The Ultimate Call: Which Mythic for LoL’s Newest Champ, Briar?

The Ultimate Call: Which Mythic for LoL's Newest Champ, Briar?

With every new champ drop, there’s a new challenge. Chill, we got the 411 on the best gear for dominating with Briar.

Briar, the New Kid on the Block

Boom! Here comes Briar, the latest MVP on the block. Along with the hype for this new baller, there’s a mad craving to get the dopest items to level up the game.

Which Mythic Item’s the Real Deal?

For a sustain-fighter like Briar, peeps usually vibe with Goredrinker. Why? Well, it’s stacked – health for more spell-slinging, AD to lay down the smackdown, and Ability Haste for more of that icy E–chilling Scream action.

But, hold up! If you’re all about keeping foes in check, Stridebreaker might be your jam. For those who wanna go ham with a glass-cannon build, the Youmuu’s Ghostblade is where it’s at.

What About Trinity Force and Divine Sunderer?

Sure, these bad boys are lit for bruisers who love a long brawl. But Briar’s cooldowns? Kinda high, so they might not be top-tier picks. Doesn’t mean they’re off the table, but there might be spicier picks for Briar out there.

Gearing up right can make or break your game. With these strats in your back pocket, Briar’s set to own the Rift. So, ready to roll and make some noise with Briar? Game on, fam! 🎉🎮🚀

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