What is Ninja’s League of Legends Rank?

What is Ninja’s League of Legends Rank?

League of Legends is a five-player online battle arena game that pits teams of players against each other. The object of the game is to destroy the enemy team’s base, known as the Nexus. Players can choose from a variety of champions, each with their own unique abilities, to compete on different maps. The game is popular all over the world, with over 100 million players.

Tyler “Ninja” Blevins is notorious for streaming Fortnite and other shooting games, but he has also gotten involved in League of Legends. Needless to say, League gamers instantly wanted to know whether he’s any good at the popular MOBA.

Ninja moved on to the next chapter in his career, beginning streaming League of Legends while continuing to focus on Fortnite. While Ninja isn’t a professional player, he regularly receives a large number of views when solo queuing on the North American server. Although Ninja isn’t your typical LoL streamer, he is making his presence felt in the community.

As an avid gamer and one of the biggest streamers in history, how good is Ninja at League of Legends, and what role does he play?  

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Ninja’s Rank Then and Now

What most people probably didn’t know is that Ninja has been playing LoL for quite a while. Back in seasons 4 and 5, Ninja reached Diamond rank. Since then his focus has clearly shifted towards other games.

Ninja is currently sitting at Gold 2 with only 11 games (2W-9L) played so far this season. All of his games have been played at the ADC position, with Samira being his most picked champion.

Is Ninja Still Popular?

Today, Ninja isn’t as popular as he was when he ruled the online world as a Fortnite player a few years ago. Ninja was then the uncontested monarch of Twitch, with the largest viewership of any streamer by far. After playing Fortnite with celebrities including Drake and Travis Scott, Ninja broke streaming records that had never been seen before.

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Ninja is a well-known gamer who has been playing League of Legends for many years and has reached Diamond in the past. He still plays occasionally, but his focus shifted to other games such as Fortnite when it became more popular. 

His viewership on Twitch doesn’t compare to what he used to have while streaming Fortnite or shooting games like PUBG, but he is still very popular and known in the League of Legends community. Ninja is currently Gold 2 in Season 2022, with a win rate of 18.2%. Most of his games have been played at ADC as Samira.

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