Top 5 Best Off Meta Comps in TFT

Top 5 Best Off Meta Comps in TFT League of Legends

Teamfight Tactics is one of the most fun auto battlers out there. But some comps can become overpowered every patch and you might get bored of seeing and playing the same old meta comps in every single match.

Luckily, you can just play a decent off-meta comp if you are looking for a refreshing way of playing this game. Although these are not going to be free wins, they will still allow you to have a shot at victory whilst allowing you to have a blast.

In this article, you will discover five of the best off meta comps in TFT, which you can play to leave your opponent confused and hopefully climb up the TFT ranked ladder.

What Are Off Meta Comps?

The word meta stands for most effective tactics available. It means exactly what it sounds like. Meta comps, thus, mean team compositions that are tried and tested. Usually, these include the strongest champion in the game, or are a strong combination of the best champions.

On the other hand, off meta comps are those that are not the most ideal. However, these can be a fun twist to the game, since you will have to figure out a way to make these work against meta comps.

Off meta comps are also a great means of taking your opponent by surprise, because your enemies will be used to, and so expecting, the meta comps in the game.

The Best Off Meta Comps in TFT:

If you want to play an off meta comp, we recommend that you play one of the comps we have given below.


Best Whispers TFT Off Meta Comp League of LegendsWhispers are champions that literally shrink enemies. On being shrinked, enemies lose a huge portion of their resistances like armor and magic resistance. In addition to this, whispers gain stacking bonuses (in the form of AP and AD) on damaging these champions.

Ideally, you can make this work by first getting Taric, Thresh and Sylas in the early game. Then you should try to obtain Elise, Neeko, and Sy’fen. This will allow you to have a really strong set of core champions.

In the late game, try to get Soraka on your side so you can complete your set and maximise your chances of winning the game.

Three Star Bard

Best Three Star Bard TFT Off Meta Comp League of LegendsBard is one of the strongest champions in TFT Set 7. If you can collect lots of Bard cards to get him to three star level, it is game over for your opponents. Try and get any of Manazane, Duskblade or Infinity Edge as his items, or even better, all of them together for insane damage.

For this set, you can pair your Bard with Sylas, Nami, Ryze, Varus, Lulu, Twitch and Illaoi. If you get these champions, you will activate the Bard, Mystic, Bruiser, and Mage traits.

Scalescorn – Lillia and Olaf

Best Scalescorn - Lillia and Olaf TFT Off Meta Comp League of LegendsOne of the most underrated comps right now is the scalescorn comp with Lillia and Olaf. For this comp to shine, you need to obtain Diana, Lillia, Braum, Hecarim, Talon, Olaf and Shen within the same match.

This comp will activate six different traits, but scalescorn will be the most important one. This comp works extremely well against high-health champion comps because Scalescorns will take reduced damage from them.

Be sure to star Lillia and Olaf as high as possible by collecting multiple of them. A three star Lillia will melt your opponent’s comp with the right items.

Jade Legend

Best Jade Legend TFT Off Meta Comp League of LegendsAnother strong off meta comp is the Jade Legend comp. The core champions for this comp are Karma, Ashe, Anivia, Lulu, Volibear, Ornn, and the dragon Shi Oh Yu.

In the early game, you should try to get Anivia, Lulu, Ashe, and Karma, which will give you the Jade trait and help you survive the early fights.

Then once you obtain the rest of the champions, you will activate the Dragon and Legend traits as well, which will make your team really strong.

Rage Cavalier

Best Rage Cavalier TFT Off Meta Comp League of LegendsLast but not least, Cavaliers will swiftly attack your enemies, all the while refusing to die because of their insane resistance bonuses. This is why the Rage Cavalier comp is one of the best off meta comps you can play right now.

As the name suggests, this composition involves the usage of Bard on a board full of cavaliers. So for this one, you need to try and collect Sejuani, Lillia, Twitch, Nunu and Willump, Ryze, Hecarim, Talon and Bard. You may also use Nami if you want to.

For this undyingly tanky comp, the best items for you to build are Sunfire Cape, Gargoyle’s Stoneplate, Warmog’s Armor and Archangel’s Staff.

Final Thoughts

Some off meta TFT comps are definitely much more than just viable, and once you know how to play them out, you can win lots of games while having fun with these unique team compositions.

Be sure to let us know in the comments below what your favourite off meta comp in TFT is!

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