How to Play Teamfight Tactics on PBE?

Hello, Teamfight Tactics lovers! Given the growing popularity of this new gaming franchise produced by the Riot Games factory, called Teamfight Tactics, it is no wonder that this game is getting better and better. 

Riot Games strives to enrich this game with frequent updates where it presents new content, units, Little Legends skins, etc. What many of you are interested in is how to play Teamfight Tactics on a PBE account. 

Well, Riot Games has made an effort to provide you with this opportunity that we have linked to the League of Legends so far. In the following article, we will explain what a PBE account actually is, how to activate it and how to play Teamfight Tactics with a PBE account. Stay tuned.

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What is a PBE account?

Are you so curious and impatient that you want to find out first what this new update in Teamfight Tactics will bring? In addition, do you want to be among the first players to try out new content and see how the game works with new features? 

Well, then you must have heard of PBE, which stands for Public Beta Environment. This Public Beta Environment is a special server that allows individual players to test new content that Riot has not yet released before all other players.

We will repeat; briefly, Teamfight Tactics have been with us since 2019; it is an auto-battler game where like chess, it is most important to find the right tactics and strategy. Unlike League of Legends, here, you do not control champions but only buy and upgrade them with items to be as strong as possible and to bring you victory.

How Do I Get A Valid Pbe Account?

Since Teamfight Tactics is part of the League of Legends client and can only be accessed through the client, you need a valid League of Legends account to access the PBE server. The first step is that your account has a minimum honor level of two. 

Your Honor rank grows depending on whether your teammates will recognize after the match that you were a quality teammate or not. Your teammates can honor you if they see that you had the most kills, or that you killed the most minions, or maybe you were an outstanding Support player. 

So, to get those honors, make an effort to work with your teammates, praise their efforts, and not play for yourself but for the whole team, even if it involves some sacrifices during the match. All of this will affect your Honor rank. This also means that you have to be an active player because the honor level always resets at the beginning of new season, so you have to play a lot of matches in order for your honor level to reach level two and become compatible with getting the PBE account.

Also, your account must not have any restrictions or bans because you will not be able to access the PBE account. Riot does not want players to troll or harass other players, and your account must be clean in order to have the privilege of playing on a PBE server. The fair decision, we could say.

To create your PBE account, you have to go to the official Riot Games website, and there you will be able to create an account if the account you are signing up with meets all the criteria.

Check this link: 

  1. If you meet all the criteria, you need to sign up in the top right, then refresh the page.
  2. Press the orange button that says “Check my Eligibility”
  3. If the system approves your account you will be able to download the PBE server.
  4. When you download the PBE server you need to update it and then you will be able to log in and normally choose Teamfight Tactitcs game as you normally do.

Not to forget, playing Teamfight Tactics on PBE is only available to PC users; players playing the mobile version will have to wait if Riot Games decides to allow the mobile version to access the PBE server as well.

The PBE server is special because it is up before regular servers, which means that players with a PBE account will be able to try out new updates and Sets two weeks before the others. However, don’t forget that this is a testing server which means it is not uncommon for a lot of glitches, bugs, or overpowered champions to appear. 

Riot Games tests new content this way, which doesn’t necessarily mean that the same content will be inserted into the regular game when a new update arrives. Sometimes it happens that certain content never sees the light of day but stays in the test version. If you want to participate in creating content for Teamfight Tactics, you can always send an email and describe all the pros and cons of the new update you tried on the PBE server.

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Final Thoughts

For all of you who don’t know, Riot Games has a special server that serves to play new patches within Teamfight Tactics before they are released to the public and available to all other players. 

This is called PBE – Public Beta Environment, and any player who has a valid Riot account with a minimum Honor level two, no bans and restriction can access it. The PBE account is tied to a special server that players must download in order to sign in and play the beta version of the new Patches.

This is a great opportunity for all players who want to test new comps champions and see the Little Legends new skins before their public announcement. However, keep in mind that this is a test server so that you can expect a lot of lags or bugs, and if you want, you can write to the Riot team’s support team to point out some of the problems you encountered while playing on the PBE server.

Also, remember not to have high expectations because all of this content is subject to change. There’s a good chance that most of it won’t be released at all, so don’t think that if something is on the list for a new Patch, will be found when new update comes and you start playing Teamfight Tactics again on a regular server instead of a PBE server.

In this article, we have left a link where you can sign up for your PBE account and download the Teamfight Tactics PBE server. Good luck and have fun!

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