Best Ocean Song Skins – Ranked From Worst To Best

Prestige Best Ocean Song Skins - Ranked From Worst To Best

As is tradition with Riot Games, we are once again blessed with another set of skins for their Pool Party universe, which feature some of the community’s favorite champions wearing fun, sexy, or athletic gear that is fit for a beach or pool getaway. 

However, this time around, they decided to add a twist to their formula and got a little more ambitious by pushing out the Ocean Song skin line. 

Yone, Nidalee, Zeri, Ashe, and Seraphine are all part of this brand-new line, and they all look ready to put on a high-end musical show by the water. Every skin features elaborate swimwear with fancy adornments and musical elements that add an extra flair to each character. 

These skins are not as humorous or ridiculous as their Pool Party predecessors. Still, the lack of comedic intention and the increased complexity allowed the skin design team to put on a bigger show by implementing custom animations and getting a little more creative in reimagining the champions in a different universe. 

These are our rankings for the new Ocean Song skins from Worst to Best.

1. Ocean Song Seraphine

Seraphine Best Ocean Song Skins - Ranked From Worst To Best

Since Seraphine is already a champion based on being a famous singer, her Ocean Song skin doesn’t do much in terms of reimagining her character or putting her in an unexpected environment.

Don’t get me wrong, she still looks great, especially with her new blonde hair. The outfit is cute, her looks are stunning as usual, and she comes equipped with new music and water details on all her animations.

Not a bad skin by any means, but it does seem that Riot couldn’t bring enough of a unique look or concept here for Seraphine to shine.

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2. Ocean Song Ashe

Ashe Best Ocean Song Skins - Ranked From Worst To Best

The pink hair, round glasses, and coral shell accents on her bikini are all lovely and make for a fun look on Ashe. It’s hard to tell that it’s Ashe that we’re looking at here, but that may be because I usually see her covered by a hood, so it might just be me that has the issue.

Her animations got some love, but they are nothing too unique or novel.

I think there’s a more significant issue at hand regarding Ashe skins in general. She’s one of the oldest champions in the game, and it really shows in the clunkiness of her animations. There’s only so much you can do when something is fundamentally in need of a serious rework to bring it up to part with the rest of the cast.

Maybe if Ashe ever gets a VGU update, this skin could be elevated to the higher ranks, but at the moment, it’s a little lackluster to make it any higher than the fifth spot on this list.

3. Ocean Song Nidalee

Nidalee Best Ocean Song Skins - Ranked From Worst To Best

Riot once again goes through tremendous effort to one-up themselves in making their female characters somehow look even more voluptuous and attractive than last time. I mean, just look at how powerful those thighs are! Riot knows exactly what sells, and Nidalee certainly has enough of it to go around.

Personally, the real star of the show here is Nidalee’s transformed version. Casting her Ultimate ability causes Nidalee to turn into a mythical creature that appears to be a hybrid between a mermaid-like sea creature and the traditional cougar. Menacing yet cute!

I’ve always enjoyed the shapeshifter champions. If you think about it, you’re getting two skins for the price of one, so you can’t deny that Nidalee skins always have a good value proposition from that perspective.

The animations are not the most impressive or flashy, but they’re not bad by any means. Overall, this is a strong entry into Nidalee’s selection of skins.

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4. Ocean Song Yone

Yone Best Ocean Song Skins - Ranked From Worst To Best

I have to admit I wasn’t super excited when I saw that Yone would be one of the recipients of the Ocean Song skins, but I’m glad Riot was able to come through with a fun concept and design.

Like his brother Yasuo in the True Damage skin line, Ocean Song Yone leads a career as a DJ ready to bring the vibes using his turntables. This skin earns the third spot just for unlocking the potential of pitting the wind brothers against each other in a music battle.

As for the execution, the skin team went all out in making sure that all of Yone’s many animations got the love needed to make sure he makes a splash every time you cast any of his abilities. Especially the tether summoned by his E ability, which is unbelievably fluid compared to many other animations in the game.

He sports a snazzy hairdo and a fun hat, and his open shirt reveals just enough to keep him looking enticing yet intriguing.

I’m a bit disappointed that Riot has perhaps forgotten that a core part of Yone’s design is his half-mask, as none of his skins feature it in any capacity. It always struck me as an iconic part of his look and identity, so I’m sad to see that aspect become neglected.

Regardless, this is an excellent Yone skin, and you can’t go wrong with rocking this one in your games.

5. Ocean Song Zeri

Zeri Best Ocean Song Skins - Ranked From Worst To Best

Ocean Song Zeri looks absolutely stunning here! The blue hair is paired perfectly with the water accents on her elegant beach jacket. The playful glasses, the sexy fit, the stylish gun, Zeri’s got a lot going on for here, and I’m all for it.

On top of the modified sound effects and the water motif in her animations, Ocean Song Zeri features a fun recall where she puts on a breakdancing show to the tune of a dance beat.

Popping her Ultimate ability covers Zeri in a shroud of neon blue electricity, which is very reminiscent of the agent Neon in Riot’s other game, Valorant. 

Their kits are very similar, and they even share a voice actor, so it’s no surprise that Riot decided to give a slight nod to her counterpart from another game universe. I’m a massive fan of both games, so I greatly appreciate the reference.

Additionally, something is amusing about Zeri having literal electricity running through her body while she partakes in some fun by the water. 

You’d think this would create a severe hazard, but she seems completely unconcerned by this possibility. Surprisingly, this is pretty consistent with her carefree and laidback personality.

All the Zeri players out there should seriously consider adding this one to their collection.

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6. Ocean Song Seraphine Prestige Edition

Prestige Best Ocean Song Skins - Ranked From Worst To Best

The Prestige Edition of Seraphine’s Ocean Song skin is a massive improvement from the base skin in every single way.

While the regular version has Seraphine looking cute in a playful outfit, the Prestige Edition takes it to the next level. It elevates Seraphine by making her resemble some fantasy ocean queen straight out of an animated movie. Her multi-colored hair, regal fit, and magic scepter-like microphone add to her ethereal submarine vibe.

The animations all get that iconic Prestige golden tinge and some slight alterations that up the value you get out of this upgrade. Most notably, casting her E ability will send out golden dolphins toward the target location.

Although Seraphine already has an incredibly high-quality repertoire of skins, Ocean Song Presitge Edition still ranks as one of her best so far.

That concludes our list of the best Ocean Song Skins Ranked from Worst to Best. Which one are you planning on picking up for yourself?

Personally, I might have to start playing Zeri just to give her Ocean Song skin a try!

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