Can You Play League of Legends With VPN?

VPN is one of the most popular services in our modern-day world. But playing League of Legends with VPN is one of those topics people are very conflicted about. There are some positive and some negative sides to it. And in this post, we’ll talk about all of them!

But before we do so, know that the idea of playing League of Legends with VPN isn’t a new one. People had always tried to make it work, even when the game was still young. First, because they wanted to keep their privacy and separate their LoL accounts from their real-life personalities. And second, for some people, VPN is the only way to actually access League!

How is that possible?

Well, let’s first understand what exactly VPN is how it operates. Then we’ll explore why you should or shouldn’t play League of Legends with a VPN service on!

What is VPN?

VPN stands for virtual private network, and its only goal is to give you privacy and anonymity while being on the internet. 

How do the VPN companies do this?

Well, they do it by disguising your actual IP address and hiding it from the internet. So when you search the internet or play games online, the VPN company sends that data from their base rather than your own IP. That’s why through VPN, you can acquire a different IP every time you log in on the internet. 

Additionally, all the searches and all the traffic that you do while you have a VPN on is transformed into an unreadable code by the VPN service. This way, no one can actually see what you’re doing on the internet and who’s doing all those searches. 

And for gamers, this may sound ideal! Being able to connect to everyone on the internet and play League of Legends with them while your identity is secured seems like the dream, doesn’t it? 

However, using a VPN for gaming does have some major implications for the safety of your accounts!

So let’s talk about those implications!

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Can You Play League of Legends with VPN?

Short answer – yes! You can totally play League of Legends with any VPN service, no matter whether it’s free or premium. Changing your IP address and hiding your current location doesn’t necessarily stop you from login into your LoL account, but it may hurt you in the long run!


If you haven’t noticed, Riot Games have been really dedicated to making their users (us, the players) as secure as possible lately. They’ve introduced free account name and password changes, but also email confirmations. And you simply must confirm that you’re the owner of the account by identifying yourself to Riot.

The reason why this is important is that the VPN services do the complete opposite to this!

So, where’s the conflict?

The real problem of playing League of Legends with VPN is that it changes your IP address – the same IP address that Riot Games identify you with in their data. So when you log in from a completely new location with the same account, Riot detects that as a possible hacking/selling/sharing that account!

If you log in three or four times to LoL in one day, each time using a different IP address, chances are that Riot will notice that. And they might be forced to put a stop to that account because, to them, it seems sketchy.

So should you or should you not use a VPN for playing League of Legends?

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Should You Play League of Legends with VPN?

In my opinion – no! The risk of getting your account banned is simply not worth it. And if your only reason for wanting to play LoL with VPN is just to secure yourself, my advice is to not even try it! You can use your VPN service for everything else you do on the internet, but you should disable it for logging into League.

However, what if you can’t actually play League of Legends without a VPN?

For some people, not having a VPN service is an issue for playing League. That’s because their own internet providers have pre-determined settings that block many potentially harmful sites and applications. And some of them detect League of Legends and other games as such.

But even though there are things you can do to unblock League of Legends and remove it from that list, VPN also solves that problem for you. It removes all those regulations that your internet provider might have for safety or otherwise. And the VPN lets you login into LoL and play!

However, the same risks that we explained above remain!

I’ve actually talked to many people who have been playing League of Legends with VPN successfully for years. They’ve never had an issue with banning or otherwise. However, you never know what might happen to you specifically. You might have the best of luck while using the VPN service, and you might have none. So the choice is only yours to make!

In the end, make sure to contact the Riot Games support service and explain your situation to them. They often try whatever they can to solve these kinds of problems!

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