What Does OTP Mean in League of Legends?

What Does OTP Mean in League of Legends?

As part of our explanation article series, we will explain one of the more popular terms around the League community. This is, as the title implies, OTP. 

Before I begin, I must quickly note that there will be a lot more to this article than just a blunt explanation of an acronym. But you’ll have to keep on reading to see what it’s all about. 

So, let’s start by explaining what the hell OTP means. OTP stands for “One-trick-pony”, and is a popular acronym used by many League players. It represents a player that plays strictly one Champion – i.e., he one-tricks that Champion. 

One-tricking Champions is common since people tend to find the Champion that suits them best and keep to them. The wide variety in League’s roster tends to narrow down options for people that are looking for one distinct playstyle. Thus, they stick to the Champion(s) they find most suitable without exploring other options. 

This can have both beneficial effects as well as detrimental ones. 

Let’s review them, shall we?

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The Benefits

There are inherent benefits to playing as an OTP. You will thoroughly learn a Champion and everything about them, giving you a huge edge over the opponent who might not be as skilled on their Champion. This, in turn, will lead to your achieving dominance and likely winning the game. One-tricking certain Champions in meta moments can have massive positive feedback on your Division and Rank. 

Of course, learning a Champion that fits into a particular playstyle will indirectly give you knowledge on similar Champions. This means that you will passively learn an entire gameplay aspect while playing your one-trick Champion. Having two or three one-tricks is a great thing, but do seek to branch out into more than one style. 

The Detriments

What Does OTP Mean in League of Legends?

The detriments of playing only one Champion or playstyle is that you forsake others. As a result, you will find yourself in situations where you just don’t know what to do. To beat an opposing Champion, it is best that you too know how to play them. If you deny yourself that and only keep to a narrow choice, it will lead to some tricky moments where you are bound to lose. 

There are also moments when you will not have the option of playing your OTP Champions. In high-level play, such as high Elo or Tournaments, you must cooperate with allies for the best team composition. Your OTP might not fit into every team comp, and you will be forced to play something else. If you happen not to know any other Champions, you are just setting up your team for a defeat before the game even starts. 

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In conclusion, we can safely say that OTP-ing Champions can have both good and bad effects. In some situations, one outweighs the other, but I think the latter carries much more weight. Therefore, I think you should be mixing things up a bit. 

Focus on certain Champions that you love the most and enjoy playing, but always have a backup plan. Occasionally pick up a new Champion, change it up, force yourself into learning more than one aspect of the game. 

The more you know, the easier things will be. Remember, knowledge in League of Legends is a key thing, and you should never deny yourself the opportunity to expand on it. That’s why this site is here, anyway. 

I hope you’ve found this article informative and fun to read, and I wish you all the best on the Summoner’s Rift. 

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