Top 7 Most Overloaded Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends is a game haunted by an ever-increasing number of overloaded, broken Champions. With how Riot’s design philosophy has been over the recent years, I am sure that we’re only in for more of these insanely convoluted and confusing Champions. 

Since overloaded-ness in Champions is a hot topic today among the community, we saw fit to make a list of the most overloaded Champions currently. Keep in mind that this is a personal opinion of ours, and we’d love to hear what you think about this. 

The comments below, and our mail, are perfect places of leaving feedback. We always read up on it, so make sure to interact with us. Without you, the readers, we’d never be able to make such detailed articles, and all we can is thank you. 

So, without further ado, let’s start with our list! 

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7. Kai’Sa

This overloaded beast is Riot’s most controversial release in League of Legends history, and for good reasons. I won’t go over those reasons now, as some might even poke their heads anyways. I will instead focus on the matter at hand, and we’ll leave detailed explanations and controversies for another day.

Kai’Sa starts the game solidly. However, she will take some time before reaching her full potential. Her spells can evolve, and said evolutions directly rely on itemization. As Kai’Sa gains power from items, so do her spells. She’s meticulously designed to be a scaling hyper carry that will reach her zenith in the late game. 

That is if she doesn’t utterly dominate her Lane. And, spoiler alert, she often does. Despite having a rough start, Kai’Sa is not to be underestimated. Her damage and range are good enough to fight early on, and people shouldn’t be approaching her lightly. Even if you’re far away, Kai’Sa has her W that can chunk you heavily from a vast distance. 

Her team fighting is way more fun than most other ADCs. Kai’Sa has solid AOE damage on a short cooldown on her Q, but that’s not the primary thing. Kai’Sa loves getting up close and personal with enemies, and her Ultimate is designed directly for this. It dashes her towards an opponent, granting a shield in the process. 

She can kill people in split seconds after jumping in front of them. While other ADCs like to run around and kite, she takes the fight to them. With heavy impact, a ton of damage, and general obscenity – Kai’Sa is genuinely a fantastic team fighting ADC. 

I love her, and you will, too. Just go ahead and give her a try – trust me on this one. 

6. Aphelios

Aphelios is undoubtedly my most hated Champion in the game, save for Yasuo. He is the most overloaded, broken, dysfunctional stupid Champion ever to release. With how overloaded he is and how many different mechanics, spells, abilities, etc., he has, difficulty was warranted from the day he was released. I mean, I’ve never even seen a good Aphelios player, and it’s been so long since his release. 

I find the Champion a poor attempt of Riot to copy DOTA’s Invoker, renowned for having a ton of spells and being the most difficult Hero in that game. When you look at everything in general, Aphelios really is the most challenging Champion of League of Legends. I mean, just look at how many different things you’re supposed to learn, master, and utilize to get to play normally.  

And I’m not talking about any deep mechanical requirement – this Champion takes your entire brain just so you can use him for farming creeps. I swear, he is so laughably dumb that I cannot begin to describe everything I think about the guy. 

Riot’s poor man’s attempt to make something purposefully difficult and different has miserably failed and will continue to fail as long as they make Champions which are barred from being used if you don’t spend 100 hours on them. 

I don’t recommend Aphelios to anyone, and this Champion is genuinely the worst of the worst in the game. He has a weak win rate and a small active player base, and I think no one actually mains him. People might say that as a meme, but they don’t really mean it. I’m sorry to any Aphelios fans that might be reading this. I have only one thing to say to you – please quit and move on to some other Champion. 

5. Irelia

Irelia is a Top Lane Bruiser well known for her power and her difficulty. What makes Irelia different from the rest of the crew here is that you can so often be accidentally good with her. She also has a kit that is, at first, simple. There’s a lot of utility, damage, mobility, everything you’d ever need to be a good Fighter. However, the combinations, approach strategies, and everything else about Irelia makes her the most challenging Champions to play. 

It takes a ton more to master Irelia than it does to play her regularly. To unlock her full potential, you will have to play her daily and for many, many games. She can be one of two things – either super powerful or super weak. This will depend directly on your ability to use her kit that is completely overloaded. I’ve sometimes wondered if this Champion was built to be immortal – that’s how crazy it tends to get with her. 

Irelia is an excellent Champion who can go toe to toe with most Bruisers and Fighters on the Top Lane. However, she does fall short against a few of them, and her difficulty doesn’t justify this at all. I mean, who would want to spend 50 hours of their life learning a Champion only to be ravaged by some Darius or Teemo player. That’d for sure make me go insane. 

I don’t know whether or not to recommend Irelia to you, as I don’t think her difficulty justifies her power. With Riven, there is inevitably a tremendous payoff with effort. With Irelia, I don’t think that the same applies. If you want to play her, that’s up to you, but I’d honestly just stay clear and look at something else in the same Class.

