think of when you mention mobile Mid Laners. He has been the dominant Mid Lane force for nearly 9 years now, despite falling off slightly due to the rise of so many new Champions. 

Nothing was able to stop him, though, and he still remains one of the best, and most mobile, League of Legends Champions. 

Most of Yasuo’s mobility comes from his E. It’s incredible how many Champions have their mobility spells on their E, Riot sure loves making the same kits over and over again with small changes here and there. 

Anyway, his E allows him to dash through minions, monsters and Champions, but only once every few seconds. While that doesn’t sound too useful, good Yasuo players know how to utilize this perfectly and turn this samurai into an elusive, impossible to take down beast. 

Whenever there is an enemy minion wave near Yasuo, he can utilize it to evade just about anything you throw at him. He can dance through them to confuse you, and employ a hit-and-run tactic against you. 

When it comes to monsters in the Jungle, he can utilize them carefully to dash through terrain. This isn’t easy to perform, but a good Yasuo player can and will do it. 

Dashing through Champions means you can be in an enemy’s face at all time, which is always a good tool to have. 

Yasuo is so good at being fast and mobile that everyone fears taking him on 1v1, and almost always try to pick him off in a group fight. He’s incredible, hits hard and fast, and moves equally quick, and I highly recommend you give him a try.

Just remember – all those flashy videos of his you’ve seen on YouTube aren’t easy to perform. While it all does look inviting, I highly suggest you take your time with him and practice. 

He’s a mechanically demanding Champion and one of the most difficult to master, so make sure you spend enough time in Normals and the Practice Tool to be as efficient as possible. 

2. Yone

I usually avoid including both Yasuo and Yone on the same list as I see them as two sides of the same coin, but I had to in this case. The two are hand-in-hand some of the best and most mobile Champions League has ever seen, and you cannot exclude either. Yone uses his dashes similarly to Yasuo, yet with a different catch. 

Yone can dash in with his tornado and while it is not a huge distance, it’s still effective. He also has his movement speed increasing spell that allows him to wreck you and return to the same spot he started from. 

Everything about him revolves around having a ton of movement speed and pinning himself to the target while relentlessly attacking them. He’s like a tick that’s so rooted in and just doesn’t want to let go. 

His Ultimate is yet another tool for mobility, as it is a huge ranged engage that allows Yone to throw himself into the entire enemy team while applying CC. IT’s an amazing spell that actually works wonders in combination with Yasuo, so that would be a fun thing to try in a match. 

Yone is fast, he’s insanely strong, and he’s one of the most unkillable Champions ever to release. I suggest you give him a try, but I hate him so much as to give him a proper recommendation. Riot didn’t think clearly while designing this Champion, and if you’ve ever faced him on the Lane – you’ll know why. 

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1. Akshan

Akshan is one of my most hated Champions that Riot ever created. He is so overloaded, broken, and stupid that it actually hurts my brain. 

I mean, come on, his kit description takes nearly 1000 words. 1000 words! And we still have Blitzcrank who is slowed by his W. It’s borderline dumb and I don’t even want to talk about it. 

Anyhow, he is, to no one’s surprise, one of the most mobile Champions ever. Of course he is – he is a new Champion and those will be in these lists for as long as the game exists. 

He has this stupid hook that allows him to cross insane distances in a second, even ignoring terrain. Apart from that he has invisibility, movement speed buffs, and more. 

It allows Akshan to make quick engages and return to safety almost immediately. Even if his whole team goes down, all he has to do is kill whoever did it and they’ll be magically brought to life. 

This makes his engages both safe and worthwhile, meaning that Akshan’s kit is one of the most valuable ever designed. Wow, incredible Riot, so great! 


League of Legends Champions all require mobility to do their job effectively. If they lack it, especially in the Mid Lane, they will suffer tremendous consequences. 

Even if those consequences mean nothing more than being unable to keep up with the enemy. The Champions above are tremendous at what they do, which is only amplified by their incredible level of mobility. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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