It’s a back and forth: LOL removes Tower Rubble

It's a back and forth: LOL removes Tower Rubble

The new added “Tower Rubble” mechanic in League of Legends was not liked well by the players. Now it gets removed.

“Tower Rubble” was added in December

When Riot Games introduced updates to the long-standing ARAM game mode for their popular online game, League of Legends, the introduction of a new mechanic called “Tower Rubble” significantly altered the dynamics of the Howling Abyss map. In December’s milestone update, the first comprehensive revision in nearly a decade, the destruction of turrets now results in debris littering the center of the lane. This strategic change presents a whole new range of tactical possibilities and challenges for players navigating the battlefield. The addition of Tower Rubble necessitates adapting previously mastered strategies, ensuring that both novice and experienced players alike must carefully consider their movements and positioning to outmaneuver their opponents in this ever-evolving game.

The players don’t like the new mechanic

Despite the innovative concept of tower rubble, players were less than enthusiastic about its impact on gameplay. The primary issue voiced by the gaming community was the heavy choke point it created on the map, which significantly hindered the teamfight dynamics that had become emblematic of the mode. Realizing the potential negative effects on game experience, a considerable portion of the player base urged Riot to rethink the space occupied by tower rubble.

Riot’s chief game mode director confirms: “Tower Rubble” will be removed

In a recent announcement, Daniel “Maxw3ll” Emmons, Riot’s chief game mode director, took to Twitter to share some valuable updates regarding the upcoming game patches. Players of the popular online game can expect significant changes as he confirmed that Tower Rubble will be removed from the ARAM mode in either patch 13.5 or 13.6. This decision comes as a strategic move by the developers, as they continuously strive to enhance the gaming experience for their loyal fan base.

Riot Games reacted to the massive backlash the “Tower Rubble” mechanics caused. Now it will be removed. With the imminent changes on the horizon, players should gear up for an invigorated and dynamic gaming experience that is yet to unfold.

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