Disguised Toast Shakes Up Esports with New LoL Team in NACL

Disguised Toast Shakes Up Esports with New LoL Team in NACL

Renowned streamer Disguised Toast is making headlines once again, this time for his latest venture into the world of competitive League of Legends. Speculation about his involvement started swirling just two days ago, and now it’s official—the Toast takeover is real.

Author: Ivan Lovre Marusic (Spezzy)

Riot Games Announces NACL Teams for Summer Split

Riot Games, the creators of League of Legends, recently unveiled the lineup for the North American Challengers League (NACL) 2023 Summer Split. Among the ten competing teams, Disguised Toast’s organization will make its mark in the burgeoning esports scene. This move comes after his successful foray into the competitive VALORANT space earlier this year.

Toast’s Strategic Silence on Lineup Reveals

Although Toast has been teasing his involvement in professional League of Legends since May 22, he has yet to disclose the roster for his upcoming team. Fans and esports enthusiasts are eagerly awaiting the announcement, speculating about the potential star players that Toast may recruit.

 A New Opportunity for Rising NA Talent

With the recent departure of seven LCS organizations from the region’s tier-two scene, Toast has a plethora of talented players to choose from. Promising prospects such as Sniper, formerly of 100 Thieves Challengers, and Lost, formerly of TSM, are available for selection this summer. Even Tenacity, the former top laner for 100 Thieves, took to social media to jokingly respond to Toast’s inquiry. However, Tenacity has shifted his focus to content creation, leaving the stage for others to shine.

In his typical fashion, Toast’s large and devoted fan base is expected to bring significant attention to the NACL. The league, which has been struggling with development and growth in recent times, is in dire need of support. Disguised Toast’s involvement is a glimmer of hope, injecting much-needed excitement into the NA esports scene.


Disguised Toast, the beloved streamer, is set to make a splash in the competitive League of Legends world as he assembles his own team for the North American Challengers League. With his previous success in VALORANT, Toast’s venture into the realm of professional LoL is eagerly anticipated by fans and industry insiders alike. As the NACL faces challenges and doubts about its future, the arrival of Disguised Toast brings a ray of hope, promising to revitalize and support the league in its quest to cultivate North American talent.


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