Top 5 Most Squishy Champions in League of Legends

You’ve most likely heard the term squishy many times throughout your League of Legends experience. But what does it mean, exactly?

Well, being squishy is the exact opposite of being tanky. To put it in simple terms, a squishy Champion has low Health and overall low defenses. This makes them a sort of liability for the team, requiring constant attention and protection from all kinds of dangers. 

The biggest threat for a squishy Champion is an Assassin, and Assassins love to see someone that can’t fend for themselves. 

Squishy Champions are usually the ones with the most damage in the team, i.e., most ADCs, and protecting them means everything. 

There are many Champions in the game that are considered squishy by nature. But which ones are the most squishy? Well, in this list, I’ve compiled just that. 

I used two simple stats to determine the squishiness of the Champions listed: Base HP and HP at level 18. Though not the only determining factor, Health is the most important of all at survivability.  

So, let us begin. 

5. Lulu

Base HP: 525

HP at 18: 1783

Lulu is one of those supports that you just hate to see in the opposing team. The infamous duo of Lulu and Yasuo Bot is an annoying combination that shouldn’t exist. But I digress. 

Lulu is, thankfully, easy to deal with. That is to say, she doesn’t Ult herself, which can make her pretty beefy. But due to the rest of her stats being relatively poor and her usual builds not covering much anyways, the extra Health she gets from the Ult makes no difference. 

She can influence fights tremendously as a good Ult can change the course of the entire battle. Taking advantage of her squishy nature, you should focus on picking her off before engaging in a proper team fight. 

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4. Nami

Base HP: 490

HP at 18: 1748

Next up is the squishy support fish woman thing that really pisses me off, and likely, she pisses you off too. 

She has a kit that can buff her ADC’s attacks, heal them while doing damage to you, and she can knock you up with not one but two spells. One of them is her Ult, so it does have a delay between casts, but when Ability Haste is stacking up in the late game, it becomes more frequent than you’d like. 

As with our previous contender (and everyone on this list), she dies quickly and easily. She can be a pain in the ass if she tries to escape, especially if her spells are up. This can make you chase her for quite a while, wasting precious time on her. If you’re playing a Champion that cannot close the gap and take her out, try and zone her to render her kit useless in any broader capacity. 

I also recommend going for any Grievous Wounds item against her, such as Morellonomicon or Chempunk Chainsword.

3. Sona 

Base HP: 480

HP at 18: 1789

Barely different in defense from our previous contender, Sona is a forgotten Champion that rarely anyone plays anymore. 

The reason for this is the release of Seraphine, which significantly impacted Sona’s playability as Seraphine offered everything she does, and then some. 

I won’t lament for too long for Champions of bygone eras. If you, by any chance, see Sona in your game, you will have to apply similar tactics as when dealing against Nami. 

Sona can buff her allies with extra movement speed, extra damage on basic attacks, and substantial heals. She also has a solid Ultimate that lets her CC your entire team if aimed correctly. 

All of this, and more, warrants a quick kill on this squishy singing support. Apart from that, Grievous Wounds is also recommended to limit her healing potential. 

2. Janna

Base HP: 500

HP at 18: 1690

The second place deservedly falls on this embodiment of a weather forecast. This Champion loves her wind, and it will definitely hurt your brain to deal with her whenever she casts it. 

Knock-ups, heals, slows, and a fantastic knockback Ultimate – she has it all to apply severe CC and restore her allies’ strength momentarily. 

She dies very fast, though. It won’t take you more than a Q-W-E combo with Zed to completely obliterate her from the face of the Earth. Watch out for that Ultimate, as she can send you back flying at the press of a button. 

My recommended tactic for her is – Bait her Ultimate, so she cannot stop you from engaging her, and then all in her to send her back to the Fountain. This will make the team fights a lot easier for your side, as she won’t heal them in her notorious ways. 

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1. Yuumi

Base HP: 480

Hp at 18: 1670

You all knew this was coming. Yuumi is League of Legends’ famous AFK Champion, and that classification itself tells you many things. I shall explain in a bit more detail as to why this Champion ranks number 1. 

Yuumi has quite literally no health, neither in the early or the late game. She is the thirdlowest HP Champion in general, coming just closely behind Kled and Gnar. Both of these Champions have some other HP source to substantiate their lower Base – Kled has his lizard with separate HP and scaling, while Gnar has his Mega Gnar form. 

Yuumi has none of that. What she does have, however, is the ability to become totally untargetable and invulnerable when attached to an allied Champion.  

This means that she has no real need for defense. Her kit is built on supporting and healing allies. She also applies heavy CC on enemies from her safe place. There is nothing that can help her out defense-wise if her ally happens to die. 

Yes, she can hop to another nearby ally, but even seconds of vulnerability is incredibly dangerous for this little cat. 

She is the easiest to kill Champion no matter if you are an Assassin or not. You’ll feel like you’re delivering a mercy kill and probably feel sorry for it. 


We can see that all of the Champions on this list are supports, a role that is perhaps the hardest to play correctly. You will have to shield your other squishy allies – the ADC – and somehow remain on the offensive to dish out CC on the enemy. Being such an easy target for high damage enemy Assassins makes playing support an intense task that requires good mental capacity. 

Do you like playing support – or is your favorite thing annihilating them with three spells? Don’t miss out on letting us know. We always love to hear what you think. 

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