Team SoloMid Struggles After Losing FTX Sponsorship

Team SoloMid Struggles After Losing FTX Sponsorship

As the eSports industry continues to boom, Team SoloMid (TSM) faces financial challenges following the loss of its FTX sponsorship. In this post, Captn Jack, an experienced gaming journalist, dives deep into the situation and its implications for the organization.


  • TSM loses FTX sponsorship, worth $210 million
  • Organization remains financially stable, despite setbacks
  • Structural changes and rumors of selling League of Legends spot
  • Former COO steps down; Rainbow Six Siege team disbanded
  • eSports industry still growing despite TSM’s challenges

II)The FTX Sponsorship Loss and Its Impact on TSM

The loss of the FTX sponsorship has undoubtedly shaken TSM. The deal, worth a staggering $210 million, was the most lucrative sponsorship in eSports history. According to a report from the Sports Business Journal, this financial blow has caused some turmoil within the organization. However, TSM claims to remain on solid financial footing, stating that the loss of the FTX deal will not lead to the dissolution of numerous departments or major layoffs. Instead, the organization has undergone some structural changes.

III) Organizational Changes and Rumors

Among the changes, TSM’s former COO has stepped down. Additionally, in February, the organization parted ways with its successful Rainbow Six Siege team. There are also rumors of TSM planning to sell its spot in the League of Legends league, although this remains unconfirmed.

IV) Looking Forward: The Future of eSports

Despite TSM’s recent setbacks, the overall eSports industry continues to thrive. With growing investments, sponsorship deals, and mainstream recognition, the future of eSports remains bright. As an insider, Captn Jack has seen how resilient the gaming world can be and believes that TSM will find a way to bounce back.

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