Trading LOL accounts is prohibited: These are the consequences

Trading LOL accounts is prohibited: These are the consequences

Riot Games does not allow the trading of LOL accounts. Read here what can happen if you do it.

It is forbidden by the Terms of Service

With the time and effort put into building a League of Legends account, it’s only natural that some players may consider selling their LoL account when they no longer use it, rather than deleting it altogether. The online marketplace is flooded with various platforms, like eBay and specialized websites where LoL account trading occurs. Hypothetically, you could put your account up for sale on these platforms, but be aware that this would be in direct violation of Riot Games’ Terms of Service. As per their regulations, selling or sharing your account with others is strictly forbidden. Should the company discover such activities, the consequences could include account deletion or suspension. Furthermore, if the buyer faces account termination due to such violations, they might report you and tarnish your reputation as a fraudulent seller. It is crucial to weigh the risks before proceeding with the sale of your LoL account.

Is there a law against trading LOL accounts?

It is not forbidden by law to sell LOL accounts. Although there are no legal repercussions involved, avid LoL fans would consider the punishments from Riot Games as being serious enough to deter them from engaging in prohibited activities. In the realm of gaming, it is important to recognize the distinction between legal consequences and those imposed by game developers and operators. While there are certain actions that are not permitted, this does not necessarily mean they are punishable by law, as they remain beyond the purview of legal regulations. In such cases, violations result from infringing upon the stipulations set forth by game manufacturers and operators, rather than disobeying formal decrees. Consequently, while there may not be any real-world implications, it is crucial for avid gamers to understand that stringent punishments, such as account suspension or permanent banishment, may still be imposed at the discretion of the game-makers. These penalties can be severe enough for dedicated fans of games like League of Legends, effectively deterring noncompliant behaviors.

While it is not forbidden by law to trade LOL accounts, Riot Games does not allow it. So don’t do it if you don’t want to face consequences.

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