What is Overextending in League of Legends?

What is overextending in League of Legends? Overextending is defined as staying too long or pushing too far into enemy territory on your own. It’s important not to overextend because it can lead you to be caught out of position and killed, allowing the enemy team to gain an advantage, such as a kill for one of their teammates and opening up the map more.

Here are some tips on how to avoid overextending:

Pinging (or Calling “mia”)

This is perhaps one of the most common ways players communicate to their teammates when they think about going ahead and overextending. Teammates who tend to stay behind receive pings from those who feel like they’re too far away and need to back up. You can also use the “mia” or “back” commands in chat to help your teammates know when it’s time to retreat.

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Using wards (or trinkets) is another good way of seeing if enemies are nearby, letting the team know that there’s a chance they might get ganked. However, keep in mind that warding costs gold and sometimes it requires sacrificing other items like potions and elixirs to be able to afford wards for map awareness. 

However, you should still try to buy as many as possible so your team always has enough vision on important locations such as jungle entrances/exits lane bushes. Communication with fellow teammates will also help you avoid costly mistakes.


If you’re the type that overextends frequently, then try to adjust your play style accordingly. More often than not, players who are constantly ahead of their team are prime targets for enemies to focus down. Overextending is especially risky if one or more teammates are dead and cannot come to rescue you should you get caught out in enemy territory. 

Always make sure that the entire team is nearby before making any advances towards an area where enemies may be lurking. With enough teamwork and communication, however, it’s possible for teams to find aggressive opportunities in lane either by pushing hard with minions in order for them to enter tower range in order to attack once pushed closer or calling mias to let each other know when an enemy is missing.

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Be Patient

Sometimes, especially in solo queue matches where players have varying degrees of skill, being patient will help you avoid overextending. This means not trying to force anything and sticking with the group so that if there is a chance for enemies to be nearby, they can’t easily take advantage of your current situation. 

Being patient also allows the entire team to make smarter decisions together (such as deciding on what item to buy next or using heroes’ ultimates at the best time possible) and lets them create better opportunities for success.

Safe Laning

When one or more teammates are forced into “safe laning” (a lane reserved for farming and pushing minions), it can be a bit more trying to avoid overextending.The safe lane is situated closer to the team’s base and towers, allowing any enemy heroes that want to advance towards another tower or take a few hits from the tower itself to make it very difficult for those who are in this lane. 

In order to prevent yourself from being too out of position, try playing as a champion with high mobility (one with abilities such as dashes/jumps) so you can quickly escape should enemies start advancing towards your direction.

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Keep good map awareness so you can ping or communicate with your team when you spot an enemy missing from their lane or jungle. This will also help prevent overextending incidents!


There you have it – six tips on how not to overextend when playing League of Legends! Remember that there are plenty of ways that players communicate with each other to warn one another about incoming danger and missing opponents so don’t hesitate to use your microphone. Always remember that overextending is a common mistake that players make in the heat of battle, but one that can be easily prevented!

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