What is “Open Mid” in League of Legends?

League of Legends spits out terms and unique phrases all the time. With how many come up every single day, it becomes hard to keep track. Some of them do stick, mostly due to their being very popular/impactful in the community. 

One such phrase is “Open Mid” that has plagued League of Legends players for God knows how long. Whenever they’d see it, they would dodge the queue, or just go AFK for the remainder of the match. 

But you might have zero idea on what it actually is. We’re here to explain just that, as well as some crucial details about it. Without further ado, let’s start! 

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What Does “Open Mid” Actually Mean

When someone says they’re “Open Mid” it means that they’re simply leaving their Lane up for grabs. They won’t go on it, and it likely signals that they are about to go trolling. 

Opening up a Lane means entirely leaving it, without the intent of coming back. Depending on the player, and the matchup, this might have several outcomes, most of them bad. 

Mid in particular is popular to get opened since it is generally the most important Lane. It’s also, by extension, one of the more difficult. Laning on Mid can be excruciatingly frustrating, especially if you’re outmatched in skill. 

And not even that, counterpicks can be near impossible to deal with, causing additional frustration on the player’s end. 

Opening Mid is an omen of defeat, and many players just give up entirely when they see someone doing it. 

That’s fueled additionally by the ones doing so, as they’ll likely just move to some other Lane and cause even more damage to team morale. If they’re really bad at the game, they might even cause a second Lane to be opened involuntarily. 

Is Going “Open Mid” Justified?

To be completely honest, no. We’ve all been frustrated in League of Legends more than enough times. It is a multiplayer, and highly competitive game, which is just bound to irritate your nerves a bit. 

But opening up a Lane does almost nothing positive for your team. Swapping with an ally is a much better idea, if they want to of course. 

And even if they didn’t, you could fall back and play defensively beneath the tower and wait for allied assistance. There are so many ways to play the match without opening up a Lane and stirring trouble. 

By learning how to deal with difficult situations, you will evolve as a player. Going open just means you’re bad at the game, and not able to carry the hardship of competitive gameplay. 

Opening a Lane means admitting defeat at the hands of your opposing Laner. He has beaten you in the ultimate battle, and if that isn’t enough to stop you from doing it – I don’t know what is. 

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How to Stop it?

To prevent your teammates from opening Lanes, especially Mid, try to find ways of assisting them as much as they need. If they direly require a swap – swap with them. 

Make sure they can play the game properly and are not forced into doing it. It’s the easy way out, and many players cannot withstand the pressure to remain on the Lane. 

Junglers should prioritize helping them over others as to prevent opening and feeding. The best way to boost their morale will be to get them an advantage they could leverage against their opposing Laner. 

All of the open stuff comes from disadvantages and defeats – curb those and you will have fewer of these toxic, unstable players. 

Sometimes, it’s unavoidable. Some people are just too toxic to handle, and will always do the worst thing imaginable. In that case, try to focus on other Lanes and your own game. 

If you can’t substitute the disadvantage caused by their behavior, don’t fret too much. Report them after the game, and try your luck next time. Don’t allow them to make you give up on a good climb. 

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Opening a Lane is never the solution to losing. Opening Mid is probably the worst thing you could do in a losing situation. It deepens your disadvantage, and will ultimately lead you to a defeat you are trying so desperately to escape from. 

Thus, keep yourself focused and in the game, cooperate with your allies, and you will see positive results almost immediately. 

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