Is ProGuides Worth It? An Honest Review (2022)

Is ProGuides Worth It? An Honest Review 2023 2023

League of Legends is a very versatile game. It’s a game for solo players, for duos, for three friends playing together, or for the entire team as well. At a separate level, League of Legends is a game for the casual gamer and the competitive gamer. You often see pro-gamers with separate “smurf” accounts just for casual gaming every once in a while. And many a time, there are casual gamers who are looking to go Pro. There is no bar on anyone in choosing what kind of gamer you want to be with League of legends.

How do you transform from a casual gamer to a pro-gamer? One way is just to keep playing and getting better and better. The other way is to learn from players who are already “pro.”

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What is Pro Guides?

Pro Guides is a platform for training where gamers can get training from pros in order to improve their game, usually for a small fee. The primary purpose of ProGuides is to help gamers upgrade their gaming skills and take them to the next level. Gamers who subscribe to ProGuides can access premium custom-designed courses for the best coaching around. By learning from and playing with the best in the game, gamers get the chance to improve their skill levels.

It goes without saying that ProGuides only offers tips in competitive online games. After all, it makes no sense to become “pros” at single-player games. Some of the games that Proguides offers tips for include Fortnite, League of Legends, Hearthstone, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, Magic the Gathering: Arena, and Overwatch.

But is it really all as good as it sounds?

Is ProGuides good for you?

The answer to this question depends on the player itself. Some players may be excellent in one role in League of Legends but might need some tips from pro players while beginning to play other roles. Similarly, at times one needs help while mastering the game mechanics for a new champion, and you just don’t want to learn it by hit and trial. Why not learn from the experience of the best of the best?

What does ProGuides offer?

There are several features that Proguides offers, such as courses designed for different games, online coaching from an expert, and live coaching as you play your game. These are what you get with the Pro-membership billed at $96 annually, which isn’t too expensive. Of course, you have the free version as well. The free version offers most of the same features but in lesser quantity.

With the free version, you get a taste of what you can get with going Pro. There are many videos on Youtube that you can watch for free to learn to play different games. So what makes Proguides different? The answer is that Proguides helps you scale as you get better in your game. You can climb the learning curve with help from a coach who helps at each step. This is not the case if you simply start browsing youtube or Twitch for pro-players and start learning from their gameplays.

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Is ProGuides worth it?

As cool as Proguides sounds, it actually has a lot of critics. Again, it all depends on the player himself or herself. You can find many gamers who will say Proguides helped them up their game, which needs to be appreciated. At the same time, you can find people who will say they paid the annual bill for Proguides, but it didn’t really improve their ranking in the game.

Could it be possible that your skill level doesn’t depend on coaching but on you yourself? Some gamers are naturally good at some of the games they play. For example, Shroud is a master in FPS games. Similarly, many other gamers are a natural talent at a particular game. How does coaching by Proguides fit in?

Final Thoughts

Coaching from experts at ProGuides can help polish those rough edges that make you better at your game. These are the rough edges that you might not be aware of yourself while playing the game, and only an expert or a Pro can see the mistakes you are making but are unable to identify. That being said, if you are not genuinely interested about improving the game and are looking for a ‘shortcut’ to reaching a higher ranking, then ProGuides is probably not worth it for you.

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