Top 5 Most Toxic League Of Legends Players

League of Legends and toxicity go hand in hand. Anyone who has spent time playing a few hundred games has probably experienced a taste of this toxicity. 

Content Creators are no different in this regard. While a lot of streamers are known for their skills, some just earned a name for themselves by having an over-the-top toxic personality.

Some of the most toxic players to ever play League of Legends include popular names like Tyler1, RATIRL, Ap0calypse, DarkwinJax and PornstarZilean. These players initially gained their fanbase for their rude behavior in the game or on their streams.

Today we will take a look at the profiles of these players and judge how their behavior used to be in the past and how much it has changed today. This article does not promote toxicity but serves as an example to stay away from it.

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RATIRL is one of the most renowned personalities in the EUW League of Legends community. Often referred to as ‘Anton’, RATIRL is a high elo player who first became famous for his skills on the champion Twitch. He was a part of the infamous “L9” group on EUW.


RATIRL also gained popularity for being a booster. Around Season 4, various accounts with extremely high win rates on Twitch Jungler started popping up in high elo. This boosting service, combined with his L9 association made me notorious across the server, with multiple people adding L9 to their names to show their interest in this matter.

While originally he was suspected to be scripting because of his mechanical skills, these doubts were dispelled as soon as he started streaming and proved that he, in fact, is a very skilled player.

RATIRL earns a large amount of money from his stream donations on Twitch TV. He doesn’t like to spend it on extravagant things (except his car) and lives with his parents in Sweden. He is known for receiving a lot of subscribers for his popular emotes. These emotes are based on Pepe the Frog but are drawn to look like rats. He also sold cups with these emotes printed on them.

Current State

RATIRL is currently one of the most famous League of Legends streamers. He streams without a camera, and sometimes without a mic and his infamous playlist playing in the background. He gets a lot of ‘gifters’, people who gift a large number of subscriptions to his channel. While he has been involved in drama with various streamers, he is on good terms with a lot of them including Drututt, Thebausffs, YamatosDeath, Fencebarcode, and IWillDominate.

4. Ap0calypse


Commonly known as “Ap0”, Ap0calypse was originally known to be an extremely toxic high elo player. He was also one of the four members of L9. He was known for playing Mordekaiser all day, every day. But ever since the Mordekaiser rework, he stopped playing it and switch to Janna.


Ap0calypse based his entire identity on being edgy and over the top toxic to everyone else. He had a complete disregard for respect towards himself and anyone else. He tried his absolute best to make others feel threatened and miserable, for no purpose than to satisfy his own ego.

Ap0calypse was known for being extremely racist, offensive, and generally unpleasant in every interaction. Occasionally, whenever he streamed, he was drunk and kept using racist remarks like calling people ‘black’ as an insult and using the n-word. 

Despite receiving permanent bans, he kept making new accounts and reaching high elo with them.

He was involved in a controversy where he expressed attractiveness toward a champion in the game because “she look[s] 14”. 

He was friends with RATIRL until he sold all of RATIRL’s old accounts without his permission, and the two have allegedly barely spoken since then. There were rumors that he had died but they have been long since disproven.

Current State

In recent years, Ap0calypse can be found playing Janna in high challenger games. In Season 

10, he was the Rank 1 player on the EUW ladder for the longest time and finished the Season while holding his title. Currently, although not entirely reformed, his behavior has improved by quite a large margin.

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3. PornstarZilean


PornstarZilean, simply referred to as PSZ, is a high elo Draven player. He was known for his high mechanical skills on the champion Draven. He was known for inventing the infamous ‘Disco Nunu’ inting strategy and trolling multiple people including Gross Gore with it.


PornstarZilean used to play Draven in high elo, often duo with someone else. One of his duo was OPShaco, a Shaco one trick in high elo. The duo was notorious for ‘running it down’ in games and inting games by troll-picking champions. He has been permanently banned multiple times

PornstarZilean’s Disco Nunu strategy became famous when he would pick Nunu with Clairvoyance and Clarity, buy Red Trinket and boots, and then walk to mid lane. 

He would then stand in the middle of the lane and use his Red Trinket and Summoner Spells while dancing with his champion to create a Disco-like environment.

Not much is known about his personality. For most of his career, he played with a mic and camera. PornstarZilean also reached Rank 1 playing Draven and Karthus with an impressive win rate. He used to duo with Ap0calpyse as well, where the duo would go to bot lane with Draven and Janna and destroy their competition.

Current State

In the last couple of years, PornstarZilean was streaming occasionally with a camera but no microphone. He would play his “Ear R*pe” music, loved by his fans, at a very high volume. 

He was still playing Draven and Karthus until few months ago when he disappeared and didn’t stream on his main channel ever since. He was still seen duo’ing with some people on the ranked ladder.

2. Darkwinjax


DarkwinJax is a recognizable name for high elo players. He was an extremely toxic player who had multiple accounts banned for toxicity. His DarkwinJax account accumulated over 1000 reports in the span of 375 games. He was described on the forums in the following terms:

“The DarkwinJax account established the highest harassment score ever recorded on the EU West server. No player, before or since, has matched this degree of negative behavior. In game chat, Abusagr has threatened to physically injure players, including a Riot employee.”


He was a professional player for ‘Team Solo Mebdi’ with Nukeduck, Jensen and Yamatocannon. His username back then was ‘StunnedandSlayed’. DarkwinJax was known for his extreme toxicity in SoloQ and for “operating under multiple banned accounts”.

Team Solo Mebdi was on its way to compete in the offline qualifiers for the 2013 EU LCS Spring Offline Qualifiers when they received news that would cause the team to dissolve. DarkwinJax, along with Jensen (called Veigodx), was indefinitely banned from competing in any Riot affiliated League of Legends tournament. Yamatocannon’s official statement on this matter can be read here.

Current State

Currently, DarkwinJax is a retired professional player who plays mainly Master Yi jungle in high elo. He has apologized for his actions in the past and now he occasionally streams on Twitch Tv. He is known for attempting various challenges on new accounts. In these challenges, he attempts to get high elo without getting banned for toxicity or without flaming his teammates. 

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1. Tyler1


Anyone who has heard of League of Legends has probably heard of Tyler1. He is probably the most famous League of Legends streamer from NA. He was known to be extremely toxic in the past which lead to an indefinite ban that lasted from 2016 to 2018.


Until 2016, Tyler1 was a fairly high elo player on the NA server, known for his toxicity on the rift. He used to sabotage games if he didn’t like a player on his team. He would cover his map with the letters “KYS” and would intentionally feed the game if anyone else picked ADC. This led to about 22 unique accounts of his being banned.

On April 30, 2016, Tyler1 was announced to be indefinitely banned from owning any League of Legends account for his history of verbal abuse. This lead to Tyler1 branching off to other form of content to keep his stream alive as any account he would show himself playing on stream would get banned.

In January 2018, Tyler1 was unbanned by Riot Games and his first stream peaked at 382,000 viewers. He retained a fair amount of those viewers and continued to play League of Legends for multiple hours a day.

Current State

In recent years, Tyler1 held his Tyler1 Championship Series (TCS) which was very popular among high elo players. He also reached Challenger on NA with every single role as of 2023. 

He was signed by T1 as a contact creator until the two parted ways recently. He still remains one of the most-watched League of Legends streamers.


While toxicity is a rampant issue in the League of Legends community, it goes without saying that there are better ways of dealing with it than to feed into it. 

If you encounter toxic behavior in the game, please make sure to mute those players and remember that no game should make you bring out your worst self.

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