Pax Twisted Fate – The Ultimate Skin Review

Twisted Fate, the infamous card shark who gambles and still remains charming, has earned the admiration of the rich. As well as the player base in League of Legends. Tobias Felix being his real name, was born in the Serpentine Delta to nomadic river folk. He quickly learned to adjust to being an outsider and learned to accept that. His people were rarely ever welcomed by anyone, something that they were all used to.

Tobias Felix never felt accepted until he found his calling in the gambling tents, this is where he discovered his love for playing cards, and he came to be the Twisted Fate we know and adore. Now onto the review; with this review, you’ll learn all about the Pax Twisted Fate skin, that’ll give you another reason to admire him.

Insanely Rare Skin

Pax Twisted Fate is an insanely rare skin in League of Legends. It’s been more than a decade since its release, in 2009; considering this,  this makes it rare. During the Penny Arcade Expo (PAX) event, 20,000 participants received the Pax Twisted Fate skin code. With League of Legends having millions of players and only 20,000 players were rewarded with this skin, this makes it special.

This legendary skin is rather expensive; you may be wondering why other than its rarity. Its design helped make this skin expensive as it’s an actual work of art. Pax Twisted Fate is one of the rarest skins in League of Legends. But can you get it now? Unfortunately, no, as skin codes were disabled in 2014 so the ability to be obtained by new players is unachievable, which is disappointing as this skin is a masterpiece and will always remain that way. 

This skin does endorse a product, PAX, which is an event that has festivals involving tabletop, arcade, and video games. It has a PAX ’09 logo on the coat and shoulders. But the skin does more than advertising; it creates a persona for twisted fate. The colors are black and blue, which is a great choice; it helps make it attractive and fulfill his mysterious personality.

It’s mainly a re-texture with different colors that doesn’t offer much from the classic Twisted Fate. He wears a hat and coat that almost looks like a trench coat. Now, unfortunately, even with the rarity of the skin, it doesn’t have any animations, sounds, or particles. With these features, it could carry out the impression that it’s trying to create. 

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A Look at the Splash Art

Twisted Fate, the card master, deserves an astonishing splash art, which he mostly got. It’s eye-catching and shows his personality as a card master. The background is a simple blue magical mist encircling him, so there isn’t too much of a setting. He resembles his original model rather than Pax Twisted Fate.

The detail that makes this splash art nice is the thrown cards which help create his identity with the art. It’s effective in accomplishing more appeal to the skin. 

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The skin is simply amazing, and it has many people yearning for it. Pax Twisted Fate to this day maintains the image of being an impressive skin. 

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