Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends

Top 10 Most OP overpowered Champions in League of Legends

OP or overpowered is a commonly used term in League of Legends. It is often used in relation to a champion and even an item. The champions that are inherently stronger than the rest are said to be OP. It can be overwhelming to play against such champions.

If you were to name all of the overpowered champions in the game, it would probably need a lot more slots than a top 10 list can offer. We have purposefully not included a lot of the champions that are commonly thought to be overpowered.

The reason behind this is that we have tried to include the champions that have a decent play rate. The champions that get played rarely are not worth mentioning because they are seldom seen.

Every League of Legends player has a different perception of what he considers to be overpowered. So you are free to believe that other champions are more deserving of a spot on this list. At the same time, you can not deny that the champions mentioned below also fall in the OP category.

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Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends DariusTop lane is often categorized by having incredibly strong lane champions. Knowing this it says a lot when you see that Darius has always been the biggest bully of the top lane over the years. Darius is a champion that has a very high kill threat on any other champion in the game.

The champion is extremely strong as he has high damage, self-healing, and an ultimate ability with outrageous damage. Darius can kill the entire enemy team on his if starts getting ultimate resets. Moreover, Darius gets a massive attack damage boost from his passive. This allows him to focus on making defensive items and be incredibly hard to kill for the enemy team.


Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends IreliaIrelia is a champion that has the potential to win any lane matchup. The more mechanically gifted you are in League of Legends, the bigger menace you become as an Irelia player. She is also a flex pick as she can be played in both solo lanes and is even seen in the bot lane from time to time.

The champion has high sustain in lane, insanely high mobility, and extremely high kill threat. Although bruiser champions are able to match her high all-in potential, when she goes to the mid-lane there is rarely anyone that can compete with her. She also scales better than most champions.


Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends ZedThe reason why Zed makes it into this list of OP champions is his lane prowess and potential to dominate the game. Under normal circumstances, he wins all lane matchups against mages pretty easily. Against champions such as Irelia, while Zed is not an out-and-out winner, he is not the loser either. (Adipex)

Zed also has the ability to roam and not let the enemy team’s side lanes have any success in the game. His roaming is effective as has high mobility and multiple gap close abilities as well. His ability to get on top of the enemy carries and delete them also makes him impossible to deal with in team fights.


Top 10 Best Manaless Champions In League Of Legends YoneYone is an absurd champion to play against. He is a strong laner that has decent kill threat on a lot of champions once he gets access to his ultimate. That is not however his main strength. Yone is one of the best scaling champions in the game.

Once he gets his core items, Yone can kill the entire enemy team on his own while staying safe himself via a combination of “Soul Unbound” with his ultimate. He is safe because he can go back to his original position at any time he wishes. Yone also has incredibly high DPS, constant shields, and airbornes available to him.


Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends YasuoYasuo is similar to Yone in a lot of ways. He has constant shields, incredibly high DPS, and knocks up all targets in a line on every third cast of “Steel Tempest”. Yasuo also has high mobility, much like Yone, and can kill multiple people on his own as long as he is able to land knock-ups.

Furthermore, he has the “Windwall”, an ability that blocks all projectiles. Yasuo can essentially make range champions completely useless for some seconds. He is difficult to stop as skill shots are hard to land on him due to his mobility and he can block the other abilities with the Windwall.


Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends LeonaIt is a well-known fact that supports direct the flow of the game at the bot lane. The reason is that supports are the champions with the tools to make plays and ADCs follow up on those plays. This is also why Leona is such a titan in the bot lane.
Leona is a literal truck of crowd control. She is impossibly tanky herself and has three different crowd control spells. Other support champs find it hard to match something so direct and overwhelming. She also dominates teamfights by having unmatched engage potential with her ultimate.

Thresh is a support that is able to match her in the lane and in team fights. The problem is he has a very high skill ceiling if you wish to be effective.


Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends ViegoViego is arguably one of the best blind pick junglers in the game. He is also a timeless champion as his kit is well-rounded and efficient. You have excellent jungle clear, creative gank pathing, and the potential to carry the game on your own.

Virgo is a big problem for the enemy team even without being ahead in the game. He is able to get constant resets and the ability to play the enemy champions to kill their own team. Being fed when the enemy team has Viego can end up backfiring pretty easily.


Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends FioraA champion that has non-stop dashes and healing, the ability to block incoming crowd control, and deals a ton of true damage. Fiora is devastating when put in the right hands. Fiora has no clear losing matchups in the lane. She out scales a majority of bruisers and cuts through tanks effortlessly.

Fiora much like Irelia depends a lot on the player’s ability to pilot her effectively. You need to be able to use “Riposte” efficiently and find continuous hits on vital points to utilize Fiora to the highest capacity. If you are able to do so, this champion has the power to be unstoppable.


Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends KatarinaKatarina possesses insanely high damage and mobility. She stands out from the other assassins by having the ability to deal abnormally high amounts of area of effect damage. Whereas assassins normally focus their damage on single targets. Also, if you keep picking up daggers and getting takedowns Katarina has virtually no cooldowns.

A champion with no cooldowns is virtually unstoppable. Furthermore, you can take almost any build path on the champion. Katarina scales with attack damage as well as ability power and oftentimes you see bruiser builds as well. You can go for whichever build you find to be better suited for the game.


Top 10 Most Overpowered (OP) Champions in League of Legends SeraphineSeraphine is just a very efficient champion. She is easy to play and effective. This champion is strong enough that is constantly being played in three different roles and has a good win rate in each of them. Even in professional play, Seraphine is often a high-priority pick.

She offers excellent support to her team for multiple reasons. Seraphine can constantly buff her own team and heal them. She can charm the entire enemy team and also hit them with crowd controls all the while staying well away from danger herself.

Final Thoughts

We have tried to include overpowered champions of all roles in the above-mentioned list. The only role that did not get any representation is the ADC. This is because ADCs on their own are very rarely oppressive. The support matchup is the deciding factor of an ADCs strength in the game.

In the top 10, we have tried to include the champions that have the simplest game plan. The simpler a champion is to execute, the more effective it is. These champions are also the ones that commonly dominate games all on their own.

Having said that, for any champion to be overpowered the player themselves have to be piloting them at an appreciative level.

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