Gaming World Declares War on Smurf Accounts!

Gaming World Declares War on Smurf Accounts!-Dota 2

Major crackdown on smurfs in Dota 2 and other platforms

🎮 No room for cheaters

It was just a matter of time. The gaming world has had enough of rule breakers and tricksters. As platforms like Xbox, Windows, macOS, Linux, Android, iOS, and PlayStation tighten their guidelines, Valve steps up and starts cleaning up.

Valve Takes on the Smurfs

The days of smurf accounts are numbered. The reasons gamers create such accounts are many. Perhaps it’s the desire to start again from scratch, or maybe it’s just to tick off other players. But the fun stops here. These accounts hurt the game; they hurt the community. With a recent update, Valve is showing there’s no room for such behavior in Dota 2. The company has not only introduced a tool against toxic players, but they’ve also permanently banned around 90,000 of these accounts. And that’s just the beginning.

Fair play for all

At the core of every game? The community. If conditions aren’t equal for everyone, the entire gaming experience suffers. Valve recognizes this and puts a lot of energy into ensuring the quality of the game for everyone. That means: No smurfs. These side accounts degrade the game, and Valve has made it clear they’re “not welcome in Dota.”

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