Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends

Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends

League of Legends has an extremely diverse champion roster, and anyone can find a champion that fits their preferred playstyle. That said, you should try and get a feel of different classes like tanks, mages, juggernauts and enchanters etc.

One of the most fun and popular classes of champions is the Assassin class. These champions usually have high mobility paired with damage that is enough to kill your enemies before they know what hit them!

Here are some of the most popular assassins in League of Legends that you absolutely need to try out on the Rift!

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Best Assassin Picks:

There are lots of assassins in League of Legends, but the most popular ones are usually the most rewarding and fun to play. Picking these champions up will make you fall in love with the assassin lifestyle.

Usually, assassins are played in the midlane, but they can also be flexed in the jungle and as a support. Generally, it is not such a good idea to play them in the top or ADC role. However, once you have levelled up and have items, you can kill anyone you want to!

Following is a list of the most popular assassins in League of Legends, that are sure to give you a good taste of the assassin playstyle:

1. Zed

Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends ZedOne of the oldest assassins in the game, Zed, is also a great representative of what an assassin should be able to do and does. As the leader of the Order of Shadow, Zed is a leader of an assassin organization in the League of Legends lore.

In terms of his abilities, Zed’s kit gives you damaging abilities in addition to decent mobility. You can freely teleport between his shadows, and even if you do not go where you place his shadow, you can still throw out shurikens or spin his blades there.

His passive also has an execute-like mechanic built into it, which is the bread and butter of any assassin’s arsenal. This is because an execution mechanic will help you finish off your victims and secure kills, which is exactly what the job of an assassin is.

Remember, as an assassin, your job is to take out high priority targets quickly and get out, and Zed’s shadow mechanic will make this really easy for you. If you quickly want to realize the potential of a good assassin, this is the pick for you!

2. Akali

Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends AkaliAkali is one of the best assassins in the game. The fact that you can play her in both the mid and the top lane is a huge testament to that fact. She is even flexed very often in the pro scene, where mages and late game champions dominate the mid lane.

But what exactly makes Akali such a good assassin, though? The answer lies in her mobility. Between two dashes of her E and two dashes of her R, Akali is one of the most mobile champions in the game. This means you can sneak in, take the enemy carry out, and fly back out before the enemy time can pick you off.

Akali also has her own execution-style mechanic, which lies in her ultimate ability. Her second dash deals increased damage to enemies based on how low their health is. As such, this ability makes finishing off your targets as easy as clicking a button in their direction!

3. Pyke

Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends PykePyke is one of the most feared champions in the game, and for a good reason. Just like any good assassin should be, a good Pyke will stun you out of nowhere, make your HP bar disappear, and then execute you before you can even react properly.

Pyke has bonus movement speed embedded in his W, in addition to camouflage that will make you disappear from the enemy’s vision. Pair this with his E, which is another dash, and you have an extremely mobile champion that has the perfect assassin’s kit.

His R, Death From Below, is one of the best execution abilities in the game. It will deal huge amounts of true damage to anyone below a certain amount of health, and that too in a big area. To top it off, he gets a reset for its cooldown on successful execution of an enemy.

Since Pyke is played as a Support, his R reset allows him to execute both the enemy laners in one fight, and his passive allows him to heal up quickly if a fight goes south.

4. Fizz

Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends FizzOn the outside, Fizz looks like just another cute little fish. But League players know that it is best to stay as far away from this small dude as possible. If you want a super simple assassin to play, Fizz is a no-brainer for you.

Fizz has two dash abilities in his kit, and if you consider the second part of his E, he has a total of 3 dashes. This gives your enemies little chance of running away from you, and allows you to stick to them until they are dead.

Playing Fizz does not even require you to learn complex combos and mechanics like other champions on this list. Just make sure you land your ultimate and decide your targets intelligently, and you should be able to make your enemies run at the sight of you!

As Fizz, look into hitting your enemy laner with all your abilities at level 3, and you should be able to get a free kill with Ignite. From there, you can just snowball into full AP items and wreak havoc.

5. Kha’Zix

Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends Kha ZixAn incredibly strong jungler, Kha’Zix is one of the most popular assassins in League of Legends. This champion will give you the thrill of picking off your targets when they are alone and helpless and killing them in a fraction of a second.

Kha’Zix deals bonus damage to isolated targets, so if you find that an enemy is roaming around the map on their own, be ready to jump on them and make them regret their decision of ever stepping out.

Speaking of Kha’Zix’s kit, you get crazy high damage, a huge jump, and multiple bursts of total invisibility. As you can imagine, a Kha’Zix jumping on enemies, killing them one by one, and disappearing instantly multiple times in a fight is one of the most frustrating experiences your enemies will go through!

A good Kha’Zix can kill the enemies’ carry before he is ever even seen on the screen, and that is what makes him such an amazing assassin.

6. Qiyana

Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends QiyanaQiyana has a very unique playstyle, but still enjoys lots of popularity as an assassin. This is because her kit is extremely versatile, and she brings crowd control, damage, and mobility all in one complete package.

Qiyana has multiple dashes thanks to her W and E, and usually builds Prowler’s Claw which gives her yet another dash. Pair this with her grass element Q that makes her camouflaged. It is hard to lock a good Qiyana down before she can take your carry out.

Rare for an assassin, Qiyana is also great at killing multiple enemies at once because she can dish out insane amounts of damage over a big area with her Q and R. A good Qiyana ultimate will allow you to get easy multikills in any teamfight.

Her versatile kit also allows Qiyana to commonly be flexed in the Jungle in addition to the mid lane. So if you are a person that enjoys both these roles, Qiyana is the pick for you.

7. Katarina

Top 7 Most Popular Assassins in League of Legends KatarinaLast but not the least on this list of assassins is the queen of blades, Katarina. This strong champion has an extremely low skill floor, so anyone can pick her up and have decent success with it.

But if you spend the time and effort to properly learn how to play this AP assassin, her high skill ceiling will let you print elo like there’s no tomorrow. Good Katarina one-tricks have been causing absolute chaos on the Rift ever since she was released.

Katarina gets all her ability cooldowns reduced every time she gets a champion takedown, so you get rewarded for killing enemies. In a teamfight, one reset will lead to another and you will have assassinated the entire enemy backline in no time.

Katarina also has great mobility with a movement speed bonus and a dash in her kit, both of which can be used multiple times in a big fight. As such, the enemies will have to focus on you if they don’t want to automatically lose the match!

Our Verdict

Assassins are definitely an extremely rewarding class of champions in League of Legends. If you can play any of these champions well, you will climb up the ranked ladder without breaking a sweat.

Which assassin champion is your favorite in League of Legends? Let us know in the comments below.

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