Yuumi causes displeasure again: How bad is the rework?

Yuumi causes displeasure again: How bad is the rework?

Once again, Yuumi has managed to ignite a wave of discontentment within the community. This peculiar and enigmatic character has a penchant for stirring up strong reactions and dissatisfaction in those who cross their path.

Yuumi is controversial

As a professional observer, one cannot help but be fascinated by the sheer impact Yuumi has had in such a limited timeframe. Their divisive nature has become a topic of great debate and prompted countless discussions seeking to understand the motivations driving their behavior. Yet, despite the numerous attempts to uncover the truth, Yuumi remains a confounding and elusive figure. It seems that for the time being, this contentious individual will continue to spark displeasure and bewilderment in their wake.

The rework seems to be a problem for the gamers

The recent rework of Yuumi by Riot Games aimed to restore this champion’s relevance and create a balanced gaming experience for all players. Despite these efforts, however, the overall reaction among players indicates that the rework has not been entirely successful. A significant source of discontent comes from Yuumi’s new passive ability, “Feline Friendship,” which, along with the Best Friend bonus, entices Yuumi players to stay attached to a single ally for the entire game. This gameplay mechanic has not only become frustrating for players but has also failed to accomplish the intended goal of keeping Yuumi out of professional play.

Patch 13.5 rises the ban-rate

Yuumi has experienced a remarkable change in her ban-rate after the release of Patch 13.5 and the subsequent rework. Previously, she had fallen out of favor with gamers, largely due to her significant nerfs, which sent her pick and ban rates spiraling downward. However, this rework has brought her back into the limelight and made her a hot commodity in competitive play. In the Diamond+ tier, Yuumi went from being banned in just 5% of games before Patch 13.4 to a staggering 45% after the patch release. This is an astonishing increase of almost 900%, demonstrating the immense impact that the rework and patch updates have had on her viability within the game.

Yuumi causes displeasure again. The challenge now lies in finding a middle ground that satisfies both casual and professional players while maintaining the unique aspects of Yuumi’s character.

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