Nintendo Rolls Out Exciting In-Game Rewards for the Week of May 11, 2023

Nintendo Rolls Out Exciting In-Game Rewards for the Week of May 11, 2023

Nintendo has unveiled an assortment of in-game rewards for the week commencing May 11, 2023. This collection will be available until the end of the month, offering players an exciting opportunity to enhance their gaming experience.

By Spezzy / Ivan Lovre Marusic

Unleashing New Rewards

Nintendo revealed on May 11, a diverse range of in-game rewards. From aesthetic enhancements like the Squirrel Body completion bonus and fashionable accessories such as the Lotus Ensemble and Tracksuit (Floral) to interactive elements like new Stamps and Titles, the gaming giant is not holding back.

Rewards Details

The current collection includes the following:

  1. Completion Bonus: Squirrel Body
  2. Clothing/Accessory: Lotus Ensemble, Lotus Hat, Tracksuit (Floral), Round Glasses (Lime)
  3. Hairstyle/Hair Color: Two-Block Cut, Green
  4. Stamps: Good Luck Friend, Fired-Up Friend, Surprised Friend, Nervous Friend
  • Infinite, 1-Up, Dash, Jump
  • Hardy, Sauce, Fresh, Produce

Remember, certain items may differ from player to player, ensuring a unique experience for everyone.

How to Earn These Rewards

For those who are new to this, these in-game rewards can be earned by playing online in random gaming sessions. You earn points that can be exchanged for a rotating selection of in-game outfits, sports accessories, gear, and other customization options for your Sportsmate. The selection changes weekly, so it pays to frequently check in to see what’s new.

Retrieve Missed Items and Get Special Rewards

Nintendo has also re-released items under the “Play Globally!” initiative. If you manage to collect all items from all available collections in a particular week, rewards missed from previous weeks will be made available to you again. Use point campaigns to collect any items you might have missed so far! In addition, special items have been added that you can acquire by meeting certain conditions.

Nintendo continues to offer engaging experiences for its users by regularly updating and adding new in-game rewards. This approach not only keeps the game fresh but also encourages players to regularly engage with the platform, fostering a strong community in the process.

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