Riot Games Accused of Stealing “SoloQ Challenge” Event

Riot Games Accused of Stealing "SoloQ Challenge" Event

What’s more thrilling than watching pro gamers and content creators compete in the ultimate SoloQ Challenge showdown? Well, the event’s original creator, Spanish Twitch streamer ElmillioR, isn’t happy at all. He accuses Riot Games of ripping off his idea for their new French event, but the company stands its ground. Let’s dive into the controversy!


  • ElmillioR, the original creator of SoloQ Challenge, accuses Riot Games of copying his event without permission.
  • Riot Games launches a similar event in France, claiming it’s officially approved and follows the rules.
  • The gaming giant says the French event is a collaboration with Spain, emphasizing healthy competition between the communities.
  • ElmillioR remains furious, stating that Riot Games stole the project name, format, and even his website’s design.

🏆 The Original SoloQ Challenge: A Spanish Phenomenon

Established in 2019 by ElmillioR, the SoloQ Challenge has become the largest League of Legends event in Spain. Featuring pro players and content creators, the competitors have 21 days to climb the ranks in SoloQ mode from scratch. It’s a thrilling spectacle for fans, and now Riot Games wants a piece of the action.

🇫🇷 Riot Games’ French Twist

Fast forward to 2023, Riot Games collaborates with French streamer TraYtoN to launch a nearly identical event called “SoloQ Challenge” for French, Belgian, and Swiss players. With a prize pool of €14,500 and big names like Hans sama, Nisqy, and Targamas, the event is set to run from April 1st to 24th. But ElmillioR isn’t thrilled.

💔 A Bitter Feud Between Creators and Company

ElmillioR lashes out at Riot Games, accusing them of stealing his idea and format without even asking him. He’s particularly upset about the company’s alleged copying of his website’s design. Furthermore, he feels slighted by Riot Games Spain’s lack of support, calling the local branch incompetent.

🛡️ Riot Games Defends Its Actions

In response, Riot Games France maintains that the event has been approved and follows the rules. The company states that the French and Spanish events were initially planned to run parallel, which explains the similarities. Emphasizing their desire for healthy competition between the two communities, Riot Games seems unfazed by the accusations.

🤔 Who’s Right, Who’s Wrong?

While ElmillioR sees the SoloQ Challenge as his intellectual property, Riot Games considers it a successful event within their game, which they want to expand to other countries. Both sides have valid points, but it’s clear that a simple conversation between the two parties could have prevented this drama.

As an experienced gaming journalist, Captn Jack (Jack Miller) believes that the gaming community should focus on celebrating the spirit of competition, rather than getting bogged down in disputes like this. We can only hope that both parties find a way to settle their differences and continue to bring thrilling events to the global League of Legends community.

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