Mr. Beast League of Legends: All to Know

Mr. Beast League of Legends: All to Know
Mr. Beast League of Legends: All to Know

The widely followed and highly influential YouTuber Jimmy “MrBeast” Donaldson surprised his legions of fans when he posted on his Instagram story that the online multiplayer battle arena video game League of Legends is currently his absolute favorite game to play in his spare time – which is not entirely surprising given that League of Legends has become the game of choice for many top content creators and gamers around the world thanks to its competitive gameplay and vibrant esports scene.
This article will explore the relationship between YouTube sensation MrBeast and the game League of Legends. We’ll discuss details including his current skill level, favored playstyle and champions, participation in casual League of Legends events, and speculation about him potentially investing in a professional LoL team.

What Is Mr Beast’s Rank in League of Legends?

As of today’s date and according to the data, Mr Beast is currently Unranked in League of Legends. However, his peak rank is Gold 4 in Season 11.

Mr Beast Rank in Season 4: Silver 5

Mr Beast Rank in Season 5: Bronze 3

Mr Beast Rank in Season 7: Bronze 4

Mr Beast Rank in Season 9: Silver 4

Mr Beast Rank in Season 10: Silver 3

Mr Beast Rank in Season 11: Gold 4

Mr Beast Rank in Season 12: Silver 2

Mr Beast is playing League of Legends just for fun in his spare time rather than seriously trying to climb the ranked ladder, so there is little chance of him reaching the highest tiers, but improving his skills and rankings likely isn’t a priority for the busy YouTuber who has plenty of other projects and responsibilities to focus on.

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What Is Mr Beast’s Role in League of Legends?

In his recent casual gameplay of League of Legends, MrBeast has favored the Support role, opting to play champions that provide healing, shielding, or other utility for teammates rather than dealing damage himself, allowing him to enable allies from behind the frontlines, which fits his playstyle and team-oriented approach, though he may switch roles to keep games fun and fresh.

Based on statistics from the popular League of Legends profile tracker, the champion that MrBeast seems to enjoy playing the most in his recent matches is Pyke. Mr Beast is also comfortable playing such champions as Leona, Morgana, Amumu, and other support champions.

For those interested, MrBeast’s League of Legends summoner name is MrBeast on the North American servers, and his OP.GG profile showing his match history, rankings, and champion stats can be found at MrBeast .

What Is Mr Beast’s Role in League of Legends?

Mr Beast Participation in LoL eSports

In a past promotional event, Amazon Prime Day organized a gaming tournament called Ultimate Crown that included teams led by popular streamers MrBeast and Ninja, with MrBeast’s squad consisting of Voyboy, Mizkif, Yassuo, Emiru, and himself, while Ninja’s team was comprised of Tyler1, Sapnap, Ninja, Doublelift, and Ludwig.

MrBeast’s team dominated the much-anticipated showdown against Ninja’s squad, sweeping them 2-0 to claim the 2023 Ultimate Crown title and a grand prize of $150,000 in decisive fashion.

Here is the link to the tournament:

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Mr Beast Participation in LoL eSports

Mr Beast Wants to Buy LCS Team

During the 2023 League of Legends World Championship analyst desk segments, there was intriguing speculation that MrBeast may be looking to purchase an LCS team. As one of the most popular and successful YouTubers with plenty of capital, he certainly has the resources to buy into the North American league. MrBeast has expressed his enjoyment of League lately, so it’s not implausible he might explore LCS team ownership.

With his business savvy and creativity, MrBeast could potentially re-invigorate an LCS brand. His social media presence and production skills could bring fresh energy and content concepts. Of course, running an esports organization is highly complex and competitive. But if MrBeast is seriously interested, his involvement would be exciting for the LCS.

“That would be really good for the LCS” Doublelift said while commenting on the rumors of MrBeast purchasing an LCS franchise spot. “Do you guys understand how insanely good for the LCS it would have been?” Reference (04:23)

Doublelift’s enthusiastic words underline the enormous potential upside for the LCS if MrBeast did in fact buy into the league – the superstar streamer’s massive popularity, promotional skills, and content creativity could be game-changing for energizing fans and bringing fresh ideas to revitalize North American League of Legends.

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Final Words

In summary, while Mr. Beast is currently not highly ranked in League of Legends, his recent love for the game has sparked interest and discussion in the League community. His participation in casual play and influencer tournaments provides entertainment for fans.

The speculation about Mr. Beast potentially buying an LCS franchise stokes excitement about the future of the North American league. For now, it seems the popular YouTuber is enjoying League simply for fun as a way to unwind. But his innate drive and knack for viral success suggest that if MrBeast truly dedicates himself to mastering League of Legends or makes a big investment in professional play, he could take the gaming world by storm once again and open up even more opportunities that seamlessly combine content creation with his first passion of gaming.

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