Master the Rift: Unleash Your Champion’s Potential with Optimal LOL Item Builds

Master the Rift: Unleash Your Champion's Potential with Optimal LOL Item Builds

You know the drill – the game begins, you’re locked in as your favorite champion, but you’re unsure which items to buy. Panic sets in, you hastily purchase something, and then regret it later. But fear no more! We’re here to take you on a deep dive into the world of LOL item builds, so you can optimize your gameplay and unlock your champion’s full potential.


  • The importance of proper item builds in League of Legends
  • Doran’s Blade is the most popular starting item
  • Builds vary greatly depending on champion and game situation
  • Doublelift: “Item builds are the bread and butter of League of Legends” Explore uncommon angles and secret insider tips on item builds

Mastering the Art of LOL Item Builds: A Game Changer

The importance of proper item builds in League of Legends cannot be overstated. As Doublelift, a professional League of Legends player, puts it: “Item builds are the bread and butter of League of Legends. Knowing what items to build and when to build them is crucial to success.”

Facts: Popular Items and the Need for Flexibility

According to a study by Mobalytics, the most popular starting item in League of Legends is Doran’s Blade, chosen by 38.1% of players. Item builds can vary greatly depending on the champion being played and the situation in the game, with some champions having over 20 viable item options.

Breaking the Meta: Unconventional Approaches to Item Builds

While there’s a lot to be said for following the established meta, sometimes thinking outside the box can lead to surprising results. Here are some tips to help you experiment with unconventional item builds and strategies:

Be aware of the champion’s core strengths and weaknesses Consider counter-building against specific enemies Keep an eye on patch notes and item changes 

Daring to defy the meta with unique item builds can be a rewarding experience, but it requires thoughtful experimentation and a deep understanding of your champion. Let’s explore some strategies and tips for creating and testing unconventional item builds:

Challenge Champion Stereotypes

Some champions have predefined roles and item builds that players tend to follow. By questioning these assumptions and exploring alternative playstyles, you can find unique ways to catch your opponents off guard. Examples include AP Tryndamere, AD LeBlanc, or Tank Fiddlesticks.

Analyze Underused Items

Certain items may be underutilized or overlooked but can provide unique advantages in specific situations. Dive deep into the item shop, and examine these underused items to see if they can synergize with your champion in innovative ways.

Test Builds in Unranked Game Modes

Before taking your unconventional item build into ranked games, experiment in unranked modes like Normal, ARAM, or even Co-op vs. AI. This will give you a chance to refine your build and understand its strengths and weaknesses without risking your rank.

Collaborate with Friends or Teammates

Unconventional item builds can be even more potent when combined with other off-meta strategies or coordinated team play. Team up with friends or communicate with your teammates about your build and how it can benefit the team’s overall strategy.

Keep an Open Mind and Learn from Failures

Not every unconventional item build will be successful, and that’s okay. The key is to learn from your failures, adapt your build, and continue experimenting. Sometimes, even a small tweak can make a significant difference in your build’s effectiveness.

Stay Updated on Balance Changes

Riot Games frequently releases balance updates that can affect the viability of unconventional builds. Stay informed about these changes, as they may open new opportunities for off-meta item choices or make existing unconventional builds even stronger. By challenging conventional wisdom and exploring the boundaries of item builds, you can discover new strategies and playstyles that can help you dominate the Rift in unexpected ways.

Personal Experiences and Secret Insider Tips

As an experienced gaming journalist, I’ve seen my fair share of mind-blowing, game-changing item builds. I’ve also had the pleasure of chatting with some of the best players in the world, and they’ve shared some of their secrets with me. Here are some nuggets of wisdom for you to take into your next game: Always have a Plan B: If your core build isn’t working, be ready to pivot Watch high-level streams and pro play for inspiration Communicate with your team to coordinate builds and strategies.

Optimizing Your Build for Different Game Phases: Early, Mid, and Late Game

Each stage of a League of Legends match requires a unique approach to itemization. Here’s how to optimize your build for different game phases:

Early Game

Focus on starting items and components that provide immediate benefits Look for cost-effective items with strong laning phase impact Don’t forget to purchase potions and Control Wards for sustain and vision.

Mid Game

Prioritize completing your core items for maximum power spikes Consider purchasing situational items to counter specific enemies Keep an eye on the map and adapt your build based on objectives and team fights.

Late Game

Focus on finishing your build with powerful late-game items Replace cost-effective early game items with more impactful choices Consider buying Elixirs for temporary boosts in stats and utility.

Popular Item Build Paths for Different Champion RolesPopular Item Build Paths for Different Champion Roles

Here are some popular item build paths for different champion roles in League of Legends:

Top Lane

Bruisers: Black Cleaver, Sterak’s Gage, Titanic Hydra Tanks: Sunfire Aegis, Thornmail, Warmog’s Armor Mages: Riftmaker, Demonic Embrace, Rabadon’s Deathcap


AD Assassins: Duskblade of Draktharr, The Collector, Youmuu’s Ghostblade AP Assassins: Hextech Rocketbelt, Nashor’s Tooth, Zhonya’s Hourglass Tanks: Turbo Chemtank, Dead Man’s Plate, Abyssal Mask

Mid Lane

Control Mages: Luden’s Echo, Archangel’s Staff, Void Staff Assassins: Prowler’s Claw, Edge of Night, Guardian Angel AD Fighters: Gore Drinker, Black Cleaver, Death’s Dance

ADC (Attack Damage Carry)

Crit-based ADCs: Kraken Slayer, Infinity Edge, Phantom Dancer On-hit ADCs: Kraken Slayer, Blade of the Ruined King, Runaan’s Hurricane Ability-based ADCs: Eclipse, The Collector, Lord Dominik’s Regards


Enchanters: Moonstone Renewer, Ardent Censer, Staff of Flowing Water Tanks: Locket of the Iron Solari, Zeke’s Convergence, Knight’s Vow AP Supports: Imperial Mandate, Rylai’s Crystal Scepter, Morellonomicon Remember, these are just examples of popular build paths, and you should always adapt your build based on the specific game and champion you’re playing.


What are some popular starting items in League of Legends?

Doran’s Blade is the most popular starting item, chosen by 38.1% of players. Other popular choices include Doran’s Ring and Doran’s Shield, depending on the champion and matchup.

How do I know which items to build on my champion?

Research recommended builds from guides or high-level players, and also consider your champion’s strengths, weaknesses, and role within the team.

When should I adapt my item build during a game?

Adapt your build if your core items aren’t working, you need to counter a specific enemy, or if the game’s circumstances have changed significantly.

Can I experiment with unconventional item builds?

Absolutely! Thinking outside the box can lead to surprising results, but always remember to consider your champion’s core strengths and weaknesses, and adapt to the game’s needs.

How do I stay updated on optimal item builds?

Follow patch notes, watch high-level streams and pro play, and communicate with your teammates to stay informed about the latest trends and strategies.

What are some common item build mistakes to avoid?

Some common mistakes include not adapting your build based on the game’s state, sticking to a rigid build order, and neglecting to purchase situational items or Control Wards.

How can I learn which items are best for my champion?

Consult champion-specific guides, watch high-level streams, and experiment with different builds in-game to determine the optimal item choices for your champion.

How important is it to upgrade my starting item?

Upgrading your starting item is crucial, as it provides more powerful stats and additional effects that can greatly enhance your champion’s performance.

Conclusion: Embrace the Journey of Mastery

Mastering the art of LOL item builds is a journey, but it’s one well worth taking. By staying informed, experimenting with unconventional strategies, and learning from the best, you can elevate your gameplay and dominate the Rift.


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