What Happens When You Dodge In Placements In League of Legends?

High-elo players often say that dodging in League of Legends is actually a skill. And once you understand what you gain and what you lose when you dodge matches in LoL, you realize that they’re a right. Everybody should do a little dodging, especially in certain scenarios in low elo. Dodging can let you avoid certain defeats, so it’s a good habit to have if you’re serious about climbing in ranked solo queue.

But what happens when you dodge in placements in League of Legends? Well, to answer that, we first must explain what dodging actually is in LoL!

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What is Dodging in League of Legends?

What does dodging actually mean in LoL?

Dodging simply means quitting the game during champion select. In other words, you cancel the match by exiting the League client and thus “dodge” the game. There are a few reasons why you would do this, from toxicity in chat to unfair team compositions.

So, dodging is not playing the match that’s given to you automatically when you queue up for a game. When you do so, all nine other players are returned to the queue time, and they wait for another player so they can begin the champion select process all over again. If you’ve ever played League of Legends, then you probably know what I’m talking about.

Now, why should you ever dodge a game in League of Legends?

Like I mentioned already, you can dodge for a number of different reasons in LoL. First of all, if two or more of your random teammates in solo queue are arguing in champion select (about their picks or otherwise), chances are that they’ll continue arguing in-game too. This lowers the probability that you’ll win the game, so dodging is a safer option overall.

However, toxic teammates aren’t the only reason to dodge in LoL. For example, if your team is composed of Quinn, Kindred, Syndra, Varus, and Bard, but the enemy champions are Urgot, Amumu, Sylas, Samira, and Leona, your chances of winning are pretty slim too. It has nothing to do with your or your opponents’ skill and knowledge. Their champions are simply stronger and easier to combine than yours. And so it’s pretty unlikely that they’ll fail and lose the match.

In this sense, dodging is really a skill you need to work on if you want to climb in League of Legends.

What Happens When You Dodge In Placements?

Dodging in League of Legends doesn’t go unpunished. Riot Games has developed a punishment system for every player that dodges games, even though dodging is allowed and not illegal. In other words, Riot Games wants players to have the freedom to dodge a match that they don’t want to play, but they have to give something in return too.

Normally, when you dodge a ranked game in League of Legends, you’re taken -3 LP. Additionally, you’re forbidden to queue for another game for 6 minutes. And so, if you’re a Gold III player with 55 LP currently, the next game you dodge, you’ll have 52 LP, and you’ll have to wait 6 minutes to queue again. But if you have 0 points currently, you’ll stay on 0 points, or you might fall down to Gold IV 75 LP.

But what happens when you dodge a placement game in LoL?

When you dodge a placement game in League of Legends, nothing really happens. You don’t lose any LP, and you also don’t lower your account’s MMR, which is a hidden match-making rating in LoL (MMR falls and rises as you win and lose games). In theory, you can dodge as many placements games as you like, and nothing negative will happen. However, you’ll might have to wait hours to queue up again if you’ve dodged a couple of times in one day.

What does this mean, actually? Should you dodge placement games in LoL?

Well, it simply means that dodging during placements in LoL is actually recommended. I can’t stress enough how important it is to win all 10 games during your ranked placements, especially early on in the season. You don’t want to start behind everyone else, so always dodge the games you feel like they might be difficult to win. 

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In my opinion, dodging is an art in League of Legends. Those players that are experts and know when to dodge have an easier climb in ranked solo queue. Of course, dodging doesn’t solve all toxicity in LoL and doesn’t promise you bad teammates, but it really helps avoid parts of it. 

In my own experience, I always dodge a ranked match where two or more of my teammates play a champion or role that they don’t generally play. And again, it has nothing to do with skill or knowledge. You simply need the champion/role experience to play decently. So, it’s better to cool off for 6 minutes and play a good League of Legends game than to frustrate myself for 25 minutes with a bad match instead.

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