Exciting New Features Unveiled in Latest Xbox Console Update

Exciting New Features Unveiled in Latest Xbox Console Update

The latest Xbox console update for May 2023 is now available in Germany, Austria, and Switzerland, offering Xbox gamers an enhanced gaming experience. With valuable feedback from the community, Xbox continues to improve its platform, introducing new features and improvements. Let’s delve into the exciting updates that come with the May 2023 console update.

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New Xbox Gamertags Integration with Discord

Finding and connecting with friends on Xbox has become even easier. By linking their Discord account with Xbox, gamers can now directly join their Discord server’s voice channels from their console. Additionally, the Xbox Gamertags of Discord friends will be displayed while connected via Xbox and Discord Voice. This integration allows for quicker friend-finding and effortless invitations to join multiplayer gaming sessions.

Enhanced Sort and Filter Options on Microsoft Store

Searching for the next favorite game in the Microsoft Store on Xbox has been made simpler than ever before. The new update introduces a wide array of filtering and sorting options. Players can now sort and filter games based on various criteria such as price, subscriptions, available languages, accessibility features, and more. With these options, every player can easily discover their perfect game.

Firmware Update for Xbox Wireless Controller

To maximize the performance and compatibility of the Xbox Wireless Controller, regular firmware updates are crucial. The latest firmware update addresses issues related to controllers with internal batteries, such as the Xbox Elite Series 2 and the Xbox Adaptive Controller, or the rechargeable Xbox Battery Pack. These updates prevent unexpected battery drain in these controllers.

Here are some essential tips to manage your Xbox controller’s battery life:

  • Check the battery status anytime by locating the battery indicator in the top right corner of any screen on your Xbox console. If you can’t find it, navigate to “Profile & System” > “Settings” > “Devices & Connections” > “Accessories.” Select your controller, and under “Additional Options,” you’ll find the battery indicator above the controller image.
  • The lifespan of a rechargeable battery depends on how often it is charged.
  • The firmware update also addresses connectivity issues that occur in games when using headphones with 4K, 120Hz,and enabled VRR (Variable Refresh Rate). The firmware update can be performed wirelessly or via a USB connection.

Easily Access Xbox Game Pass Quests

Members of Xbox Game Pass Ultimate and Game Pass for Console have the opportunity to earn Microsoft Rewards points by playing titles from the Xbox Game Pass library. To make it easier to find quests, Xbox Game Pass Quests have been relocated from the “Games” tab to the new “Rewards” tab in the profile. Quickly access them by using the Xbox button and the Guide. Navigate to “Profile & System,” select your profile, and then go to “My Rewards.”

Once all rewards have been collected, the points can be redeemed in the Microsoft Rewards app on Xbox. This allows you to obtain Xbox gift cards that can be used for game content, devices, movies, apps, accessories, and more.

Shape the Future of Xbox

Stay tuned to Xbox Wire DACH for updates on future developments. For information and support regarding Xbox updates, visit the official Xbox support page. Xbox values the community’s feedback, whether it’s suggestions for new features or comments on existing ones. If you want to shape the future of Xbox and gain early access to new features, download the Xbox Insider Hub on your Xbox Series X|S, Xbox One, or Windows PC. The Xbox team is eager to hear from you and appreciates your feedback.


The latest Xbox console update for May 2023 introduces several exciting features that enhance the gaming experience for Xbox users. From seamlessly connecting with Discord friends to improved sorting and filtering options in the Microsoft Store, gamers now have more convenience and choice at their fingertips. The firmware update for Xbox Wireless Controllers ensures better performance and addresses battery drain and connectivity issues. Additionally, Xbox Game Pass members can easily access and complete quests to earn rewards. By actively engaging with the community and welcoming feedback, Xbox aims to shape the future of gaming. Make sure to stay updated and share your thoughts to contribute to the ongoing improvements.

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