What Does “NT” Mean in VALORANT?

You hold your breath as one of your teammates attempts to do the most incredible 1v5 play in the history of first-person shooters. One enemy drops, then another, and then another, and then another. One more, and you will win the round. However, as fate would have it, numbers gain the advantage as your teammate dies to a single shot.

Exhaling out the breath you held, you chat “nt” on instinct. You’ve done this ritual on every clutch play that was never played and every round that was never won. However, what exactly does this mean in the world of Valorant?

A “Nice Try” Indeed

“nt” is simply short for “nice try.” Often, players chat this when a player fails a clutch play or when a lone player loses while defending or planting the spike. This is the courteous, and arguably better, alternative to cursing out the player that was left standing.

Saying “nt” encourages that player that you recognize that the odds were stacked against their favor and there was nothing much they could do. By not lashing out and being outright toxic, you can maintain positivity among the team, which can do wonders on both your game and your gaming experience.

If you see a teammate that couldn’t pull off Tenz-levels of outplaying, you don’t have to scold them. Instead, choose to be kind in this profanity-infused community and simply type out “nt” for your comrade. It’s not that hard. 🙂

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