Diablo 5 on the Horizon? Blizzard Eyes New Release After Diablo 4’s Lukewarm Reception.

Diablo 5 on the Horizon? Blizzard Eyes New Release After Diablo 4's Lukewarm Reception.

Fresh rumors suggest the wait for the next Diablo installment might not be a long one.

Diablo 4 might’ve just hit the shelves, but Blizzard might already be mulling over their next big move. And the net’s losing its collective mind. 🎮

The Short-lived Hype of Diablo 4

Just months post-release, and already the steam seems to be running out. Diablo 4 lost its initial mojo, despite a promising launch. But what really happened? Fans are left wondering if the hype was just overinflated or if the game lost its charm.

The Tweet that Shook the Gaming World

On August 14, 2023, Mike Ybarra, Blizzard’s president, dropped a tiny bombshell. His tweet hinted that fans “won’t have to wait as long between titles”. Did he accidentally spill the beans on Diablo 5? Speculations are running with What Gamers Are Expecting from Diablo 5?

With all the buzz around this potential next title, it’s hard not to get pumped. But what could Diablo 5 offer that Diablo 4 didn’t? Only time will tell.

Blizzard has clear plans to support Diablo 4 over the coming years, with major expansions in the works. A potential Diablo 5 might be years away, but one thing’s for sure: the gaming world will be watching closely.


Amidst all the gossip and anticipation, one can only hope Blizzard has something stellar up their sleeve. Until then, players can only speculate and delve deeper into the current world of Diablo 4.

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