How Much do Pro League of Legends Players Make Per Year? (2022)

Even though many people think that gamers don't get that much money, the numbers are telling us a completely different story. Professional League of Legends players make around $75,000 on average. While that's a lot of money, they make even more money through direct sponsorships and their social media channels!

eSports is very competitive – it’s an organized video gaming event where competitors from different teams (or leagues) come together and compete in the same games popular for at-home gamers. Games that are popular in the World of eSports include League of Legends, Fortnite, CounterStrike, Overwatch, Call of Duty, and Madden NFL.

Millions of people watch the gamers competing throughout the World – these people can either attend the live events or tune in online. Streaming services such as Twitch give viewers the opportunity to watch their favorite gamers play. Twitch is usually where popular gamers gain their fan following. The question I will cover today is how much money do Pro League of Legends players make?

LoL just so happens to be one of the most successful eSports in the World, so it’s a great place to start if you’re looking to become a pro gamer. The game has a player base that is around 80 million, and as a result, the game offers some pretty high salaries. How are those LoL salaries determined?

For you pros-to-be, here are the League of Legends player rankings to help you check out your competition.

How Are League of Legends Salaries Determined?

When you’re part of a successful business system, you will get a cut of the cake for playing your part. When you put it like that, this means that the excellent League of Legends players make a good amount of money simply for keeping millions of viewers glued to their screens by putting on a good show when they’re competing.

For those of you who are looking to make a big salary, another thing that would help would be to have the ability to make a difference. Like with any other sport, League of Legends tracks the player’s stats and his team’s results.

Based on these findings, an evaluator can quickly figure out how good the player is relative to their peers. Kind of like how you can take one football player and compare him to another to determine which one out of the two is better (assuming they play the same position). ADCs should be put with ADCs, midlaners with midlaners, and so on.

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When taking a seat at the negotiations table, the agents or the players can talk about raw numbers and present individual stats, former team results, and overall popularity within the community. This will help determine how much the player is worth within the system.

Using Faker as an example – for those of you who do not know, Fake is known for being one of the greatest players ever to touch LoL. He has won World’s multiple times and has dominated his region with T1 year after year.

At the start of 2020, Faker received an order of $10 million from China and another blank check offer from North America – basically, he was asked to name his price. He turned down these offers, but the facts are there: when you’re a professional at something, and you’re a part of a successful business structure that is making money, it’s not hard to pull in your fair share.

LCS Salaries

How Much do Pro League of Legends Players Make Per Year? 2023 2023

LCS is the North American League. In LCS, the minimum League of Legends salaries is around $75,000. For a gamer living in Europe or the USA, this is a lot of money. They bring in approximately $6,000 every month, and this doesn’t include the performance and tournament bonuses. The system is set up to allow the players to get paid a high amount of money, even if they’re not all that successful. This shows us that any individual that is competing in the LCS makes enough money to keep them playing professionally, even if other opportunities come their way.

On average, the LoL salary for LCS is much more than $75,000. It has been revealed to be as high as $300,000. The best players are more than likely making three times this amount. So, if you’re worried that you’re not going to make a living playing video games, I wouldn’t be worried in the era we’re living in. As long as you’re really good at LoL and can reach a professional level, you can bring in that kind of money.

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How Many People Make it Professionally?

Just like with any other sports, LoL only has so much room for teams and players, so not every single gamer is going to make it. Take the big league as an example; there are about 10 teams per league.

This is around 50 players plus some substitutes. So, let’s say there are 70 players. In order to be a well-paid professional esports athlete, you will need to be super good at the game because there are millions of people playing it. Even if you manage to reach the top division (Grandmaster and Challenger), you will still be competing with thousands of players who are also at that level and seeking a team for themselves.

To truly succeed and become a pro-Lol player, you will need to have an edge. That edge cannot pop out simply by playing LoL all day because everyone who is at that level plays League of Legends all day. Instead, you have to stand out from the crowd – have a mixture of personality traits that will make you a good team player so that teams can see that you’re a solid investment.

It also has to come from professional analytical skills as well as training methods. I’m saying that it isn’t how many hours or days you have players, but rather how you manage to improve during the hours you play.

Gaming is a mixture of problem-solving and strategizing. All of which depends on the quality of your thinking. Like an RPG, a mage will rely upon the intellect to cast those spells; your mind depends on a similar trait when you’re analyzing situations and finding the best route for going from point A to point B.

If you’re not able to do this, you’re not going to be that good at gaming. Actually, the best LoL players are the ones that can easily do this. These can be gained by studying concepts such as strategy, critical thinking, problem-solving, game theory, and so on.

Final Words

If you’re looking to get an edge at LoL, then condition yourself to become a better thinker and strategist, then develop a training method that will allow you to make progress quickly.

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