Top 5 Most Mobile Supports in League of Legends

Different strokes for different folks. That’s the old saying, isn’t it? There are many ways to do something, and most people just use whatever works. For support champions, it’s very much the same. 

We’ve said it before, but we really want to emphasize that there are many ways to support your team. That includes enchanting them with buffs and heals (the traditional way), being a tanky bruiser, offering CC, and even supporting your team by killing the enemy! 

However, today, we’re going to take a look at some of the most mobile supports in the game. For the purpose of this article, we just want to clarify that we aren’t just talking about raw base movement speed. 

We’re also going to factor in how effectively these support champions can move around the map or navigate around a clash if need be, so keep that in mind as you’re reading our top picks!

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1. Rakan

This shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. Rakan is one of the fastest supports out there, and even when you branch out of that category, he still has the majority of the other champions beat out. 

Not only does he have above-average movement speed, but 3 of his skills offer him some form of mobility. Rakan also naturally gears towards movement speed enhancing items, and include popular item picks such as Shurelya’s Battlesong, Deadman’s Plate, and Turbo Chemtank, among others. 

His Grand Entrance is great for initiating fights. It not only knocks up a potential group of opponents in one go, but it can also be used as an escape tool if you find yourself surrounded with no one to dash to.

Battle Dance is excellent for saving your allies and repositioning. It’s also what makes him so annoying to deal with during a clash. He is able to dash in and out, for a potential maximum of 3 dashes which include his W. 

It becomes even more annoying to deal with when his team members are present, which leaves the enemy team guessing where he might dash towards. 

His ultimate, The Quickness, gives him a massive movement speed bonus and charms everyone affected, which is basically a fancy way of saying he has a group AoE CC built-in that has a very respectable duration. When you put all that together, he can really be a pain to deal with during clashes.

2. Pyke

The Bloodharbor Ripper is as dangerous in Summoner’s Rift as he is underwater. He’s one of the aforementioned champions who supports his team by killing, and the best part is that the allies benefit from the extra gold as well, which often results in his team snowballing, assuming everything goes well. 

As an assassin type of support, it’s only natural to expect he boasts one of the best mobility potentials among his class. To be honest, he needs it, considering how little HP he’s given with no chance to improve it through items, even when you consider the HP regen he gets from skirmishes through Gift of the Drowned Ones

Ghostwater Dive allows him to be unseen by his opponents, which lets him either get away from a bad situation or position himself in a brush for an ambush. The movement speed bonus it offers is also great for moving around a clash and targeting squishy targets. 

Phantom Undertow is excellent for following up Boneskewer with, as it allows you to stun affected opponents after you pull them in. What’s excellent about it is that you actually have a brief window of time to reposition the stun if you feel like you could get a few more targets with it. 

It also dissuades enemies from pursuing you during an escape, as following you would result in them being stunned. Finally, Death from Below is one of the reasons that make him so difficult to deal with during a clash, as finishing off opponents results in his dashing to them. Not only will you rack up kills, but you’ll be zipping around the map so fast, they won’t know how to deal with it. 

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3. Sona

While enchanter support champions like Janna do boast a higher innate movespeed, Sona simply benefits from a spammable movement speed boost very much like Lulu. 

She’s able to dodge in and out of tough situations with Song of Celerity. It gives Sona and her allies a much needed movement speed boost, and the duration extends even longer when Sona takes no damage. 

Sona is a champion that doesn’t really use skillshots besides her ultimate Crescendo. Instead, she focuses on positioning and auras. 

Luckily, her auras count as buffs, which allows her to receive the benefits of items that enhance movement speed during shields and heals, which multiplies even more when you use it with Aery. Overall, her kit is amazing for staying moderately close to the fight while still being safe, and she has more than enough leg power to get out of trouble.

4. Zac

Zac has one of the best non-ultimate initiation tools in League in the form of Elastic Slingshot. The range of this skill is incredible, and it allows you to zip in from unexpected directions. 

Most champions can dash through one or two obstacles, but the distance this skill covers is even more than that when fully charged. When you do get in, it knocks up everyone who is unfortunate enough to be caught within it.

When you follow up that combo with his ultimate skill, Let’s Bounce!, it results in a chain of knockups that can cripple enemies with its additional knock up and slow. 

Much like Rakan’s ultimate skill, this allows you a window of time to reposition yourself in case a champion or two escapes your area of effect. Zac can also use Elastic Slingshot to escape tough spots, but be careful though, as getting stunned during the charge up time can cost you your opportunity to escape.

5. Pantheon

The Unbreakable Spear is a great mobile support, and we’ve seen him more and more in this role recently. He boasts above average movement speed by default, even beating out champions like Lulu and Janna. 

When you pair that with items like Deadman’s Plate, he becomes very fast. His Shield Vault also allows him to quickly jump onto enemies to close the gap, or simply use it to jump onto enemy minions to escape or reposition quickly, though that’s very situational.

What really makes Pantheon a great mobile support, however, has to be his ultimate skill, Grand Starfall. It allows him to quickly respond, set-up, or initiate fights that you would otherwise not be able to make across the map. The cast time has been great too, and just seeing the landing prompt indicator often leaves enemies scrambling to get away. 

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Special Off-Meta Picks: Shen and Galio

Whether or not these 2 are considered off-meta supports is very debatable. In any case, it’s controversial enough for me to add them to this list. They are both tanky supports that have a dash, taunt, and an ultimate that extends to the farthest reaches of Summoner’s Rift. 

While they don’t boast the highest movement speed, the dash and ultimates they provide with Stand Together and Hero’s Entrance make them respond to allies in danger quickly across the map. Just for that, they’ve earned a spot on this list.

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