Riot Games Reaches $100 Million Settlement in Landmark Sexism Lawsuit

Riot Games Reaches $100 Million Settlement in Landmark Sexism Lawsuit

By Captn Jack / Jack Miller

The Long Battle against Sexism

Riot Games, the renowned game development studio, has reached a historic settlement in a high-profile sexism lawsuit. The company will pay a staggering $100 million in compensation to the victims, marking a significant step towards justice and accountability.

Pervasive Sexism and Allegations

Since August 2018, Riot Games has been embroiled in a controversy surrounding allegations of sexism within its offices. Similar to the scandal at Activision Blizzard, reports emerged of a toxic “fraternity-like” culture, where male employees engaged in sexual harassment and assault. Over time, more and more female employees found the courage to come forward and shed light on the pervasive misconduct.

Distribution of Compensation

After years of legal battles, a settlement was finally reached in late 2021, with a California court approving the agreement in July 2023. Recently, details have emerged regarding the distribution of the $100 million compensation fund to the 1,548 women affected by the misconduct.

The agreement stipulates that each woman will receive an initial payment ranging from $2,500 to $5,000. Additionally, depending on their employment status and tenure, they may be eligible for further payments of up to $40,000. It is worth noting that seven women have chosen to forgo their compensation.

This landmark settlement brings an end to a nearly five-year legal battle over sexism within Riot Games. The studio has since made concerted efforts to improve its work culture and has started releasing annual reports on diversity and inclusion to document its progress.


The $100 million settlement in the Riot Games sexism lawsuit marks a significant victory for the victims and a step towards addressing systemic issues within the gaming industry. The compensation not only acknowledges the harm caused but also sends a clear message that such behavior will not be tolerated. Riot Games’ commitment to improving its workplace environment demonstrates the importance of fostering diversity and inclusivity in the gaming community. As the industry continues to evolve, it is crucial for companies to prioritize creating safe and respectful spaces for all employees.

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