Mr. Beast wants to create his own League of Legends team

Mr. Beast recently revealed his 'life goal' to own a professional League of Legends team. Here's how he will do it.

One of the most popular YouTubers, Jimmy ‘Mr. Beast Donaldson, recently revealed his ‘life goal’ to own a professional League of Legends team in the near future.

Mr. Beast has more than 45 million subscribers on his YouTube channel, and we’re pretty sure that his League of Legends team will be a massive promotion of the game in the entire world. He has always been a great fan of League, and on October 28, he claimed that League of Legends is “honestly the best game ever created.”

Since the majority of major leagues are currently franchised or are about to become franchised, there’s a high chance that Mr. Beast would find a team with an existing slot.

Once they saw his tweet, many of the top League personalities have reached out to Mr. Beast. Fnatic’s CEO, Sam Matthes, was one of the first people to reach to him. He has offered Jimmy a chance to “own a piece of Fnatic”, but Mr. Beast politely denied and then made a joke that Fnatic could be a huge competitor to his future team.

He has also been contacted by the likes of G2 Esports’ CEO Carlos ‘Ocelote’ Rodriguez and many others.

We still don’t know when Mr. Beast will start investing in a League of Legends team or which team he will choose, so it seems that the only thing we can do is to be patient until he makes an announcement.

Written by Spezzy

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