Top 10 Most Popular Champions in League of Legends

Top 10 Most Popular Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has no shortage of unique characters and exciting-to-play picks. And while there are over 150 champions in the game right now, not all of them are on the same pedestal. Some champions are widely beloved and enjoyed by nearly all players. And some champions are generally hated, even without a good reason. So in this post, I’ll go over the 10 most popular champions in LoL from the beginning of the game up to this point!

Keep in mind that it’s totally possible for your champion to not be on the list. After all, we all have different tastes and playstyles when it comes to LoL. Some of us like assassins, and some of us only play mages.

However, the 10 champions I’ve chosen here are the most popular ones in LoL, not only because I say so. I’ve actually looked at the data behind their pick and ban rate, as well as their general status within the League community.

So, take a look at the top 10 most popular champions in LoL!

1. Ezreal

Ezreal Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

Ezreal is statistically the most played and the most beloved champion in League of Legends. It doesn’t matter whether you are an ADC main or not; chances are that you enjoy playing Ezreal. He’s quite a fun character to be close to, and he constantly says cheesy and funny lines such as:

“Name’s Ezreal. E-Z-… oh, you’re dead.”

A big reason why Ezreal is such a famous champion is the fact that he is an all-skillshots champion. It takes focus and skill to carry as Ezreal, so he always gives you a reason to try harder. In short, he is a difficult to master but very fun champion to play. And most people love him!

2. Lee Sin

Lee Sin Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

The second on this list is Lee Sin. Since the beginning of League of Legends, Lee Sin has been the favorite champion of nearly all junglers on the Rift. And why shouldn’t he be? Lee Sin is perhaps the most interesting champion to play and has 4 fun abilities combined into one brilliant champion design!

The thing that most people love about Lee Sin is the fact that this champion is simply unlimited. You can play him for years, yet there will always be something to improve and work on.

For example, you can start by practicing the Insec kick. You can then dedicate time to the Flash kick. And then you can work on your Ghost kick. There are multiple builds and ways to play this champion, so it’s always fun to jump into a game with him!

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3. Thresh

Thresh Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

Thresh is, to this day, the most unique and the most influential pick in the support role. Thresh paved the way for a new support playstyle that still has the name “carry supports” when he first came out. And in season 12, Thresh is still the reigning king of popularity among the support champions.

Thresh has multiple things that make him fun. First of all, his Q is an awesome hook-like ability that gives 9999 satisfaction when you aim at an enemy champion. And his lantern is one of the greatest spells invented in League of Legends. But all of his abilities fit Thresh’s champion design perfectly, and we’ll always find him exciting, no matter the meta!

4. Leona

Leona Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

Next, we have Leona! As much as Thresh is unique in the support role, Leona is the very opposite. She is a standard tank support champion that has never been reworked or changed in any significant way. Leona is simply always powerful and able to carry games by constantly setting up kills for her teammates.

If you’ve ever played Leona, then you know how fun it is to always be the aggressor in the lane. You are the one that dictates the flow of the laning phase, and you’re the one that needs to engage first. Flying forward with your E and stunning the enemy ADC so your partner can take the kill can’t be replaced, honestly!

People seem to love her playstyle, and that’s why Leona is one of the most popular champions in LoL!

5. Lux

Lux Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

Back in the day, before champions like Zoe or Vex existed, Lux was the only long-ranged mage we had in League of Legends besides Xerath. She’s always been such an exciting character to play, thanks to her wonderful ability mechanics.

Anyone who enjoys playing mages in LoL should give Lux a chance. She can be played both as an AP carry and as a support mage. She works well with most team compositions, so you can fit her everywhere.

All of Lux’s abilities have a low cooldown, and you can practically spam them, which is always fun. And you can use her ultimate to snipe enemies from a safe distance. All in all, a great champion to enjoy League of Legends with!

6. Vayne

 Vayne Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

Besides Ezreal, Vayne has also been one of the most played ADCs. And unlike Ezreal, Vayne is also played in the top lane, especially as a counter to tanks and melee bruisers. 

Vayne has an extremely high skill cap, which means that you must put a lot of time and effort into practicing her before you can actually play her on a decent level. However, Vayne is also highly rewarding if you do know how to play her. And that makes her a very interesting champion to spend your time with.

People also love the fantasy behind Vayne’s playstyle. She is a shadow hunter that uses tricks like tumble to avoid her enemies and only strike them from a distance. And playing her like that feels very satisfying to most players!

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7. Yasuo

Yasuo Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

Yasuo is a “special” case on this list because he is one of the most hated and most popular champions in LoL. The reason why he is hated is that not too many players are actually good at playing him. And the reason why they love him is that playing Yasuo is a total blast, no matter how good you are.

Yasuo has multiple dashes, a wind wall to block abilities, a tornado, and a game-winning ultimate. But he became so popular because he was the first samurai character we ever received in LoL. He embodies so many characters that we love from anime, which is one of the biggest connections why players love Yasuo.

8. Irelia

Irelia Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

Irelia has been a part of League of Legends since the very beginning. And even before her rework, she was one of the most popular top lane picks in the game. Currently, Irelia is a much more difficult champion to play, but that’s why she is even more fun too!

Irelia is a blade dancer, a creating plays with her often feels like doing art. Connecting two blades to stun your enemies and dashing all around with your Q feels very satisfying. People love the fact that they can outplay nearly anyone as Irelia, so they play her a lot too! 

9. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

Miss Fortune is another ADC champion with skyrocketing popularity in League of Legends. And even though she’s never been reworked and has a fairly simplistic ability kit, we simply love playing her!

The most satisfying part of playing Miss Fortune is her ultimate, Bullet Time. This has always been one of the scariest abilities in the game, simply because it can kill all 5 enemy opponents if used correctly. We often play Miss Fortune just for the chance to score a pentakill with her R. And even though it doesn’t happen every game, we’re satisfied with double and triple kills too!

10. Lucian

Lucian Top Most Popular Champion in League of Legends

And in the last place, we have Lucian. Lucian has been such an instrumental part of the marksmen’s design that we often see him as a primary example of how these types of champions should be created.

Lucian was released during season 3. And since then, he’s been one of the most fun ADCs to play. His passive, which allows him to double-shot after every ability, is simply awesome. His dash is a fantastic tool for avoiding damage, and his ultimate is loaded with an insane amount of damage.

Lucian is the original gunner on Summoner’s Rift, and he’ll remain to be so in the years to come!

Those are the top 10 most popular champions in LoL!

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