Top 7 Most Pay-To-Win Skins in League of Legends

What first comes to mind when we say League of Legends? Pay to win certainly not. Well, what if we tell you that there are certain skins in the game that can really help you win. As you know, skins by themselves have no special power, they are there to improve the look of your champion and you can brag with your collection of skins, of course. 

However, some skins have such visual effects that can confuse your enemies. They won’t know what ability your champion used so they won’t be able to properly defend themselves from your attack. Now you see how skins can affect your victory. In this article, we will mention the top 7 pay-to-win skins and how they can help you bring victory. Let’s start with the list.

Riot Games took the term “cosmetics” in the League of Legends seriously. Not only are the champions further personified by each new game update, but the skins that Riot Games is releasing look amazing, no wonder players want to have all of them in their collection. The collections of skins are really extremely well made, for example, Pool Party skin collection, or K / DA skins for girls in a band. Oh, let’s not forget the PROJECT skin collection. Skins have become an indispensable item in the League of Legends, and players just can’t turn a blind eye to the new skins that appear every now and then.

Now we will introduce you to the so-called cheater skins, skins that can help you win, or at least kill your enemies easier. In addition to looking extremely good, these skins will also improve your rank, so you really have no choice but to buy them right away after reading this article.

7. Muay Thai Lee Sin

Lee Sin is one of the best jungle champions in the whole game. The range of his abilities can behead any enemy champion who gets in his way, or whom Lee Sin himself decides to gank straight of the jungle. He doesn’t look so bad without skins, but Muay Thai skin gives him a new auto-attack animation that gives him smoother gameplay than his basic look. 

With this skin, Lee Sin transforms into a modern fighter ready for any team fight, with hand wraps, a new headband, and blue shorts that fit into his stylized Muay Thai new look. Buy this skin and show your enemies martial arts they have never seen.

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6. Steel Legion Lux

Steel Legion Lux has long been a broken skin that has even been disabled in pro games. This happened because the effects of Lux’s abilities were almost invisible on Summoner’s Rift and thus prevented players from normal gameplay. But Riot saw that this skin was unplayable so he made some changes to it. Steel Legion Lux got updated and could return to Summoner’s Rift. 

However, even after these updates, Steel Legion Lux is still among the best pay-to-win skins as its abilities continue to confuse enemy champions. Maybe this skin is your winning formula for victory.

5. Spirit Blossom Yasuo

Does Yasuo need extra skin to win? Well, in theory, he doesn’t need it, Yasuo is himself one of the champions who can carry the whole team and win the game. This really sounds easy, but of course, he also has an ace up his sleeve. With Spirit Blossom skin Yasuo has the extra advantage of winning a match. His Steel Tempest tornado has an extra-large hitbox and its particle is extremely tiny, making it even harder for his enemies to defend against his attack. 

In addition to this skin being really beautiful (added during the Spirit Blossom event and featuring white-pink combinations that make Yasuo irresistible) it is also cheater skin, buffed by Riot so go ahead and make the enemy team surrender as soon as your Spirit Blossom Yasuo goes on his murderous campaign.

4. Elderwood Bard

Bard is known as one of the toughest support champions that players usually don’t know how to play. His players really have to work hard and practice well before they decide to play Bard to raise their rank up. He can’t annoy enemy players because they never know what Bard intended. He is always bound to minions or his allies, and his Elderwood skin makes him even stronger. His ability, Cosmic Binding, has an extra-large hitbox size, while the particle is very small at the same moment. 

This is what gives his enemies the most trouble because they can be confused and tricked because they do not know which spell Bard used. Elderwood Bard is a safe choice if you want to buy skin that will bring you kills. But friendly advice: first learn to play Bard without skins in order to get acquainted with all his abilities.

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3. Arclight Varus

This skin literally blinds all Varus’ enemies, because even three of his abilities have a strong light effect, which makes them very difficult to spot, and thus defend in time. His ultimate called Chain of Corruption becomes his strongest weapon because opponents will almost certainly be hit with it. 

Arclight Varus is strong both in the early game and later, teamfight is his specialty but he is no weaker even when he fights alone against enemy champions. So, instead of poking his enemies, Arclight Varus can catch them unprepared which will make his attack easier. Don’t think twice about buying this skin, it will surely pay off.

2. Zombie Brand

Well, well, who do we have here? This is Brand, but it’s a revived version. As if the real Brand isn’t scary enough, Zombie Brand also has the ability to destroy enemy targets in even better ways. Players who have to play against Zombie Brand are often confused because they do not know when Zombie Brand uses abilities which makes it very difficult for them to avoid them. 

For example, Zombie Brand has this habit of throwing his hand (yuck!) when he runs towards his target, and it looks very similar to the moment when Brand casts his Pillar Of Flame spell. Also, his Sear spell is almost the same as his auto attack animation, which again prevents enemy players from finding out which spell Zombie Brand casted. 

Zombie Brand is a green skin that gets on the nerves of those who play against it but is ideal for an easy win by his teammates and the player who plays with this skin. Buy it and annoy the enemy players but at the same time win that match, Zombie Brand is at your service.

1. Justicar Syndra

Justicar Syndra, just like Arclight Varus, has the power to dazzle enemy players with their light effects so they don’t know what happened to them. Her abilities with this skin become mysterious and it is difficult to determine which spell she has cast. Apart from light effects, there are no additional advantages, but these light effects that will disarm enemies and facilitate her attack are reason enough for this skin to be on your shopping list.

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Final Thoughts

Cosmetics have been a big part of the League of Legends for years. Players are trying to expand their collection of skins, emotes, ward skins, etc. Riot, therefore, works hard with each new game patch and provides players with additional items for perfect gameplay. 

However, skins are primarily there to improve the appearance of your champion and to arouse the envy of players who see how good your skin is. But, what you may not have considered is that some skins are meant for cheating. Yes, you read that right, so-called cheater skins with which you can easily win games.

These skins have different visual animations when casting their spells which can confuse enemy players as they will not know which spell was thrown at them and how to defend themselves, which they might otherwise easily recognize when it comes to the basic champion appearance. 

In this article, we have shown the 7 best pay-to-win skins so if you want to boost your rank, go buy them and show your enemies who is the boss. But don’t tell anyone about this secret. Good luck and have fun!

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