Exciting Upcoming Games to Watch for in April 2023

Exciting Upcoming Games to Watch for in April 2023

Gamereactor.de shares a list of highly anticipated games set for release in April 2023. Get ready for a month filled with gaming excitement.

By Spezzy (Ivan Lovre Marusic)

Elden Ring: Shadows Die Twice

Gamereactor.de highlights Elden Ring: Shadows Die Twice as one of the most anticipated games launching in April 2023. This action RPG, developed by FromSoftware, is expected to expand on the intricate world-building and challenging gameplay mechanics of the original Elden Ring, providing fans with an immersive and engaging experience.

Forza Horizon 6: New Adventures

Forza Horizon 6 promises to deliver a fresh and exhilarating racing experience. The game will showcase new locations, cars, and events, giving players the opportunity to explore diverse landscapes and environments while competing in adrenaline-pumping races.

Beyond Good & Evil 2

After years of anticipation, Beyond Good & Evil 2 is finally set to release in April 2023. This sequel to the critically acclaimed 2003 game will continue the story of Jade and her friends as they uncover conspiracies and secrets in a sprawling, interconnected world. Players can expect an engaging narrative, intriguing characters, and innovative gameplay mechanics.

Crimson Desert

Crimson Desert, an open-world action-adventure game developed by Pearl Abyss, is another title that gamers should keep an eye on. Set in a vast, medieval-inspired world, Crimson Desert will feature an immersive story, stunning visuals, and a deep combat system that challenges players to master various fighting styles and tactics.

April 2023 is shaping up to be an exciting month for gaming enthusiasts, with several highly anticipated titles scheduled for release. Elden Ring: Shadows Die Twice, Forza Horizon 6, Beyond Good & Evil 2, and Crimson Desert are just a few of the games that players should watch out for. These releases promise to deliver engaging gameplay experiences and captivating stories, ensuring that April 2023 will be a month to remember for gamers everywhere.


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