Champion Mastery: LoL’s Reward System Explained

Champion Mastery: LoL's Reward System Explained

The Champion Mastery system in League of Legends rewards dedicated players for their performance and commitment to specific champions. Gain insight into this unique reward system, which acknowledges expertise and encourages improvement. Discover how to earn points, unlock mastery levels, and showcase your hard-earned badges of honor.

Author: Captn Jack / Jack Miller

Mastery Levels and Scoring

The Champion Mastery system features seven levels of mastery, with each level requiring a higher point total to unlock. Players earn points based on their performance in matches and their contribution to their team’s success. An S-, S, or S+ ranking at the end of a game signifies an exceptional performance, rewarding players with the most points.

Mastery Badges and Emotes

As players progress through the mastery levels, they can unlock badges and emotes that showcase their dedication to a specific champion. These visual tokens of achievement can be displayed in-game, on the loading screen, and on the end-of-game screen, serving as a reminder of their hard work and commitment to improving their skills.

Hextech Crafting and Tokens

In addition to earning points through regular gameplay, players can also obtain Mastery Tokens through Hextech Crafting. These tokens can be combined with a specific amount of Blue Essence or Champion Shards to upgrade a champion’s mastery level. Players receive tokens for achieving an S- or higher rank in a game, and the number of tokens required to upgrade varies depending on the desired mastery level.

The Prestigious Level 7 Mastery

The highest tier of the Champion Mastery system is Level 7, reserved for the most dedicated and skilled players. To reach this pinnacle, players must earn three Mastery 7 Tokens and combine them with 600 Blue Essence or a Champion Shard. Achieving Level 7 Mastery represents a player’s commitment to perfecting their skills with a specific champion, demonstrating their expertise and perseverance.

The Champion Mastery system in League of Legends provides a unique and engaging way for players to showcase their dedication and skill with specific champions. By earning points, unlocking mastery levels, and displaying hard-earned badges and emotes, players can take pride in their achievements and strive for continuous improvement. As the game continues to evolve, the Champion Mastery system serves as a reminder of the hard work, commitment, and passion that fuels the League of Legends community.

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