Top 5 OP Champions to Avoid in Solo Queue

Akali is so weak at the moment. It's just not worth to play Akali anymore. You should play her only if you've been playing her a lot before

There are so many champions in League of Legends, some of them being OP by nature. Regardless of who you are, you can find a Champion that will fit your style. AoE-focused tanks, Burst Mages that want to take hits on single targets, and don’t forget about Supports that are all for healing and shielding their allies, and much more. Oh yes, there are definitely many champions on the LoL roster. When you’re choosing your champion in Solo Queue, there are some that you will want to avoid. Today, we will tell you which Champions you should avoid in the Solo queue, and why you should leave them alone.

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5) Akali

Epithet: The Rogue Assassin 

Akali is so weak at the moment. It's just not worth to play Akali anymore. You should play her only if you've been playing her a lot before

Personally, we like playing Akali – she’s one of our favorites, but take it from us, you don’t want to play her in Solo. Akali had her mobility nerfed, followed by her evasiveness, and then her wave and damage clear and then …well, you know how the story goes. We look at her as the new Irelia, unfortunately. It’s the norm to find her on a patch getting some random nerf done. 

For this reason, we recommend avoiding her for climbing. She’s one of LoL’s most popular Champions, but after she has been in the patch notes for so long, it’s hard to imagine using her to climb. Plus, if you’re looking for a champion who is an evasive assassin with a lot of potential, there are better Champions to pick for Solo-Queue. 

For example, there’s Oivana and Talon – they don’t require a lot of set-ups, and it takes less skill to execute.  If you’re looking to climb that ladder, you may want to look past Akali and choose either Talon or Qiyana (Zed is also good). 

4. Sylas

Epithet: The Unshackled

Want to win your solo Queue games? Then avoid playing these champions as they're not really that strong

Next, we have Sylas. Sylas has an ultimate that will always be hard for Riot to balance – his ultimate allows him to take enemies ults and use them. With every adjustment, Riot has to consider Sylas because he can use other champions ults.

This is an ability that placed Sylas in the professional scene as a ban-or-pick selection, and as low-ELO players managed to master him, Riot made changes to prevent him from dominating the meta.

 Time and time again, Sylas has been trimmed down, and without a lot of practice time, choosing Sylas in your Solo Queue would be a disaster because he takes a whole lot of skill. So, we do not recommend Sylas in the Solo queue, unless there’s a special patch done for him.

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3. Udyr

Epithet: The Spirit Walker

Can't climb in ranked? Please avoid these OP champions in Solo Queue. You're gonna have a hard time climbing out of elo hell with them

Udyr is a Jungler, and just so happens to be an outdated Champion that we would avoid in Solo queue – there’s not a whole lot of players out there that have Udyr listed as their main. I recommend you to avoid playing Udyr until he gets his rework. There have been a lot of talks about the Udyr rework, and Riot recently even confirmed that he’s the next champion in line for a rework!

At one point, Udyr had some pretty toxic strategies that he could use, but those were taken away. Now he finds himself sitting on the sidelines as no one really wants to play him  – he’s one of those “right-click” junglers that many avoid. By right-click, we mean the type of character that makes you have to click on the enemy so that you can watch your champion run towards them (that’s not fun to us).

If you’re the type of person into the right-click scene, go for Master Yi. Master Yi has great solo-carry potential – much better than Udyr. 

2. Ivern

Epithet: The Green Father

You should really do yourself a favour and avoid playing these champs as they need a lot of time to master them

To us, Ivern has never really clicked as a champion we want to play in the Solo queue. He doesn’t have what it takes for a jungler to succeed in Solo Queue. Yes, his daisy peel and dive, shields, and overall utilities are pretty good, but it just isn’t as good as it needs to be.

In order to do good, Ivern needs solid support from his team. In order to be relevant in the game and get past his weakness, he needs a unique set of items. When he gets abused by an aggressive Jungler, he struggles to get back into the match.

Instead of going for Ivern, we recommend Nunu if you’re going for a Supportive Jungler. Nunu has excellent ganking abilities, and he can survive much longer in fights. 

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1. Viktor

Epithet: The Machine Herald

Having a hard time in Solo Queue? You should really avoid playing these champions if you want to climb the ranked ladder!

Sure, Viktor isn’t all that bad, but he’s just not good enough for Solo queue climbing. He suffers from the same disability that Udyr, Akali, and Sylas suffer from.

As Victor purchases upgrades for his Hex Core throughout the match, he is granted new effects on his abilities. Unfortunately, as Viktor is sitting there buying his second, maybe even third upgrade, his enemies are going for items that will give them the opportunity to abuse Viktor’s nature to no end.

The idea here is that Viktor gets stronger as the match goes on, like Kayle or Vayne, but unfortunately, Viktor takes too long to get ready.

You also have low damage early, which doesn’t give you much to work with. Long story short, only choose Viktor if you want to start playing the game after about 30 minutes, and that’s if your nexus hasn’t exploded.

There are better mage picks, like Cassiopeia, Ryze, and Kassadin – they offer more utility and scaling power. 


Of course, if you love a Champion and you do great at it, then stick with them. In the end, League of Legends can be competitive, but it’s all about having fun. Just take note that if you choose the Champions and you aren’t really up to par with playing them, then you may take some lumps from your teammates. 

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