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4. Akshan

Akshan’s kit has over 900 words in its description. If that’s not something that screams overloaded on its own, I don’t know what is. Ever since he was released, he has basically plagued the game. Unable to lose most matchups, games with Akhsan are pretty much dead-set in being annoying, excruciatingly frustrating and brutal. 

Akshan has it all – double auto attacks, a huge dash, damage, shields, invisibility – everything one could ever wish for. And to top it all off, he has a blasted passive that RESURRECTS his allies if their killer is slain. I cannot even begin to explain how busted that is, and how overloaded each spell. Like, for God knows what reason, Riot decided to make a manuscript into a Champion.

Every. Single. Thing. About this Champion is so convoluted, complex and inexplicable that I have no intention of making sense of it. Most of the time he resides precisely where he belongs – the ban list. I will avoid this Champion as much as I can in the future, and have in the past. I don’t want to fight things I cannot understand or fathom – and with Akshan I have trouble doing both. 

I don’t recommend this Champion and blasted be anyone who enjoys him. 

3. Jayce

Jayce is the best ranged Top Laner in League of Legends. Yes, there’s Teemo and Vayne, but bear with me. Jayce has the unique capability to switch between stances, and this alone makes him the best. However, the quality of the spells in both stances is robust, and it boosts Jayce to the position of king. 

He can switch between melee and ranged with a single button press and can be challenging to adapt to. You will have to constantly calculate two different ability kits with different utility and uses. 

It can get tedious to do so, annoying even, and Jayce will use that against you. He can be safe and farm/harass from a range, but still a melee Assassin that can all in you and likely one-shot with his Q-W-E combo. 

Whatever he does, he is certainly annoying to the very core. Jayce is super hard to counter with most Champions, but I’ve found success when playing Jax against him. Other ranged Top Laners are good against him but not necessarily counter picks. 

2. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is one of the best Junglers that League of Legends has ever had. He is a blind monk specializing in invading the enemy, stealing all of their buffs and camps, and then annoying the rest of the map with constant ganking. He is a proactive, fun, and enjoyable Champion to play in a seemingly simple kit with lots of depth. 

There’s not too much within his kit but what creates his complex nature is, you’ve guessed it, the reliance on skill shots. Not only this, however. Lee Sin requires a fair amount of methodical and surgically precise gameplay. 

His Q is a great spell, but it does take you close to the enemy. You’ll have to learn and adapt to these spells since you won’t be able to spam them just like that. Getting too close to the wrong enemy can prove a dire mistake, so learning how not to do that is the first step. 

Lee Sin is full of various combinations, mechanics, tactics, strategies, etc. that I don’t even want to mention them all. We’ve all seen the YouTube compilation videos of Lee Sin players outplaying everyone on the map. 

There’s just so much that this Champion can do. It is all locked behind a wall of skill, yes, but the payoff is tremendous once you do get to that level. Lee Sin’s learning progression is an insanely fun ride to go on, and I think you should try it out. 

His gameplay is unique and vastly different from most Champions in the game. He’s a fast, solid, and incredible Champion that everyone loves to hate. His omnipresence around the map will make the enemies cower in fear – something that you can use to improve your advantage further. 

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1. Riven

Riven has, for many years, had the reputation of being the most demanding Champion in League of Legends, period. Her kit is, at first glance, so simple, and yet the complexity and difficulty it carries are immense. 

So immense is this challenge of gameplay that I don’t think there are a dozen good Riven players per server. Honestly, it takes so much time and effort to learn all the meticulously devised mechanics that I can’t even recommend you do it. 

Her performance on and off the Lane directly depends on your ability to play her. I know that is usually the case with many other Champions, but it doesn’t hinder you as much as others. You might be learning along the way and getting better as you go. 

With Riven, it takes a ton of hard work and practice to get things done, as there are frame-perfect, split-second combos that you have to learn, and it does get tedious at times.

When in the hands of the right player, however, Riven becomes one of the most potent Champions ever to have graced the fields of the Summoner’s Rift. She can dominate the entire game singlehandedly and drive you insane with her might. 

She has everything she needs – CC, mobility, and a crapload of damage. At times, when a good Riven gets fed, I just wonder how that Champion even got made. Her power justifies her difficulty, and achieving those levels of might shouldn’t be an easy endeavor. 

At the end of the day, Riven is a fantastic Champion with immense strength that is, fortunately, or unfortunately, locked behind a wall of challenging and excruciatingly tricky gameplay. If you manage to learn and master this Champion by some chance, you’re certainly in for a treat, and you won’t be needing my help any longer for anything. 


There are many overloaded Champions and not all of them are on this list. Riot Games needs to rapidly change their approach to designing and releasing Champions, lest they want to make the game unplayable. I play League of Legends for the fun, not to read entire pages upon pages of ability descriptions. Let’s hope they hear our complaints and adapt accordingly. 

I hope you’ve found this list informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift! 

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